Reagan Right, Rubin Wrong

Reagan Right, Rubin Wrong

Reagan Right, Rubin Wrong

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I remember when America had a president who loved the country so much he kissed the flag, instead of the President we have now who bows to Arabs. Mark Levin posted an article yesterday by Jennifer Rubin criticizing Reagan and modern Reagan conservatives. For those of you unfamiliar with Jennifer Rubin, she is one of those Potemkin journalists who pretends to be conservative and then constantly criticizes conservatism.

To paraphrase Reagan, Jennifer, the trouble with you is not that you are ignorant. It’s just that you know so much that isn’t so. Unfortunately the GOP appears to have gotten over Reagan many moons ago but the true conservative who understands him will never get over Ronald Reagan. You see, Reagan isn’t “mythical” as Rubin puts it, he is “legendary” and there is a difference. The name of that difference is Truth.

I was still rather young when Reagan was President and I didn’t know him personally but he changed my life then; his legacy still plays a role in my life, and I watched him change the world. It would be one thing for dishonest people to change Reagan’s presidency a hundred years from now but watching people do it now with such audacity when all the people who witnessed it are still alive is astonishing. I feel honored to have lived in the Reagan era and I will tell everyone about it and shout it from the roof tops until the day I die.

Rubin says “But that myth has become a burden for the modern GOP. It has bound Reagan’s followers on the right to policies and positions that were time-specific. The old guard has become convinced that Reagan’s solutions to the problems of his time were the essence of conservatism — not simply conservative ideas appropriate for that era.” This absolutely disgusts me. Reagan mastered problems due to his knowledge of history, philosophy and faith. He agreed with our founders that the principles that founded this nation, the ones you can clearly see spelled out in the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution are ageless and timeless. Liberty, individual sovereignty, limited federal government and personal property rights are everlasting ideas. Rights are ubiquitous because they are from God and the Constitution is not the “living, breathing” document that liberals try to sell. Capitalism and entrepreneurship will beat socialism and big government regulation in any debate regardless of the year.

Rubin goes on to say “The public face of the GOP can no longer be aging, ill-tempered Reaganites such as John McCain and Jim DeMint but must give way to a diverse, media-savvy generation that understands the America we actually live in.” First off, John McCain and Jim DeMint are nothing alike. They are actually night and day and if she is merely criticizing them for their age, one could point to many political Tea Party conservatives much younger than them such as: Palin, Rubio, Paul, Cruz, Lee and others. I have spent decades marketing to the 15- 25 year old age demographic. I can tell you from my travels around the country that there are many young unknown conservatives out there. Young people do not like over bearing iron fisted government. They tend to rebel against this type of authority which is why conservative ideals appeal to them. Liberty is appealing to both sexes, all races and all creeds instinctually. Rubin runs around in circles as she touts liberal ideas like amnesty, same sex marriage and abortion, and similar to many others in the media, once again insists that the GOP needs to be a lite version of the Democrats. Wasn’t that what McCain and Romney were? Maybe that’s why many of the 80 million evangelical voters stayed home on Election Day in 2012. Romney was the first presidential candidate to win the Independent voters but lose the election because he did not appeal to the base.

Rubin calls moderate Republicans like Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and New Jersy Gov. Chris Christie conservative, thereby distorting the meaning of the word. This is a trick that liberals play. Conservatives are being attacked by two foes; Democrats as well as moderates in their own party.

As Obama started his presidency, the media repeated the mantra that it was the worst economy since the great depression. They conveniently overlooked the devastating Carter economy. Reagan lowered the top marginal tax rates. It was the largest tax cut in American history. He knew that individuals making decisions about their own lives is what makes the free market work. Deregulation and cutting government bureaucracy combined with cutting taxes created a booming economy and years of growth. Reagan knew that lower tax rates and deregulation creates more economic activity which ultimately increases tax revenue. Reagan knew that the liberals had muzzled the self-expression of the people and lowered morale. He rebuilt the American spirit of patriotism as he rebuilt the nation.

Reagan loved peace and hated war but he believed in what Barry Goldwater called “peace through strength.” Having the best military in the world can often be a great deterrent to those who wish to do you harm. After Carter eroded the military much like Obama is doing today, Reagan knew that more troops equaled fewer casualties. Reagan defeated the evil Soviet empire and freed its communist nations. He knew that America does not accommodate socialism and communism, we defeat it.

All of these policies are exactly what we need today. The masses in academia and the media had contempt for Reagan in the 70’s and 80’s and that contempt is still alive today. Reagan was the greatest Republican President in our lifetime and one of the best in our history. Reagan spoke of the 3 legged stool: fiscal issues, social issues and a strong national defense. This is exactly what our country needs at this moment. We should not try to pander on these ideas. Unapologetic faith based conservatism will create Reaganesque landslide victories for the Republican Party. There are young people around this world who aren’t even Americans that love Reagan. This is how large his impact was and how far the ripple effect of his accomplishments spread. Because when people hear the truth they instinctually know it. Anyone who ignores the truth and tries to erode Reagan’s memory is someone with an agenda of their own. The Reagan revolution is on the uprise again. Rubin will eat her words when she sees  the resurgence of these ideas again in her lifetime. As Reagan once said “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet”


Click here to read Jennifer Rubin’s horrid article against Reaganites


Mark Levin Responds to Jennifer Rubin on his show last night, April 25, 2013.
Schools her!



  1. Mike Stein says:

    Great article. You are spot on with every point. I weep to return to the days of Reagan and I’m filled with fury over Republicans like Jennifer Rubin who write garbage. Keep fighting the elitists.

  2. Another excellent post! Long live the memory of Reagan and the ideas for which he stood-timeless values spelled out by our founders.

  3. Jenny B. Martin says:

    Reagan was my favorite president. I dream of going back to those days now. Great post.

  4. That picture of Reagan kissing the flag is so very powerful! I had forgotten about that image!

  5. Our current government, or should I say oligarchy, must have Mr. Reagan fuming! There will come a day when they have to answer for their misgivings, we need that day to come soon!

  6. So beautifully written, Alexis! I will share this to all I can. I, too, grew up under Reagan, and witnessed his greatness. I saw the greatness of this country, the patriotism we lack today. I am saddened for my children if we can’t get back TO Reagan ideals beginning with truth.

    I remember when my 15 yr old son came home from middle-school telling me the constitution was a living, breathing document. I was fuming! We don’t live in a liberal part of the country by any means. He had no idea what he was being taught!! I’ll tell you this, if someone tells him that now, he explains their flaws. He has truthful knowledgable arguments. He now knows Reagan too!!

    • That is a great story about your son. The schools infuriate me also. Thank God he had good parenting to teach him the truth and the way. I have hope for the future because of the young people. Right after the election I saw a boy who looked about ten -twelve years old and he was wearing a Reagan T-shirt. I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy, I had to stop and talk to him. I received your email. You are sweet Lewis. I am really flattered and honored that you liked this. My printer is on the blink but if I can figure out how to get this printed out in the next week or so I’ll contact you.

      Via La Reagan Revolution!

  7. J. Weinstein says:

    just read Rubin’s article and I can’t even put into words how infuriated I am! What gives this person the idea that she can write whatever she wants and people will follow and hang on her every word? It’s people like that who have gotten this country into the mess it is in now.

  8. Foxy Wizard says:

    Thank you for posting this tribute to Reagan, and the picture of him kissing the American flag. I loved Reagan. He actually had something to say. Every speech was a teaching about freedom and responsibility, love of family, love of country and of life. He respected all people but had a spine of steel. He believed in people. I still miss his optimism.

    Today’s republicans, with very few exceptions, cannot even articulate Conservative positions. They teach nothing, and stand for nothing, except staying in power. Patriots like Palin, Cruz and Ron and Rand Paul are exceptions, but we have an entire group in Washington who can only speak Conservatism during election time, and that in 30 second sound bites. They don’t believe their own words, and their words are a cheap veneer. They must be weeded out and defeated. We must not quit standing for our beliefs. Our children and grandchildren, now more than ever, need our loyalty to this nation and our forefather’s who have given us so much.

    As Mark would say: God Bless Us.

    • Thank you for this wonderful comment. You and I are Kindred Spirits! I think about Reagan every day and I will miss him forever. I long to see more men step forward in leadership who have spines of steel. I like your style Foxy Wizard. Please stop by more often! God bless us!

  9. Is any of your appreciation go for his looks? I think he was the only good looking American president

  10. This moved me. Thank you for the beautiful piece about our greatest president.

  11. Reagan was much before my time, but I have heard that he was our country’s most beloved President.

  12. The public face of the GOP can no longer be aging, ill-tempered Reaganites such as John McCain and Jim DeMint but must give way to a diverse, media-savvy generation that understands the America we actually live in.” -How can someone be so blatantly wrong about anything and still be listened to any more?

  13. Foxy Wizard says:

    McCain = Reaganite? If he had been Reaganite, he would have won.

    • I wish he had been a Reaganite. At least Sarah was a Reagan conservative. We might not live to see another president like Reagan. He was one in a million.

      • Foxy Wizard says:

        I was following Sarah long before she came onto the national stage. It didn’t hurt that she is breathtakingly beautiful, strong, intelligent, eloquent- all with integrity and a backbone. She was a delight even back then. She stood up to the Republican establishment even way back then. I would love to see her in the Senate.

        But Reagan was unique. I was always delighted with his speeches, full of love for country, love for God and love for people. It felt good to be an American. He was everyone’s President, even those who hated him. I think I took that for granted. I made some fundamental assumptions. One was, all Republicans were somewhat like Reagan, cuz Reagan was a Republican. What a bitter pill that has been to swallow.

        As far as my life… I’ll have to tell you about it sometime… so far, it has been a wild ride. 🙂

  14. Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings.

  15. This is one of the best write ups on Reagan I ever read. President Ronald Reagan was a hero of mine.


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