Men Are From Mars?

Men Are From Mars?

John Gray wrote a popular book in the early 90’s called Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Over the past three decades I have noticed an attempt by the progressive movement to reverse the gender roles which has hurt the American family. I’m sure most of you on social media have witnessed a sometimes heated, other times comical, war of the sexes being played out over the past week since the Pew Research released its study entitled “Mothers Are the Sole or Primary Provider in Four-in-Ten Households with Children; Public Conflicted about the Growing Trend”

 Lou Dobbs called the Pew report further proof of “society dissolving around us,” and Juan Williams blamed more breadwinning mothers for “the disintegration of marriage” while Erick Erickson implied males are dominant and liberals are anti science. The three of them started a domino effect.

Megyn Kelly did a segment of her TV show on the subject. Video below:

I like both Megyn Kelly and Erick Erickson. They both brought up some good points which made for a lively debate and entertaining television. I do believe that children are best raised by a man and a woman which is one of the many reasons I support traditional marriage. In an ideal world, it probably would be the best case scenario if the dad could earn the living and the mom had the luxury of staying home and making child rearing her number one priority. However, in this economy most families need two incomes and we have to adapt. From reading Erickson’s columns and seeing him on TV, he has never come across as a sexist. He seems to be a traditional family man who cares deeply for his wife and sees their roles as equal and compatible. I’m sure Megyn Kelly took the storyline personally since she is a working Mom. Her and her husband have worked out a situation that seems to work for their family as well. Kelly has an amazing job and I’m sure the children will benefit from her income and connections from Fox News.

After watching the interview on TV, I did resent some of the nasty comments people were leaving about Megyn Kelly on the Internet. One commenter on The Right Scoop said, “Yeah, if that’s how she talks to Eric when she disagrees I can’t imagine how she treats her husband. But then I don’t know if she’s married. Yikes that’s painful.” I thought some of the comments like this were a bit below the belt.

Erick Erickson of Red State explains

Conservative & Libertarian Women weigh in. Katie Pavlich and Dana Loesch go on Michele Ray’s podcast to discuss female breadwinners

In the midst of the gender role discussion, blogger, Dan Riehl, who writes for Riehlworldview, Breitbart and others made the following comment about Michele Bachmann in a liberal NPR article

“Say what you want, but she (Michele Bachmann) was a woman making her way into an all-boys’ club, and because she was on the right, she didn’t have women’s groups rallying around her,…She was there on her own.” -“She was a polarizing figure and has drawn a lot of fire, and made some missteps,” says Riehl, the conservative blogger. “The Tea Party movement, however, in some ways, has moved ahead of her now, grown beyond her, and is not as handcuffed to the social right. That’s important going forward,” Riehl says.

When I read that quote, I couldn’t help to think that a statement like that would never be made about a male politician with Bachmann’s credentials. N.O.W. doesn’t like the Bachmann / Palin types but socially conservative female Reaganites have always rallied around Michele Bachmann and we will continue to have her back with whatever she takes on in the future. As a side note it would be suicide for the GOP or the Tea Party movement to ditch social conservatives. Have not the past few elections taught us anything???

Meanwhile, Mark Levin tweeted about a book by Dr. Helen Smith, called “Men On Strike- Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream and why it matters”

Dr. Smith is a forensic psychologist in Knoxville Tennessee and she is married to Glenn Harlan Reynolds, a Beauchamp Brogan Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee and is famous for his web log, PJ Media- Instapundit, one of the most widely read American political web sites. “Men On Strike” is about how our American society has become anti-male.

Here are some interesting quotes from Men On Strike:

“A wounded animal retreats to its cave and now America’s men are doing the same thing down in their man caves. Yes, it’s nice that men at least have some place in the house to call their own. However, the man cave is really no more than a booby prize for men who must swallow their manhood and head downstairs in order to get some peace and hope that the womenfolk and the government stay out of their way. In an article called Why He Needs A Man Cave, the author- a woman- treats her husband more like a teen whom she is allowing to dress up a room in the house than an equal partner who probably paid for at least half the house.”
Helen Smith from Men On Strike

Speaking of the fashionable disdain for patriarchal society:
“Masculinity is aggressive, unstable, and combustible. It is also the most creative force in history. It is the patriarchal society that has freed me as a woman. It is capitalism that has given me the leisure to sit at this desk writing this book. Let us stop being small- minded about men and freely acknowledge what treasures their obsessiveness has poured into culture. Men created the world we live in and the luxuries we enjoy. When I cross the George Washington Bridge or any of America’s great bridges, I think- men have done this. Construction is sublime male poetry.” Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers quoted in The War Against Boys by Christina Hoff Sommers (mentioned as an excerpt in Men On Strike)

Captain Capitalism wrote an interesting review of Men on Strike
Captain Capitalism on Pew study

Captain Capitalism’s Advice For Women – Who he calls “Girls” LOL

Around the same time this was all going on, I was doing some research and I found out that most Republican / Conservative web sites have an extremely dominant male readership. So, that lead me to question, what sites are conservative females reading? Since I myself am a conservative woman I never wanted to believe what the left was saying, but are we as a movement completely out of touch with what women want? Even, Republican women? So, I’m curious, ladies, what sites are you reading? I really want to know and if you want to be anonymous you can email it to me. Following are some examples.

Readership demographics according to InterMarkets Media Kits for the following web sites:

Sweetness & Light                        82% Male – 18% female
CNS News                                        79% male – 21% female
NewsBusters                                     79% male – 21% female
ref desk                                               75% male -25% female
Ace of Spades HQ                             74% male – 26% female
The Drudge Report                          68% male – 32% female
Mr. Conservative                               67% male – 33% female
Creators Syndicate                             62% male – 38% female
Media Research Center                     52% male – 48 % female

Even the female run sites like Michelle Malkin have a disproportionate amount of males                                 64% male 37% female
Twitchy                                                        62 % male -38% female

The only high traffic site I could find that had a large viewership of females was Ann Coulter’s with 51% females and 49% males. This worried me since Coulter has been drifting center away from conservatives over the past several years and she has a tendency to promote Rinos like Mitt Romney and Chris Christie.

Last Fall, during the election, when Obama’s camp kept talking about the “war on women” I just could not see it. From my point of view it looked more like a “war on men” and even more specifically white men. It also looked like a war against God and against people of faith, especially Christians and Jews. Then right after Romney’s defeat I remember Rush Limbaugh on his show speaking about Suzanne Venker from Fox News doing a piece called “The War on Men.”

Rush Talks About The War On Men – Click Here To Read

“I’ve accidentally stumbled upon a subculture of men who’ve told me, in no uncertain terms, that they’re never getting married. When I ask them why, the answer is always the same. Women aren’t women anymore.- Men want to love women, not compete with them. They want to provide for and protect their families — it’s in their DNA. But modern women won’t let them.” Venker said. “Modern women will not give them any credit for that. The way men used to feel like men is not permitted anymore. Being a provider, taking care of, you don’t get any credit for that anymore with today’s women. That’s her point, based on her conversation with other women.” Rush

I really do feel bad for young men in today’s world but it is also disheartening that many of our popular political sites have such low female readership. Has the pendulum swung too far the other way? Are some of the conservative bloggers sexists, macho, maybe even borderline misogynists? Are women busy working while men sit around their basements writing and reading blogs, like housewives use to watch soap operas? What is going on? I think the truth of the matter is the two sexes are linked together for eternity and you can’t hurt one without hurting the other equally. We all suffer from this situation our culture is experiencing. For anybody under fifty, who is at the age where you are dating, marrying, raising children, you are in an unprecedented situation. To use a favorite phrase from our imperial president, you inherited this society from the liberal baby boomer hippies. People of this country called the generation that fought WWII, “the greatest generation,” but some of their children didn’t feel that way about their parents. They wanted to rebel against everything they stood for especially the American way. Feminism, same sex marriage and gender blending has made our culture a mess. It’s all part of the design to “fundamentally transform America.” I think our generation needs to be the sacrificial lamb who has to deal with these problems and hopefully solve them with the dream that our children and the future citizens of America can experience the exceptionalism that is a nation built on faith, family and freedom.

Alexis Deacon


  1. Thank you for addressing this. Conservative men who blog can be real assholes. I do feel sorry for the rest of the men out in the world dealing with the feminist work place, worried about sexual harassment law suits.

  2. Debbie W. says:

    In the duel between Megyn Kelly and Erick Erickson, I agree with Erickson. Erickson is my new hero ever since he eviscerated Josh Barro. Josh Barro is one of those journalists who makes me punch the computer. The only time I get angry with guys is when they treat us like sex objects or talk about our looks or our body parts.

  3. Proud American says:

    Interesting debate proposed here. The opposite sex, you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.

  4. Jenna Is AbFab says:

    I love this web site. It is artsy, pretty, intellectual, humorous. You have a point. I prefer this site to the ones you have listed above. They are all targeted to men.

  5. Tom lagney says:

    Great article. Men have been pushed around by the feminist movement. Dads need to play a bigger role. I better not say too much or my wife will nag me then send me to my man cave basement.

  6. Gail Turner says:

    None of the sites listed here appeal to me as a conservative female except for twitchy. I was surprised Malkin’s readership is mostly men. I never felt welcome at Redstate, Riehl world view, CNS News, Gay patriot, and some of the others. Most of these sites do say things offensive to females. I like Atlas shrugged, Breitbart, The Blaze.

  7. Ms. Baronio says:

    Queen Of Liberty is the best site for conservative females. I watched a half dozen Sarah Palin speeches here today.

    • Thank you very much!!! I love Sarah. She is refreshing because she is down to Earth when many other people in the media and in the government are completely out of touch with what the regular folks are going through.

  8. Reblogged this on THE HARPY'S GUILD:AZURA.

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