Conservative Giants And The Mental Midgets Who Envy Them

Conservative Giants And The Mental Midgets Who Envy Them

This week we lost another conservative legend when Margaret Thatcher passed away at the age of 87 after suffering from a stroke. Instead of paying tribute to probably the most successful female in the liberty movement, self proclaimed conservative, Ann Coulter, used that day to insult Sarah Palin. I’m sure Sarah is use to it, after all getting stabbed in the back has become a daily event of hers for years now. Palin once again has taken the high road but all of us in the grassroots need to start defending our heroes. I still believe we are a center- right country and if we want free enterprise and limited government, then we need to take a stand against both liberals and moderate Republicans alike who keep insulting the politicians who are willing to fight for our values and principles.

Ann Coulter has once again gotten it wrong. When Sarah Palin was picked as John McCain’s running mate in 2008, it electrified his campaign and drew huge crowds because Sarah Palin was the first truly authentic conservative politician to play on the national scene since Ronald Reagan. The whole time I kept waiting for conservative female celebrities to get behind Palin the way all of the feminist ladies on the left support each other, but for the most part, I heard crickets. Forgive me if I missed it but I never once saw Ann Coulter go out of her way to say anything positive about Sarah Palin the entire time McCain and Palin were running. However, she sure was running her mouth over the next four years after they lost singing the praises of people like Romney and Christie.

Romney invented his version of Obamacare before Obama and Christie was one of the first Republican Governors to embrace The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act whole heartedly. Obamacare socializes medicine which was one of Reagan’s greatest fears. It will destroy our once prosperous capitalistic economy and it openly tramples on our First Amendment right to religious freedom. How could someone like Ann Coulter who claims to be a staunch supporter of the free market and conservatism think that out of all of the citizens in the United States that one of these two men would be the best to serve us as the Republican presidential nominee. Yet over and over again Coulter insisted that these two men were the only ones strong enough to defeat the all powerful wizardry of Barack Obama.

Romney lost. Ann Coulter was wrong and what’s even sadder is that there was someone who had that *it* factor, who was a rock star, who was loved by “we the people” who had more charisma than, the chosen one, President Obama, who could have beat this president and her name was Sarah Palin. Maybe the millions of evangelicals who packed in to see Sarah give speeches like teenagers at a Bieber concert would have gone to the voting booth instead of staying home on election day if Palin had run. Maybe our country wouldn’t be in dire straits. Maybe we would be on the road out of this mess but we will never know now. It is a shame people like Karl Rove and Ann Coulter kept demeaning Sarah Palin and pushing her aside. It was bad enough that the statist Democrats had to torment and “Bork” her for years with their -isolate the target -Alinsky tactics but when people who should be playing on our team start this, it really gets my ire up.

Ann’s excuse for Romney losing was that Obama was an incumbent and incumbents can never be beat. Laughable! Jimmy Carter was an incumbent and that didn’t stop Ronald Reagan from creaming him, Ann. Times may be different but the principles that Palin, Reagan and Thatcher stand for are timeless, ageless and always work to better mankind. What makes Palin, Thatcher and Reagan conservative giants are their ability to communicate principles that all men know are true once they get the message. Plus all three had personalities rare enough to stand out while common enough that the average American can completely relate to them.

When McCain and Palin lost in 2008, Sarah went on to become a king maker and played a huge role in winning congressional seats in 2010 by campaigning for politicians all over the country. Thank God for people like her and author, Mark Levin, who worked endlessly to support real conservative candidates in 2010 because I hate to think how further along the statists agenda would be if we hadn’t won that election. If Sarah Palin hadn’t been out rallying TeaParty voters things would be worse. We might not even have some of the people holding the line against tyranny for us like Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul and Senator Marco Rubio if it weren’t for Sarah Palin’s patriotism and her motivation of the base electorate.

And what does Ann Coulter think about Rand Paul and Marco Rubio? One night on Hannity’s Fox News show she actually had the audacity to say that neither of them could ever become president because of their height and then she went on to compare their height to her cell phone. How shallow to diminish these men and their accomplishments! But remember, she’s a conservative, she is on our side, yeah right.

How many times are we going to let fellow Republicans kick our true conservative leaders around before we start fighting back? I hear my fellow citizens say they want to leave the Republican party. I sympathize with their plight but like radio talk show host, Mark Levin, says if anybody leaves the Party it should be the establishment. Goldwater and Reagan went through the same thing in their day and now it is our turn. Some of these moderate Republicans even call themselves conservatives because they envy us. We are the ones who hold the message of truth and carry the torch of liberty and when a giant arises among us to lead, like Sarah Palin, their attacks can be as destructive as those on the left. I’m so sick of people like Coulter, Rove, O’Reilly, Scarborough, Perino, Frum, Rubin, Cupp, and numerous others who claim to be on our side but throw us under the bus every chance they get. We need to take back the narrative and start defending our own.

Ann Coulter implied that Sarah Palin didn’t know how to speak English. I dare anybody to watch her GOP convention speech as the VP nominee, her debate with Joe Biden or her speech in Iowa September of 2011 and name some young conservatives who speak better than her. She’s one of the best orators of our day. Yes, she has an Alaskan accent that many from the lower 48 aren’t use to hearing. Yes, she has some whimsical folksy sayings but that is what makes her loveable and humorous. She is unique and when you hear her words you know in your heart that she comes from a place of authenticity; of true caring for the everyday American. “Unique” is such a beautiful word in the English language. Conservatism reflects philosophy, history, the nature of man, and the accumulated wisdom from all the minds of the past. From this point we see that each man and his soul is unique; which is why we fight against collectivism and fight for individual sovereignty. If Ann Coulter wants to classify herself as a conservative she should ponder this before criticizing someone like Sarah who lets her individualism shine.

Like Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Palin stands for the common man, the small business person, the farmer, the little guy who strives for the American dream. She fought the oil companies and the good old boy Republicans in Alaska just like Thatcher and Reagan had to fight within their parties. Palin handled vicious cut throat media attacks with class and grace just like Reagan and Thatcher did. Palin stands for limited government, free market, personal sovereignty, peace through strength principles just like Reagan and Thatcher did. Margaret Thatcher’s party establishment condescendingly referred to her as “That Woman.” If “That Woman” can save Britain from the clutches of socialism, then who is to say Sarah Palin can’t help do the same for ours. Doggone it! You betcha!

Alexis Deacon

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  1. Becky L. says:

    Sarah Palin has many of the good qualities Margaret Thatcher had. Coulter’s books aren’t selling. She’s looking around for attention. Coulter stands for nothing.

  2. Gil Rosen says:

    Very well written. Thank you.

  3. Char in ND says:

    Alexis, you are spot on. Margaret Thatcher was a class act, a tough liberty-loving patriot, very intelligent and a lady. These are qualities that Sarah Palin also has which makes her a target for leftists and RINOs. Ann Coulter appears almost jealous of Governor Palin at times, which may be why she often resorts to ridicule and distortion. She comes off as an elitist! I don’t know about you, but Coulter’s support for Chris Christie sealed the deal for me, I am no fan of Coulter’s. I am also not a fan of the others you listed – Rove, O’Reilly, Scarborough, Perino, Frum, Rubin and Cupp.
    I am not quite sure why Coulter is often portrayed by some in the media as some type of voice for conservatives. For myself, I find that someone like Michelle Malkin is more in line with what I think and how I feel about many issues.

    • Hi Char,
      I agree with you also. Coulter calls her self a conservative and Fox News bills her as such. I always thought she was funny when she jokes about liberals and some of her books are alright but her thoughts are more moderate in my opinion. I can’t relate to her. I LOVE MICHELLE MALKIN! She’s probably my favorite female conservative pundit. I love her column and twitchy is by far the coolest conservative web site. God bless you sweetie!

      • Char in ND says:

        Hi Alexis,
        Yes, Michelle Malkin packs a punch! Her energy level is unbelievable, too. I read Michelle on a regular basis – and just spent my lunch hour checking out twitchy so thanks for the tip (or maybe not – I will probably get hooked on that site, too!)
        By the way, your web site is right up there with the coolest conservative sites. You do a great job, love the posts, opinion pieces and links you put up!
        God bless you, too.

      • “your web site is right up there with the coolest conservative sites. You do a great job, love the posts, opinion pieces and links you put up!” Aw!…Thank you! I get lots of hate email from the libs. It was nice to hear such kind words. I appreciate it. God bless!

    • You’re right, Char, this is a great website. I love coming here. Alexis’s posts are spot on.

  4. TwinGates says:

    Alexis, thank you for all the tremendous work you do. Sarah Palin is a great American! Keep giving the rinos hell.

  5. Chrystal Geigner says:

    Hey, I met you, Chase and Mike at Idle Hands Bar last summer. Do you remember? I don’t like Ann either. She has big balls to insult Sarah Palin. I was sad to hear Margaret Thatcher died. I like the photograph of her and Ronnie at the bottom with the angels title. I’ll be back to the site to check for updates. Chrystal Geigner

    • Hi Chrystal! I remember you. How are you? You’re friends with GiGi, right? Is she still working for WNYM? Tell her I said hello.

      • Chrystal Geigner says:

        Gigi is still with WNYM and Steve is working for WABC in New York. I ran into them yesterday and Gi said she would email you at this site. Our country is getting crazier every day under this idiot. The IRS is criminal. God help us.

  6. Ann Coulter simply likes to hear her own voice and unfortunately for us, so do a lot of people who, like Ann, use their mouths more than their brains.

  7. The “Iron Lady” will be sadly missed.

  8. “Like Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Palin stands for the common man, the small business person, the farmer, the little guy who strives for the American dream.”
    I have never thought of Sarah as Thatcher-esque, but now that you point it out, there are many similarities.

  9. JustJill says:

    Interesting read. My sister says “mental midgets” all the time. If the shoe fits Coulter.

  10. How many clueless people look at this web site?
    1. Assault weapons with big magazines and bump stocks fire at Tommy gun rates. Gun control does work. How many people have you heard being killed by Tommy Guns , illegal since the 30’s .
    Reasonable gun contro; Now!


    • This was not about Gun control. Did you mean to leave your comment somewhere else? There is no such thing as an “assault weapon” That is a phrase designed by our statist media. An AR-15 fires one shot each time you pull the trigger, just like other rifles and handguns. The media wants you to believe they are fully automatic, like a machine gun, but that is A LIE. THEY ARE NOT.

    • This isn’t about gun control, Bob! What we have here is one of the greatest conservative leaders of all time passing away and a fake conservative taking advantage of that for her own publicity. Please make your off-topic posts elsewhere.

  11. Thatcher raised taxes to pay for the Falkland war and other actions . She wasa responsible conservative, not like Cheney/Bush. She blasted those who opposed these tax increases .

  12. Foxy Wizard says:

    Sarah Palin is real. Ann Coulter is fake. Sarah is a voice of reason. Ann Coulter is good at making up catchy insults. Sarah is the Washington Times. Ann Coulter is The National Enquirer. Sarah has real beauty. Ann Coulter is a cut and paste Barbie Doll. I would love to sit down and have dinner with Sarah and her family. Ann Coulter would probably stab me with a fork. Sarah is a Mom who went into politics at the grassroots level to make a difference. Ann Coulter is a lawyer. I could go on…

  13. Like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Palin is a great leader. It’s sad to hear someone who claims to be a conservative make things up to sell books.

  14. As usual, you said exactly what I have been thinking. Thank you for your post!

  15. You’re right. Sarah Palin was the better choice in 2012. I have hope for 2016, though. We need a better leader in the White House, and Sarah Palin will be just that.


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