More Common Core Tyranny In Maryland

More Common Core Tyranny In Maryland

Common Core is deadly. Thank God for people like Mark Levin and Landmark Legal Foundation who fight the National Education Association (NEA). These administrative agencies have become an unelected fourth branch of our ever growing government. -Alexis
By Carol Frazier -Ocean Pines-
I attended the Wicomico County PTA information meeting on Common Core on April 4.

If your readers are unfamiliar with “Common Core” then the media needs to ask itself “why”? How could such a radical change in our education system be adopted almost completely “under the radar” of the citizens and taxpayers of this nation? Was the media asleep at the switch?

The general mood of the parents and concerned citizens in attendance (and there were not many considering the importance of this matter), was one of skepticism with a strong dose of resignation to a fait accompli.

The educators who presented the Common Core standards tried their best to put lipstick on this pig, but, in my opinion, raised more questions than they answered. Frankly, I have sympathy for them- it appears they don’t want this, they don’t like it, but they are stuck with it and are trying to make the best out of a bad situation. I have talked to teachers in Worcester County, also, who feel the same.

The state was forced by the federal Dept. of Education to adopt Common Core standards before they were even written. It is now the middle of April; the 2013-14 school year (when Common Core is required to be fully implemented) begins in less than six months and teachers haven’t seen most of the curriculum (or, in some subjects, any of the curriculum). And if the teachers haven’t seen it, neither have the parents.

Five states have refused to accept Common Core, and other states that are implementing it are having serious doubts about it.

Where is the money coming from to pay for this? Dr. Frederickson stated at the meeting that Wicomico County doesn’t currently have the funds, they don’t really know where the funds are coming from, but he’s sure they will get it. How? By magic?

The area of greatest concern to parents should be the assessment testing required by Common Core — not only will data be collected on educational performance, but also on attitudes, family history, family religious and political affiliations, extra-curricular activities, and on and on. Over 400 data elements will be collected on each student through the testing, which apparently will be administered twice a year. Why? And who will have access to this information? How secure will it be? Again, Dr. Frederickson stated he was sure it would be secure, but apparently he wasn’t aware that the Dept. of Education’s website was hacked just last week. So much for security.

I urge my fellow citizens to check out Common Core for yourselves — go online and view the many, many articles and videos on the subject, attend Board of Education and County Commission meetings, ask questions.

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