Obama’s Amnesty Order Lights the Fuse on an Immigration Time Bomb

Obama’s Amnesty Order Lights the Fuse on an Immigration Time Bomb

Obama’s Amnesty Order Lights the Fuse on an Immigration Time Bomb

By Buck Sexton Via The Blaze

Yes, Obama acted like a monarch last week with his unilateral amnesty for illegals. He aggressively violated the limits of presidential authority he himself had repeatedly recognized in the past and issued an executive order legalizing millions. As many have said, the President has indeed acted like a progressive Caesar, a leftist tyrant, an American authoritarian.

That’s all true- but I’m sorry to tell you, it gets worse.

The legal and Constitutional precedents here are only part of the problem. Amnesty is not just a one off act of a petulant and self-aggrandizing White House. What Obama has put in motion is not about legacy or simple political payback- it’s a total power-play, a game changer.

The move to legalize millions of illegal aliens with the stroke of a pen creates a mass amnesty momentum that will transform and ultimately pull this country apart- unless it is stopped.

To be sure, Obama’s overreach this time is unprecedented. Even compared to other Constitutional deviations, Obama’s executive order, under the laughably broad interpretation of “prosecutorial discretion, “ is fundamentally different. When previous Commanders-in-Chief suspended habeus corpus, or ordered the internment of Japanese Americans- those were temporary orders issued during a war.

Though any president dabbling in tyranny poses a grave threat to the Constitutional order, those earlier usurpations were limited in time and scope. This is also true of Presidential decrees in targeted and temporary amnesties, on a much smaller scale, that Congress eventually blessed and passed.

None of that applies here. What Obama did last week will soon become irreversible, if it isn’t already. Sure, illegals can’t vote, or get Obamacare yet, at least officially. Just give it time. Does any thinking person really believe that millions of illegals will be content to offiicially avoid deportation? For most illegals, this was a distant threat at worst.

President Obama has given them the right to be here free of punishment and to work. Political agitation to go far beyond that for full benefits and eventual citizenship is already underway. These illegals have cut the line, whether Obama admits it or America realizes it.

That Obama sees larger amnesty as inevitable is clear from the logic of his decision. That he went for a half-measure- a few million given status instead of the estimated 10-20 million illegals currently in this country- was a political ploy meant to soften the national outrage. But also, Obama didn’t declare a unilateral amnesty for all illegals, despite apparently thinking he has that authority, because he doesn’t have to. It will happen anyway. He is turning the heat up slowly, but the burner is lit.

And from the Democrat perspective, it’s better if it is gradual, as Republicans efforts to reinstate the rule of law will alienate the fastest growing constituency in the country, Latinos, at every turn. Meanwhile, the numbers both of the newly amnestied, and the newly arrived, keep growing.

Ultimately, this really just boils down to that- a numbers game- for Democrats.

The decision to de facto legalize millions exposed the soft underbelly of our democratic system. Simply put, the best way to avoid accountability to the voters is to change the voters. If you abandon any respect for the Constitution or the political unity of this country, the benefits of amnesty become obvious. Obama, leading the Democrats, made this calculated decision to enlarge their base.

It should come as no surprise that Obama put this concept into action after his party got clobbered in the mid-terms. He responded to the expressed will of the American people by taking the first step towards adding a few million democrats to the voting rolls and polarizing the country along ethnic lines. The damage done to the country along the way is irrelevant to him. Obama and the Democrats are playing for keeps.

Once the executive amnesty decree is enacted, total amnesty for nearly all illegal aliens is inevitable. Every single instance of previous amnesties has seen more legalizations than politicians initially admitted, and the end result has only set in motion more illegal entries and border crossings, to be followed by a future amnesty.

This time will be no different in those respects. There will be chain migration, family reunification, and new waves of illegal immigrants who know that if they just get here and bide their time, another Democrat-enabled amnesty wave will come. The morale-crushed Border Patrol certainly isn’t going to stop them. Why should they, now that the emperor has declared their mission irrelevant?

The buildup of political pressure for future amnesties- or a de facto open borders state- will only accelerate now. With millions of predominantly Democrat-voting Latinos lined up, future loosening or abrogating of whatever immigration rules are left will be even more politically appealing.

And remember, executive orders that grant status to illegals cannot easily be undone by another administration. Legalization is a one-way street, as it will be impossible to take away legal or quasi-legal status.

So the overall amnesty tally will over time always trend higher no matter what future Presidents decide. That means more votes, and more power, for Democrats who use illegal immigrants as an endless source of new votes. Make no mistake about it, Obama’s political heirs will reap the rewards of his despotism cloaked in populism.

Of course, this is the whole point of Obama’s amnesty gambit. Don’t convince more Americans to vote for Democrats- create more voters. Given the realities of illegal immigration, those voters will be disproportionately poor, unskilled, and unable to speak English, which means their prospects for competing in our legal economy will be dim. The Federal government, led by Democrats handing out endless taxpayer-funded freebies, will make up for the shortfall with benefits and goodies.

Instead of reading Milton Friedman’s analysis on the welfare state and open borders as a warning, Obama has adopted it as a strategy to override the system. And if allowed to continue unchecked, it will work. It’s already working.

The current trajectory of immigration politics and demographics ensures the eventual dissolution of the GOP, and conservatism as a political ideology. We are rapidly moving down the road to an America that is nothing than more a geographic expression- a massive soup kitchen and manual labor program for the third world.

Obama’s amnesty order has put us on this path, on purpose, and with full knowledge of where it is taking us.

But take heart- with seventeen trillion in debt, with even more entitlement programs and welfare cases added to the rolls- the entire system will have to reset, or crumble, at some point. It is a mathematical certainty.

When the music stops, and the cynical, exploitative internationalism of the Democratic Party has finally broken this country’s soul and bankrupted our treasury, those of us who never bought into the ruse will be able to say – we were right. Executive amnesty was a bad idea.

And as we then survey the total wreckage left of the greatest political entity in human history – the world’s first country founded on individual liberty- we will know that it was brought low because at some point, as a country we refused to defend- or even define- what it means to be American

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  1. Worse than a monarch more like a Mussolini fascist. That is where this country is going !
    You know he wants millions of democratic voters by 2016! He has two years to finish America as a golden dream into a “workers paradise”

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    Obama’s Amnesty Order Lights the Fuse on an Immigration Time Bomb


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  2. […] red states turning them blue and voting for Left wing politicians in order to get more free stuff. Buck Sexton said, “Simply put, the best way to avoid accountability to the voters is to change the voters. If […]

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