Obama, Holder, Sharpton and the media Sowed The Seeds of Discontent which led to the Ferguson Riots

Obama, Holder, Sharpton and the media Sowed The Seeds of Discontent which led to the Ferguson Riots

It gets my ire up how the media used photos of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown when they were little boys to purposely falsifying the truth. Michael Brown wasn’t a hero and he wasn’t the little chubby cherub cheeked young lad the media portrays him as. He was a huge aggressive man and a criminal. In the attached video we see him robbing a store and showing violent behavior towards the clerk. This poor store owner had his business looted and destroyed again last night.

I feel for Michael Brown’s parent but I also question his upbringing. How did he become a man who would act in this manner? Parents, please teach your kids how to behave around law enforcement. It’s healthy to question authority but do it in peaceful protests and in courtrooms. Never take it to the street. This is how things get out of hand and how innocent people suffer.

I feel for Darren Wilson. He must of been so afraid the moment he encountered Michael Brown.
Brown said to Wilson “You are too much of a pussy to shoot me.” Brown went after his gun. At one point it was pointed at Officer Wilson’s leg and he could feel Michael Brown’s fingers on the trigger trying to set it off. I put myself in Wilson’s shoes and try to imagine what I would do. It’s incomprehensible the danger our law enforcement officers face every day trying to keep our communities safe. They are true unsung heroes. While there are bad apples and racists in every bunch, there was no indication that Wilson ever had racist tendencies. His life is forever destroyed because of Obama, Holder, Sharpton and the media’s intentional distortion of the truth in making this case about race. Wayne Dupree said “Sharpton is NOT a civil rights activist, he IS a civil unrest activist.” And it’s true. This was a direct attack on our civil society. I imagine Officer Wilson suffered horribly replaying the event in his mind and wondering if he did the right thing. It can’t be easy for a policeman to have to take another man’s life to save his own. While he awaited his hearing, him and his family had to hide and live in fear for their lives. He will now have to spend the rest of his life always looking over his shoulder.

Natalie DuBose of Natalie’s cakes had her place destroyed but according to Obama and the Democrats “she didn’t build that.” Obama, Holder, Sharpton & the Left wing media sowed the seeds of discontent and they don’t care how many innocent victims suffer as they pursue their agenda of fundamentally transforming America. Shame on the media! They will profit off the destruction of these little Mom and Pop businesses when it was they who spread the race lies and used the “gentle giant” narrative.

America stands with our law officers like Wilson who risk their lives every day against criminals like Michael Brown. And America prays for all the business owners and people who lost property due to “low information voters”* and riots. Please hug and thank a cop today!

Hey Obama, you can instigate #Ferguson but we won’t forget your lawless amnesty!


*Rush Limbaugh catch phrase

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  1. Political correctness, poor public schools, welfare system and the lack of personal responsibility
    has harmed the black community beyond repair in my opinion not sure what could be done by
    anyone to change that, certainly not government.

    • Thanks for commenting Ken. It’s not the ENTIRE black community but you are right, government aggravates and instigates problems more than it solves them. Have a good day my friend.

  2. Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup) says:
  3. Obviously you have many facts wrong based on Wilson’s account and you are white. You have no idea how police behave saying they are protecting the public with “stop and search” profiling the black community. Were you around in the ’60’s when race relations were at their worst? Things are currently moving backwards when a black man is endanger going to the store. Yes, Brown appears to be a ruffian – so are many football players as we are learning – but he did not deserve to die for it when he was unarmed and shot so many times – at what time was there a threat with Wilson holding the gun? The pics of Wilson show no evidence of being hit by a large man many times. By the way, the incident happened in the afternoon – not at night as you state along with your other mis-information. It was NOT a trial where there would be cross-examination – Grand juries are not veted; also with 9 whites and 3 blacks – not the trial of your peers in a community of majority of blacks. You appear to be a “Rush” kind of person – you cannot reason facts with a dead-mind. Let’s wait until ALL of the evidence is reviewed at the federal level outside the community with real truth known, not from a bias prosecutor.

  4. Char in ND says:

    Excellent comments Alexis and I agree completely with you. The question you raise regarding Michael Brown’s upbringing is a valid one but seems to be the thing most people dance around instead of addressing with an occasional exception here and there – I think Ben Carson addressed it a while back if I am not mistaken, as did Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia some time ago.

    My heart aches for Officer Wilson. Looking at those evidence photos of him when he was at the hospital, I couldn’t stop staring at his eyes. He looked to be in shock and there was a deep sadness in there too. Haunting. I hope he finds peace and happiness, he has been through so much since that day. Somehow I think he may have to relocate, his life I think is in great danger and the mob is not going to calm down anytime soon.

    Those bottom feeders at the NYT published the home address of Officer Wilson and his new wife – I can’t think that was accidental. They want him dead, or something else horrific to happen to him. Those bastards.

    We owe law enforcement officers our thanks and gratitude, and tomorrow especially I hope people will remember to thank God for those that serve.

    Well you know how I feel about Holder, Obama & Sharpton but I suppose this close to the holidays I should try to tame my harshness. They are the vilest of creatures, hateful and destructive and top-notch community agitators. This will go on and they will stoke the fire from time to time. They are good at what they do – it has already spread to many cities across the country. As Mark Levin said, their mission is destroying the civil society.

  5. Patty Franks says:

    Here is the deal, there are communities all around the world that have problems with their local police department and it is usually the lower income communities because that is where most of the crimes are committed. They don’t want the policemen/women there because they want to COMMIT CRIMES!! This is nothing new!!

    Because a white Police Officer shot and killed a black man that was unarmed DOES NOT give the people in this community the right to LOOT and BURN DOWN local businesses & cars. I have seen cases of a black Police Officer shooting and killing a young white unarmed man. I do not see that community rioting and looting, nor do I see the News all over those stories!

    But I am not saying anything new, you have seen this type of comment before, what makes this case so different? NOTHING!!!

    I totally agree with you Alexis, I completely stand with our law officers and I pray for Wilson and all the officers that risk their lives every day to keep me safe

  6. Chris Stalls says:

    I really hope Wilson can create a new life for himself and his new bride. It’s terrible that people took this incident for granted and did the looting. Those type of people could care less what the issue of the so-called “protest” is suppose to be about.

    Moving to Obama, Sharpton, and the rest of that group, I agree with your comment about these people being responsible for these riots. The News media didn’t help the situation either. Total waste.

    When will it change? Will it ever change? I don’t think it will in my life time. I read your post in regards to Lincoln and that just goes to show how far back it goes.

  7. Dear Ferguson, MO, I am over you. It is done and I have moved on. I knew from the beginning that Michael Brown was not an innocent young black man just walking down the street and was gunned down by a white police officer.

    You told me you had witnesses that saw this police officer shoot this innocent young black in the back. You lied. You told me you had witnesses that saw him in the middle of the street on his knees with hands up and the officer came up to him and shot him in his head. You lied. You have been asked to stop burning and destroying this community. You have not stopped. You have looted the same store that this innocent young black man was robbing the same day he was shot. Enough is enough.

    It is over. I wish the best for you and hope you get it together, but I will have no part of this any longer. Best Wishes and Happy Holidays – John O.

  8. Well, this is refreshing, Someone who will actually say what needs to be said. I have so many problems with Ferguson I don’t even know where to start. First of all, when did it become O.K. to attack a policeman? Honestly – What did you expect him to do just smile and wave? Next, when did it become smart to destroy your own community including many business’s owned by your own people? Also, why is it suddenly acceptable to loot and pillage – did you see the woman coming out of the liquor store loaded down with so many bottles she could hardly stagger – to prove that the police shouldn’t profile you? I could go on and on , but it just makes me mad.
    I feel especially bad for the convenience store owner who seems to be the focal point of some vendetta even though he had nothing to do with any of this. Go figure.

  9. duke gibson says:

    I don’t think there was anything about Ferguson that was handled properly. I long for the days when the government would step in because it was their duty not because of how it would benefit their career.

  10. sarah byrd says:

    These riots were ridiculous and any time a group a people decide to revolt for the wrong reason, it becomes sickening for me and for their entire culture. The fact that government officials and people with an entitled sense of power stepped in and made matters worse is disgusting! Shame on them and they are the real criminals here. Well, them and that guy that robbed the convenience store and then attacked a police officer! Seriously people of Ferguson, take your heads out of your rears and see what the government and media are turning you into. You are all just pawns and the government is having a field day with you.

  11. woody jackson says:

    What purpose do Holden and Sharpton have in this Ferguson debacle? They are only serving the purpose of their career. The people they are their to help, are ending up in jail as a result of their actions which can be directly attributed to the words of Al Sharpton and his cronies.

  12. kelly martin says:

    Ferguson can happen anywhere and it doesn’t matter what the cause of it is. It could be the shooting of a black male who just robbed a store, it could be the fact that a school has decided to add prayer back into the daily routine and ignore the Muslim population. Whatever is the cause, society is just waiting for a chance to rise up against nothing and get what’s “rightfully” theirs. It’s really sad.

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