Brenda Lenard Candidate for U.S. Senate

Brenda Lenard Candidate for U.S. Senate

Videos of registered Independent, Tea Party activist and business woman Brenda Lenard. Wants to be the gang of 4 with Cruz, Lee and Paul.
Who says conservatives are only old white men?
No war on women here!

Video from NRO

In this video from 2 years ago, Kevin Jackson National Spokesman for TheTeaParty.Net speaks with Brenda Lenard of Tennessee candidate for Senate. Video from Kevin Jackson and


  1. […] the country. Whenever, a Republican like Lamar Alexander takes shots at the Tea Party, a Tea Party candidate like Brenda Lenard steps up to the plate to challenge them. I’ve also heard good things about candidates such as Barry Loudermilk, Matt Lynch, Julianne […]

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