Out of Control Federal Spending

Out of Control Federal Spending

Across the board government spending is out of control.
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City, county, state, federal

Has anyone noticed that our country has spent more money than it has to the tune of over $16 trillion in national debt? Does anyone realize that it will take generations of our offspring to pay off this debt? Who do you think will bail us out?

Last week, the National Education Association newsletter instructed its members to put the full court press on Congress to approve the current “immigration” bill – how much could that cost? Evidently, money is no object, especially when it is someone else’s.

I attended the last school board meeting in an attempt to bring my concerns about Common Core to the attention of the bureaucrats and ruling class elite.

The regular meeting format was changed at this meeting so the Board could present their overwhelming collective support for Common Core prior to allowing the citizens to speak. The focus of the presentation was the “curriculum” and the necessity of using electronic tablets or being left in the Stone Age. I do not recall any attempt to address the costs and data mining issues.

Nothing to see here, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Apparently, no one in authority in this county has any concern that there is a nationwide protest against this insidious plan.

Now that the Board has secured a promise of yet another salary increase from the County Commissioners for its constituency, their employees’ union dues can be used to continue their supremacy in this county.

I am just a lowly Christian citizen so I will render unto Caesar, but I will not drink your KoolAid. By the grace of God, I will continue to try to speak the truth to the powers that be and pray that their ears will hear.
-Gwen L. Cordner


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