The GOP Establishment Media Continue To Lie To The American People

The GOP Establishment Media Continue To Lie To The American People

By Alexis Deacon
Every day on social media I see well meaning Republican citizens criticizing the Tea Party for going after GOP incumbents. They worry we are going to lose these seats to the Democrats. They are willing to settle for mediocre candidates like Boehner and McConnell because they wear the team “R” on their Varsity jackets. One of the reasons these citizens don’t understand that guys like McConnell are working for the Left is because the Republican pundits and the Republican media who these people trust are covering up all the sleazy back room deals going on behind the scenes. Ann Coulter, Jennifer Rubin and John Feehery are just three examples of columnists who have a hidden agenda but there are dozens of others.

Last year when Margaret Thatcher died, self proclaimed conservative, Ann Coulter, used it as an excuse to go on TV and criticize Gov. Sarah Palin for not pronouncing her g’s at the end of certain words and while she was there she gave her opinion that due to Rand Paul’s height he could never become president. This year she is attacking conservative groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) who are going after establishment Republicans like Sen. leader Mitch McConnell. Ann also implied Sen. Ted Cruz is more in favor of amnesty than Sen. Mitch McConnell which is a ridiculous falsehood. (Click here to read about McConnell and amnesty) Yes, the former cheerleader for Mitt Romney and Chris Christie is now shaking her pop poms and screaming “rah rah” for Mitch McConnell. Coulter is just like her male counterpart Karl Rove when it comes to snidely preaching to Tea Party conservatives about how to win elections.

Jim DeMint, president of The Heritage Foundation, founded the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) back when he was a South Carolina senator with the mission to support fiscally sound small government and Constitutional values. The DeMint- McConnell fued dates back eight years over an omnibus appropriations bill which DeMint stood firmly against on a matter of principle because it was chock full of earmarks. This is the classic and never ending battle between the conservative base and the Republican establishment. It’s the fight between the limited government and liberty of “we the people” versus the ever expanding overblown federal government which is making the fat cats in Washington D.C. very wealthy and extremely powerful.

He is the King of K Street, and thus, the prince of amnesty. …One thing is clear: you don’t raise the type of money McConnell rakes in every cycle if you oppose the endless supply of cheap labor. It happens to be that so many of McConnell’s associates and alumni work for amnesty groups like Zuckerberg’s PAC or the Chamber of Commerce. They always know he is in their back pocket, but is unable to vocally support them because his Kentucky constituents don’t appreciate illegal immigration.
Daniel Horowitz – Red State

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin writes a column called Right Turn which is suppose to be from a “conservative prospective.” Her column consists of nothing more than bashing conservative politicians like Sen. Cruz, Gov. Palin, Gov. Perry and even Reagan himself. She has also been known to do battle with actual conservative writers such as Red State’s Erick Erickson. Not only does Rubin not have a journalist background, she was an extreme Leftist Berkley graduate and Los Angeles labor lawyer for over two decades. She only became a Republican later in life because she wasn’t happy with the Democrats’ views on how to handle terrorism. This woman is as far from conservative as it gets.

Then there is John Feehery, columnist for The Hill and Politico. He is touted as a veteran Republican strategist whose name you can trust but he is merely a lobbyist whose opinion can be swayed by the highest bidder. Like Rubin, he is quick to condemn real conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh. He even sided with NRSC’s Brad Dayspring when Dayspring falsely accused Mark Levin of a “pay-to-play” scheme with the SCF. The SCF was giving away paperback copies of Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny to contributors as a gift which is not uncommon for organizations to do and it wasn’t done in secrecy. This book had been a best seller four years earlier. Both Dayspring and Feehery were intelligent enough to know they were bold face lying when they implied that the SCF was somehow responsible for the success of the book but that didn’t matter. The goal was to get a smear on their enemies in the headline. In this case both Levin and the SCF were the targets.

Despite what these talking heads keep telling us Mitch McConnell is no friend to conservatives nor to conservative causes. He never intended to repeal Obamacare and he won’t lift a finger to stop amnesty.

Actually, Mitch McConnell has been pretty open in the past about his contempt for conservatives. He has referred to conservatives and the outside groups they fund, as traitors, bullies, drunks, and fringe. He claims conservatives “tear up every bar they walk into,” and he wants to “punch” the tea party “in the nose.” Erick Erickson – Red State

There are promising hopefuls like Dan Bongino running for office all across the country. Whenever, a Republican like Lamar Alexander takes shots at the Tea Party, a Tea Party candidate like Brenda Lenard steps up to the plate to challenge them. I’ve also heard good things about candidates such as Barry Loudermilk, Matt Lynch, Julianne Ortman, Bryan Smith, Milton Wolf and many others.The recent results in Texas showed conservatives sweeping their primaries. Mike Lee endorsed Ben Sasse in Nebraska. Rand Paul endorsed Greg Brannon for Senate in North Carolina. Chris McDaniels is attempting to unseat lifelong politician Thad Cochran in Mississippi. Doug Ross endorsed J.D. Winteregg over Speaker John Boehner in Ohio. Jolly’s victory was a barometer of how the wind is blowing. Conservatives are on the move and this has the old bulls scared and lashing out.

The NRSC, Mitch McConnell and these Potemkin journalists are so entwined with money-bundlers and lobbyists that they will do anything to smear the name of someone who is trying to clean up the crony capitalism in Washington D.C. Conservative talk radio exposes them daily. And the SCF is working to take them out politically. True conservatives are working to replace dirty and corrupt politicians with candidates who represent their home town constituents not their buddies who grease their palms at the biggest lobbying firm on K street.

However, it’s no wonder the average American citizen who isn’t a political junkie is misled by these pundits who are purposely creating this big illusion to trick and misinform the voters. I hope every conservative out there can ring the alarm bell with their friends and neighbors about what is really going on behind the curtain with the old Republican guard and help lead the conservatives to victory over both the GOP establishment and the Left this year.

Alexis Deacon was born a conservative. Her parents were in politics. So, she has been on the campaign trail since she first started walking and active in politics even since then. She is a successful entrepreneur who lives in the Virginia – D.C. area. To read more about her click here.

Alexis sm

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  2. The lame stream media exists on both sides of the aisle. Good post. I’m sharing on facebook.

  3. John Knoller says:

    I think when Mark Levin swept the book scandal under the rug it made him look guilty. He should have addressed the issue more if he was innocent.
    John Knoller

    • Ditto John. Levin will never be a Rush Limbaugh, although he tries to ride on his coattails. If Sean Hannity had not been gracious enough to spend hours of time promoting him, Levin would be nothing but an old average lawyer in the suburbs of DC.

    • Chris Morris says:

      I beg to disagree my friend. Mark Levin has been continuously linking articles to his social sites over the past several weeks regarding this matter by Dan Riehl, Jeffrey Lord and others. This column here by Deacon links to one of the aforementioned Spectator articles.

      • John Knoller says:

        I heard Mark Levin begging Fred Dryer to have lunch with him. Pityful clown. What a fool.

  4. Darlene G. says:

    I never did like Ann Coulter. I never heard of the other people. Who can we trust anymore to help us get our country back? What is happening deeply saddens me.

  5. New Foundation says:

    Excellent writing. Keep up the good work, Alexis. I really enjoy this site.

  6. Deb Strickling says:

    Every time I read Jennifer Rubin, I can hardly contain my fury. I want to punch her in the face until she shuts up.

    Deb Strickling

  7. Jerry Gilbert says:

    The corruption going on in our government is astounding and the media turns a blind eye. We must do as Andrew Breitbart spoke of to become citizen journalists since the media is irresponsible.

  8. Another great post! thanks Alexis!

  9. These tricks can’t last forever… right? Come on America, wake up, and lets get this cleaned up!

  10. The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others. -Friedrich Nietzsche

  11. I agree on Ann Coulter. Wish more people would realize!

  12. Thanks Alexis! Keep educating Americans. We must persevere!

  13. myfr4906 says:

    Alexis this is great. I am going to hype it and link it on

  14. Great article. Straight and to the point. The Rinos need to go.

  15. I wish we could get past the political games and just get to running the country. Democrat, Republican, Independent…all just labels to confuse and deaden the masses into following trumped-up leaders who are all in bed with each other. As a red-blooded, tax-paying American, I’m disgusted with the games and lies. Do I particularly like mainstreamers like Palin? No. Do I think her pronunciation of the English language is a pertinent reason to dislike her? No. To your point Alexis, I’m not sure why Coulter is so suck in Washington-bound thinking that she felt Palin’s accent was worth wasting airtime on. I’d love to see our politicians talk about us and work for us for a change.

  16. Larry Yorker says:

    Alexis, we differ in political ideology but I really respect your calling attention to the issue at hand. I too am disgusted by the way our politicians play games with this country. Who is looking out for me and my family in Washington? Who is more interested in protecting our way of life than their own political career? Is everyone chasing headlines or the comfort of being part of an Establishment machine? It’s insane.

  17. Sarah T. says:

    Thank you for taking the time to educate us! The mainstream media is so stuck on pushing the establishment message and dulling down the issues. It disgusts me that we can’t trust our elected officials to really represent us and our values.

  18. Establishment Republican Relics are so afraid of Tea Party Conservatives appealing to the average American that they need excuses to push down great conservative hopefuls. There are a great many newly ex-Dems looking for real representation in their government. We’re disillusioned with the promises that we fell for with Obama. We’re hungry for leaders that are willing to stand up for our rights and values.

  19. Mary Jackson says:

    Where would Washington be without talking heads like John Feehery? The Washington world goes ’round on the momentum of book sales by “experts” who get paid for nothing more than spreading the mainstream agenda. It’s sickening.

    Imagine a Washington without lobbyists and talking heads! It’s been so broken for so long, I don’t know if I can.

  20. Good points.
    Keep writing.
    Levin is right.
    An Art. V convention is the only way to get some of this mess resolved, especially term limits for Congress and the judiciary and ending spending beyond our means and the means of several generations into the future.
    In the mean time the States need to defend their sovereignty with “vigor” using nullification.
    I think, as an R, and a Tea Party Conservative, the Republican’s who are the problem are the boys and girls still in Congress after all these years, who cannot change the paradigm, because they are part of the problem. What is there now, the establishment, they helped make, or inherited, they are incapable of changing. They know nothing else. The only recourse in that situation is to remove them from office. Especially those who keep voting to lock up more of Alaska.
    I think tarring and feathering a few would also make a great reason to hold a barbeque on the steps of the Capitol Building. Or, pouring bacon grease on a few and letting a hungry griz loose . . . grizzly love bacon grease . . . ask the photog who took a joke too seriously and ended upon as a snack a few years ago.
    We need to keep working to get rid of the dead wood and replace them with strong constitutionalists who will adhere to the Framer’s intent and keep God in the picture.
    Up the Republic!

    • Great post Lawrence! Tarring and feathering sounds like a good idea! 😉 It reminds me of a T-shirt I use to have which read “some people are alive simply because it is against the law to kill them.” I’m so happy you support an Art. V convention and term limits. I think term limits are a critical part of saving our country. Did you see our section of articles & videos about a convention of the states? Here is a link:

      Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. Please stop by more often and voice your opinion. God bless you! Alexis

  21. W. T. Landry II says:

    Thank you Alexis, We, the people needed this information….keep it coming!
    We need to spread this far and wide among the populace.. Watching our elected “leaders” sell out the country has been disheartening, to say the least. We need to push to inform the uninformed.

  22. Well said!

  23. Jim Donbavand says:

    The only time the truth leaks out, is when a story accidentally slips by censors, who are editors in sheep’s clothing. You will read a snippet when a story first breaks, and then never hear another word about it. It is because the mainstream media is owned by those who put Obama in the White House. The fact Obama has not had impeachment proceedings brought against him, is proof that most GOP politicians are RINOs and need to be replaced.

  24. Very nice and VERY accurate. The GOP establishment is nothing more than the other side of the socialist democrat coin. We need to clean house and I will not support the GOP until it is done.

  25. Joseph Lahr says:

    Well written, succinct and thoughtful. I’m very pleased that Mark linked to you and plan on trying to keep up with your site. I have never feared the future of my country until recently and the news seems to grow worse by the day. NASA advocating communism or socialism (I thought their job was getting us into space “where no man has gone before”) At any rate, thank you for what you are doing. Fair winds and following seas.

  26. The GOP and Democrats have morphed into one party the DC party only concerned with control of taxpayer money while they have little to no respect for the American worker/taxpayer.
    Term limits may be our only hope, anyone in DC after 8 years fits under the Stockholm syndrome so accustomed to lavish parties, big money they are hooked. Time to clean out the septic tank.

  27. Susan Pow! says:

    Wonderful article, Alexis! Thank you for calling out The Lady Coulter. I have never trusted her. She has always been too cozy with major libs. When she and Laura Ingraham began denigrating Palin, I knew my suspicions were justified. The hair-tossing and giggling act is tiresome. It doesn’t play, anymore. Ann is an Attention Hound…nothing more.

  28. bruce soden says:

    Many members of the Republican establishment are jealous of what the Democrats have rammed through. They don’t really want to defeat Obamacare because they want to get their greedy little mitts on that money as well. They like control as much as their colleges across the aisle. Like Obama they’ll say what’s necessary to get elected and then watch out.

  29. shaun wright says:

    Jennifer Rubin is the reason that I regard the Washington Post as just another piece of trash that does nothing but derail the turnaround of this country. She is as much a part of the problem as Coulter and they should both open their eyes to the facts instead of bullying others and making up their own rules.

  30. I think that the average American citizen needs to start educating themselves politically as the people in Washington will tell you their side of things and the bad ones will prey on the weak minded which is the reason we are where we are today.

  31. Henk de Vries says:

    There used to be a time when the Republicans were the good guys and that the Dems were bad. It seems now that the Democrats are worse and the Republicans have jumped ship and are becoming what we all hate. There are too many lies coming out of Washington!

  32. shannon knowles says:

    Why do we care about what Ann Coulter, Jennifer Rubin and John Feehery have to say? We shouldn’t, but the mainstream media is always touting them as the people to listen to and for some reason, those who aren’t as politically educated as they should be, tend to believe everything these people say and treat it as gospel. It’s becoming ridiculous that our society has so much power to make a change but they don’t have the common sense to do it.

  33. Aleksandra says:

    I support the Article V movement and I think term limits should be expected, not fought, by those in Congress. By allowing them to keep their seats, they seem to feel that they have free range over everything around them without any regard for the people that put them their in the first place!

  34. Alexis,
    Great article. I’m a millennial and I go to some of your conservative meetings. Love them, good times. I don’t mean this to be a jerk but you have the biggest perkiest boobs I have ever seen!

    Nick Z

  35. As a listener to Mark’s wonderful show I’ve heard of these people, Coulter herself is really disgraceful. They and others like them seem to forget that were it not for the Tea Party their people wouldn’t be in power.

    I donated to Matt Bevin and it was just terrible how a good man was tarnished and cast aside thanks to the Establishment whose candidate couldn’t even get enough votes to win, the same with Winteregg. And now Brat, Lonagan and McDaniel are all targeted by people who really need to shut up same with Karl (The backstabbing idiot) Rove.

    Wonderful blog, thank you for writing it.


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  2. […] help lead the conservatives to victory over both the GOP establishment and the Left this year.” The GOP Establishment Media Continue To Lie To The American People  Hat tip: Gayla Coletto, Palo Verde RW […]

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