You Can NOT Compromise With Evil

You Can NOT Compromise With Evil

You Can NOT Compromise With Evil

By Alexis Deacon

Less than two weeks before Christmas, on a weekend, while Americans were out buying presents at the mall, attending holiday parties and watching football, like a thief in the night another piece of their country and their freedom was stolen from them. The United States Senate conferred dictatorial power to the President and only twenty two senators attempted to stop it. Last month the American people spoke loudly and clearly at the ballot box issuing the order to their representatives in Washington that the imperial President Obama must be stopped. Conservatives even held their nose and voted for non-principled establishment Republicans because they knew Barack Obama and Harry Reid must be stopped before further damage was done to our beloved Republic. Under the cover of darkness, the senate passed the 1,600 page omnibus, a 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill, thereby also funding Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty.

The Omnibus bill speeds up amnesty instead of defunding it and it is loaded with various other types of pork. The elite politicians in the beltway bubble continue to spend trillions of dollars which we simple do not have. They are putting coal in our Christmas stockings and our children and grandchildren will one day be handed the tab for this out of control spending. What kind of life will they have if we keep going down this path? Our descendants might have to live in a world with a collapsed dollar, a lost civil society and a lack of liberty. This is a lifestyle no American alive today could imagine. Yet this is what will become of our heirs if we refuse to take a hard stance and begin to strongly resist this tyranny.

Obama executed this brilliantly as only a master community organizer could. Yes, this one came straight out of Saul Alinksy’s playbook. To be a good community organizer you need to constantly keep the voter distracted from what you are doing. Like a magician, keep them focused on an illusion and they never see how the trick was actually pulled off. Aside from distracting us with a holiday season weekend, we also had celebrity packed racial protests going on in some of our major cities. Obama, Holder and Sharpton have been out race hustling for weeks drumming up anger over the Michael Brown and Eric Garner deaths and subsequent court cases. Then, Obama instructed his Left wing media- branch- of- the- government to do wall to wall coverage of last weekends race baiting rallies, leaving very little discussion of what was really taking place in Washington D.C. Like the famous line in The Wizard Of Oz, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” Another trillion dollars of American’s hard earned tax money was stolen from us in plain daylight. And our Constitution was shredded before our very eyes. It went by completely unnoticed to the average citizen. Even the first hour of talk radio Monday morning didn’t mention it. No, they talked about Hollywood movies.

In August of 1965 race riots erupted in the black neighborhood of Watts in Los Angeles. Columbia University sociologists and statists, Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, became inspired by this event. This led them to write an article entitled “The Weight of The Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.” It was a runaway success with Left wing radicals. What they wrote about in that article came to be known by activists as the “crisis strategy” or “Cloward-Piven Strategy.” To summarize the strategy: the community organizers needed to start actively filling the welfare roles giving money away to as many people as possible even those who really didn’t need a handout and get them dependant on it. If anyone complains, use their Judeo- Christian morality to make them feel guilty about not caring for the poor. (This comes from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.”- in this case the Bible) According to the Cloward- Piven method at the same time you should stoke racial flames and fan the flames of class envy. The more riots and chaos directed towards the government the better. The more fear in the citizenry, the better. Keep government spending money it doesn’t have, redistributing wealth with the goal of ultimately collapsing the capitalist system and replacing it with socialism. It is clear that Obama’s fundamental transformation of America is partly inspired by Cloward and Piven as we witness much of this going on today.

As the weeks go by and rallies continue in our poor inner cities where rage is brewing and people are screaming “Kill the police,” the one-two punch of Obamacare followed by amnesty might be the last nail in the coffin of the United States of America. With amnesty, millions of new illiterate, unskilled workers will eventually flood the welfare roles as Cloward and Piven instructed. Millions of them will ultimately be given citizenship and they will live in red states turning them blue and voting for Left wing politicians in order to get more free stuff. Buck Sexton said, “Simply put, the best way to avoid accountability to the voters is to change the voters. If you abandon any respect for the Constitution or the political unity of this country, the benefits of amnesty become obvious. Obama, leading the Democrats, made this calculated decision to enlarge their base.” The severity of what Obama has done to this country is irreversible from a federal level. We can see that neither Party in Washington has any desire to save our Republic.


Last weekend, two lone souls decided to do the honest and honorable thing, which is to take a stand against this. Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee stood up to the Republican leadership and the Democrats and decided to fight for the American people and for the Constitution of the greatest country in the history of the world. Two men decided to do what was right. By the end of the weekend twenty other people stood with them but it wasn’t enough to stop the trillion dollar disaster, not even close. (And sadly eighteen of these twenty two senators don’t consistently vote conservatively.) When the vote came in I wished all of us had been in Washington with torches and pitchforks. It’s such a helpless feeling day by day to watch your country come unraveled, to sit idly by completely frustrated as the Constitution which is the glue to our civil society dies a little more with each tick of the clock. Someone on twitter said “To all the GOP Senators who voted against Ted Cruz tonight I say: We The People have taken note of your treachery.” I heartily concur with that emotion.

Over the weekend and first thing Monday morning the usual suspects began to pile on Ted Cruz. The vile self-aggrandizing Washington Post blogger named Jen Rubin regurgitated her weekly anti-conservative talking points. Her comprehension of the Constitution continues to be an insurmountable task. She had a few vicious quotes about Ted Cruz: “Cruz remains the odd man out in the Senate, justifiably hated by his peers.” “The man who has come to define the dysfunction and nastiness voters loathe about Beltway politicians is going to have quite a tough time convincing voters he is the answer to the strife and incompetence of the Obama years.” This isn’t the first time Rubin has attacked Cruz. She is obsessed with the man.

Many people think Jennifer Rubin is a mouthpiece for the GOP establishment. I think she is a straight up Lefty in disguise. She’s all about spending, subsidies and amnesty. In her past she was an extreme Leftist Berkley graduate and Los Angeles labor lawyer for over two decades. Plus how many Republicans hate Ronald Reagan like she does? I would venture to say very few if any. Reagan saw America as a shining city on a hill. Obama sees it as an evil colonial empire that must be transformed. And bloggers like Rubin remain clueless to all of this.

There is a serious problem in the media even on the so called Republican side of the fence. Everybody in D.C. thinks they are superior to the average American conservative. The politicians and the media in both Parties feel this way. Too many people in the DC bubble think they can look down on the rest of us and treat us like gum on the bottom of their shoe. If you want to reach the people, start speaking to them and treating them like human beings with, families, feelings and real problems which need to be addressed. Add authenticity to the message. Reach their hearts instead of putting them to sleep.


In Jen Rubin’s latest piece she criticizes Ted Cruz for never compromising. Compromise is not always a virtue Ms. Rubin. You can not compromise with tyranny. Should we be half free? You can not compromise with someone who wants to fundamentally transform the United States of America. You can not compromise with people who hold Marxist beliefs. At some point someone needs to expose it and stop it. Someone needs to stand on principles and respect for the American people and that person is Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz speaks to the people in the heartland. He feels their pain and their sorrow. He hears their voice when nobody else will. He shares their love for the American heritage and the Constitution. He answers their long held prayer that someone will stand up to the people who are hell bent on destroying our country and he knows there is no way we can ever compromise with this evil.


  1. WE see the mainstream media constantly talk about compromise or a do nothing congress however they miss the point doing “anything” is worthless in itself unless it is does accomplish something, no bills at all really is the best thing when you have an evil administration. We at only senators Lee and Cruz who appear to speak for the people and most commentators condemn them daily, clear we could never elect a president Reagan with our current media.
    Sadly the only answer may be a third party the GOP leaders simply do not get it, the base won the 2014 election for them but will stay home in 2016 again.

    • Hi Ken! Great comment. I’m fed up with EVERYBODY in media even the true blue conservatives. Too many people in the media are in it for ego, fame and money. Most of them don’t give a hoot about the common man out here in the trenches. However, like Breitbart said “we the people” need to become our own media and we will. With the Internet, we no longer need to take marching orders from the talking heads on TV and the radio. They will become as obsolete as newspapers. We can elect whoever we want. Don’t believe the media. We have more power than them and we need to start believing in it. Cruz-Lee 2016!

  2. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Only Ted and 22 others got it right the RNC and the rest of the R’s got it wrong!!

  3. Bravo, Alexis. This is an outstanding piece, and I fully concur.

    “You can not compromise with tyranny. Should we be half free? You can not compromise with someone who wants to fundamentally transform the United States of America. You can not compromise with people who hold Marxist beliefs. At some point someone needs to expose it and stop it. Someone needs to stand on principles and respect for the American people and that person is Ted Cruz.”

    Ted Cruz is one of the only ones in DC who gives me hope. God bless him, hopefully we will see him in a new role soon – as President Cruz!

    • Thanks Char! President Cruz sounds good to me. I’m already dealing with all the “Cruz birthers” on social media. They give me a headache.

      • Char in ND says:

        I know. I see it too, I address it. Sometimes it is really difficult to remain civilized. It is kind of fun to play with their brains, though….

      • LOL! What do you say? You are so smart I would love to see you debate them.

      • Char in ND says:

        This is a very serious issue. I believe that a natural born citizen is a person who was born a United States citizen, I think that Ted Cruz would be considered a natural born citizen as he was granted citizenship, at birth, under existing laws and has not renounced his citizenship.

        I am not learned, but I am working at it, regarding this particular issue. I try to discern which people truly want to get to the essence of this legally and historically, and have discussions with them. In much of what I say I defer to legal scholars and posit questions and read answers regarding eligibility requirements for this position as the leader of our nation. The ones who I find don’t wish to do the same I dismiss. I truly have dedicated time to understand and at the same time have had to set aside my fondness for Ted Cruz.

        There is an essay I have been studying, the professor’s work is in depth, the commentary following is even more so. The link is: As you scroll down, you will notice a gentleman’s posts who also happens to post on this website. I would love to hear more from him, too.

        I listened again to what Mark Levin said regarding the eligibility of Ted Cruz pertaining to the presidency. I agree with Mark Levin and at the same time, I am keeping my mind open. My focus is not on promoting any particular candidate but promoting and preserving, restoring our Constitution. I do believe Cruz is a patriot. I would love to see him become our president. I want to know, most importantly, if what I believe is true – that the Constitution allows that. I think the republic needs to be preserved, what is left of it anyway.

    • Char,
      Every day it amazes me how much we think alike. I use links from the exact same Legal Insurrection article you posted when I debate people about Cruz. I have been studying that article for a long time also. I love Legal Insurrection. I use to buy advertisements on Legal Insurrection to promote this site. (Queen of Liberty)

      Most of the people who swear to me up and down that Cruz is not eligible cite Minor vs. Happersett or The Vattel Treatise and the article debunks those theories.

      I agree with Professor Jacobson when he said:
      “The burden should be on those challenging otherwise eligible candidates to demonstrate through clear and convincing historical evidence and legal argument why such persons should be disqualified. That has not happened so far, and if two hundred years of scholarship is any indication, it never will happen.”

      ^^^ This is what I usually tell people. The framers are gone. Nobody alive knows the exact definition of “Natural born” citizen. The framers assumed it was common knowledge and did not define it for us. I agree with you it would seem it means someone born a citizen who did not have to go through the naturalization process the way foreign immigrants do. I can’t see how anybody alive could prove that he doesn’t qualify without being able to prove the definition of NBC. Unless they have a time machine or can raise people from the dead to get one of the framers to testify, it’s an impossible task.

      Cruz is a legal genius. I’m sure he will get this smoothed out and be ready for this prior to announcing his candidacy. In the meantime, it’s very interesting to read all the theories about NBC.

  4. Sadly I’m not certain we can ever again elect a true conservative, it could be done but only a true grass roots effort would work and that means get all conservatives off the couch and into the voting booth, my concern is that some horrible event would be necessary for that to happen. I prefer preventive maintenance in my personal life, fix it before disaster happens has always worked for me. The Cruz/Lee team would be a great start.

    • Preventative would have been better but it is too late for that. The Constitution has been mutilated.

      Ken, I think the horrible event has already happened and it’s name was Obama! I think conservatives are angry about what the Left has done to our country and furious about the GOP establishment treating us like fools. I think they are primed and ready for action. Let’s go! I’m game!

      Cruz- Lee 2016!

  5. I sure hope your correct but I’m still concerned with so many uninformed people, all I’ve read on the subject states the average man won’t fight until his back is against the wall or he begins to lose all he has worked for. The problem is we are not all on the same page and in order to win
    we must begin to think America first, second we need to remove rino’s from the GOP.

    • I heard that during the Revolutionary War only three percent fought Great Britain and only 10% of the citizens supported that 3%. Maybe we don’t need to ALL be on the same page. I think there are tens of millions of conservatives and the case for liberty is an easy sell. We can recruit more. Keep your head up. I think we are on course even if it’s going to be a long battle. God bless you.

  6. This is your best essay Alexis. It made me cry. Excellent work.

  7. Good article. Another distraction from the CRomnibus was the “torture report.” It was all over the news.

    • Not to get off topic but I believe the left put out the torture report because of angry over election thinking perhaps it would hurt the GOP. The “report” was written by Democrat staffers from my understanding, think they could be some bias.?

      • What Mark Levin said was hilarious. Something like “the Democrats wanted to leave one last turd in the swimming pool before the GOP took control of the senate” Too funny- And oh so true.
        And yes, the report is filled with lies. It’s just more anti-American nonsense. War in general isn’t pleasant.

    • Thanks B.J. I actually meant to include the interrogation (or as Lefties say- torture) report as another possible distraction. However, I’m too long winded as it is. 😉

  8. Charles Green says:

    What can the President and Congress be thinking? I suspect it goes something like this. If I can kick this down the road a little ways, the economy won’t fail on my watch. No president wants to have this huge black mark obliterating their presidency. Unfortunately someone needs to man up and do what needs to be done. If only we could get an individual into office who could be completely without apron strings. Who could do what really needs to be done and not care about being reelected or having a negative footnote attached to their personal history. I don’t think there are many men or women who fit this bill, and even if there were, they’d never get elected. If by some miracle they did, would congress ever allow someone to cut spending to the bone? Sigh. This is the problem with our great political system. People are still people and they can’t think objectively. People who have made it this far in public life often owe too many favors and have too much ego to do what is right. But I’m not giving up. We’ve made it this far and will continue to do so as long as we put up a fight. Thanks for this blog.

    • Hi Charles! I’m so frustrated with the clowns in Washington kicking the can down the road because eventually all of this mess will fall on the young people even little babies being born today. They don’t deserve that. We made this debt & this mess. We need to be the ones to correct course. This is a long battle and I think if we can get a convention of states amendment to put term limits on congress, ultimately we may get more honorable people instead of career politicians. Happy New Year to you.

  9. All I can say is if I managed my household finances like they run the government’ budget, I’d be in some serious hot water. I realize this is a simplistic way to look at a very complicated problem, but the foundation is the same. You have to spend less than you make. If the government is allowed to continue to write bad checks we will indeed be sorry down the road. I’ve watched as Greece struggles with their economy, and now Russia is in the same boat. I have friends in Ireland who are at their wits end due to the same kind of issues. Believe me, we don’t want to go there, but we will if we continue to allow unchecked Government spending.

    • I know what you mean Geanie. The average person can’t print dollar bills to get out of debt but D.C. gets away with it. Meanwhile the value of the dollar goes down and the cost for the average family to make ends meet goes up. Enough is enough!

    • cindy thompson says:

      I’m with you on that Geanie! You would think that at one time in their lives, our government officials had to balance a budget of sorts. Why, then, did they forget how to do that when they took office?

  10. bonnie scott says:

    Forgive me if I am wrong as it is very late, but didn’t something similar to this happen during the Boston Marathon bombing? I though there was a scandal going on in Washington then also which isn’t saying much as that seems to be the norm lately. What gives Obama the right to spend other people’s money so frivolously? I don’t think I will ever understand this.

  11. samuel smith says:

    We need less career politicians so things like this don’t happen any more! These people are getting too comfortable in their offices that they are overlooking the big picture. The democrats assume the debt is here to stay so they keep making it worse instead of trying to fix it!

  12. brian martin says:

    This is my first time visiting your site and after reading this post, I am hooked! I have heard a lot about you and your mission and I had to find out more, and more I got! You have packed so much into one article that I had to read it over again to find even more information tucked away inside it. Thank you for being such an inspiration to patriots all over the country!

  13. keith trayne says:

    Why is there so much talk about compromise in Washington? Why should we compromise? We are the still the greatest country on Earth aren’t we and did our founding fathers compromise when they penned the Constitution? Did they do it half way and just throw the rest out the window? Why do our representatives think that this type of behavior is allowed now?

  14. jennifer cannel says:

    I get sick when I read about the government waste that went into creating a 1,600 page omnibus and then spending 1.1 trillion dollars on wasteful bills, policies and whatever else they decided to throw in for “good measure”. Is there an end in site to all of this disgusting thievery?

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