Ferguson -Sowing the Seeds of Discontent

Ferguson -Sowing the Seeds of Discontent

One of my friends left this as a comment but it was so well thought out I wanted to make it a full blown post and hopefully more people will read it. My first thought which came to mind after reading this was: sowing the seeds of discontent. All of this chaos in my opinion is a strategic part of the “fundamental transformation of America.” You know what Obama’s buddies say “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

By Char in ND –
Mob mentality is a symptom of a society in decline. Many people no longer think for themselves, whether they are unable to, unwilling to and/or because they have been indoctrinated. So many are already slaves and they don’t even know it. They have allowed themselves to be defined as ‘victims’ and thus are entitled to the money/benefits that this, that or the other program provides. They do not have a sense of pride in themselves nor do they have respect for what others have earned or achieved and feel justified in taking the property of others. They have succumbed to the balkanization which the left promotes, ie, they let themselves be put into a category (us against them mentality) while not realizing this allows someone else to define and control them.

They see themselves as victims when another downtrodden of the flock dies or as they see it, is unjustly treated. Some can’t seem to differentiate between that person and themselves as they have no sense of self nor appreciation of individual liberty. This mob mentality is like a virus, and it is going to become more common as our society decays. Why else would people from other cities/states feel compelled to join in as if they have some investment in this community, other than because they somehow ‘identify’ with the ‘victims’ in Ferguson? I think some outsiders are there because they are anarchists, but I think a lot of people are showing up because they truly feel they have a stake in this ‘movement’.

Those in the mob have little or no respect for the rule of law, or its process. That truly frightens me, and I cannot imagine how the working people and business owners in that community must feel, let alone the emergency workers, firefighters and police.

There are others that are responsible in part for this chaos, too. The media in this case is complicit in this madness, they are responsible for inciting people to riot, loot and vandalize. The coverage by such ‘news’ outlets as Huff Po, CNN & MSNBC has been nearly entirely pro-rioter and pro-anarchist. Their coverage from the onset has comprised insinuations and outright claims that Officer Wilson is guilty, by mischaracterization of Michael Brown, and by distortion and omission of facts. That the media released the address and showed the home of Officer Wilson was completely irresponsible and dangerous, but then again it is all about ratings.

I think others share the blame as well. Governor Nixon was slow to act and when he did, he showed a lack of faith and confidence in the police department. His decisions have proven him to be wishy-washy, and nobody respects an indecisive leader.

Captain Ron Johnson (who was sent in to be a ‘peacemaker’) made things worse when instead of remaining neutral, he sided with the family of Michael Brown. In doing so he gave the rioters encouragement to do even more damage. Following his meeting with members of Brown’s family Captain Johnson said the experience “brought tears to my eyes and shame to my heart.”
“When this is over,” he told the crowd, “I’m going to go in my son’s room. My black son, who wears his pants sagging, who wears his hat cocked to the side, got tattoos on his arms, but that’s my baby.” Johnson added: “We all need to thank the Browns for Michael. Because Michael’s going to make it better for our sons to be better black men.”

These are not the comments an impartial party makes.

Of course we cannot forget about the part the usual suspects have played in this chaotic situation. The race hustlers have no shame. They live for this, they helped create it. If there was no racial tension, Al Sharpton would be out of business, Obama would have no ‘high road’ and Holder wouldn’t have a reason to populate the supposed civil rights division of the DOJ with radicals.

It is a sad state of affairs.


  1. Great piece. Thank you Char and Alexis.

  2. Char in ND says:

    Alexis my friend, I am so flattered you thought enough of my comment to post it here. I love the title “Ferguson – Sowing the Seeds of Discontent”, it is absolutely perfect!

    I think I could add much more to my comment above, but so much has been said by so many already. The one thing I am particularly distressed about is what Officer Wilson is going to have to face, it appears to me he has a mountain building against him from many nefarious individuals and groups. Governor Nixon is a disgrace, calling for a ‘vigorous prosecution’ before the grand jury has even completed its proceedings.

    I want to thank you once again for your wonderful website which allows all of us to have great conversations on here, for your terrific support and encouragement and for all of the great posts full of important information that you provide. You are a liberty loving patriot, and a blessing from God. I am honored to have you as a friend.

    • Thank you for your kind words sweetie! I feel the same way about you! I always love the things you write. Thank you for inspiring me to keep going. God bless you! {{HUGS}}

  3. Rose of Sharon says:

    What an excellent and well written commentary on this situation! It truly is “mob mentality” that is one of the main drivers behind this latest situation. If people truly want to live in peace and harmony, change starts at home. Both parents need to be involved and must teach their children to be personally responsible for all that they do. Broken families lead to joining gangs, becoming criminals and perpetuate the “victim” role (no matter the race). We’ve become a lazy nation and it is much easier to scream “racism!” instead of taking a long look at ourselves and how WE as individuals can change things. The dialogue here needs to be about how this could have been avoided in the first place. Teach our children respect for all of humanity and especially to respect authority. People that are raised right know how to behave when a cop stops them for something. Even if in your heart you didn’t feel like you were doing anything wrong, that’s not the time or place to debate it. “Yes sir, No sir” etc. are proper responses to the police. Not jumping on them and attacking them because you feel like they profiled you. If you truly felt like there was some sort of injustice, calmly take in the situation, remember every detail and file a formal complaint afterward – if more people behaved like that, our society would be much more civil!

    • Thank you, Rose of Sharon, for this wonderful comment. I agree with you. We are losing manners & common sense in our Republic. Please stop by the site more often and share your thoughts about what is going on in this country. I would love to hear from you more. God bless you. Alexis

  4. This is a hard one for me to comment on because it was so over the top it was unreal. I wish I could be as nice as the other people that have commented on this post but I am not sure I can, but I am going to try….

    Ferguson was a complete BLOWN UP MESS! Michael Brown was shot because he was under the influence and didn’t do what he was suppose to do when the policeman told him to STOP! Does this go back to the parents needing to teach respect..sure it does. So I completely agree with Rose of Sharon

    But, regardless it all comes back to this “mob mentality” and then the “race” issue. I am not a racial person but there are white men/boys getting shot every day just like Michael Brown was shot but yet you do not see a Ferguson situation happening. Why did this happen? What made this shooting so much different then a white men in Fort Worth, TX getting shot and killed because he didn’t STOP when the Policeman told him to. This man was not carrying a weapon. There was no media at the Texas shooting. Did this make the difference?

    I stopped following the Ferguson mess and reading the news stories because it disgusted me.

    • Good point Dana. I can’t believe they are still protesting there and a police officer got shot just last week from this ordeal. It never ends. I know there are some racist people and even some racist cops but I think most officers are well intentioned. It’s hard to feel sympathy for people who commit armed robbery and then assault the police.

  5. Hildy Rossiter says:

    When I hear that people have come in from other locations to protest a situation, I have to wonder about their motivation. Either they are incredibly dedicated to a cause, or they just wanted to get in the action and maybe pick up some free stuff from looted stores. Just sayin’.
    As for this particular situation I agree with Rose of Sharon – where does any adult get off thinking it’s a good idea to lunge at a police officer. Police officers are just like anyone else. They want to live through the day and when people pose a threat, cops should be allowed to defend themselves. This is not to say there haven’t been abuses of power, but come on people, let’s not exacerbate an already tense situation.
    I also think the media was hideously irresponsible to have released the location of Officer Wilson’s home. If we make the job too difficult, no one will want to join the police force. Mob rule will be the only rule if police officers decide to quit risking their lives for an ungrateful society.

    • Thanks for commenting Hildy. From what I heard these protests are still going on and an officer even was shot recently. It’s always sad when a young person dies but the media shouldn’t glorify people who perform armed robbery. I agree with you about not releasing people’s home addresses too. That is completely irresponsible!

  6. geaniemarie says:

    Where’s the logic? Let’s say I’m frustrated because I feel my ethnic group is being stereotyped and racially profiled, so to change that perception and improve our image I go out and . . . loot a store?

  7. bueller in MI says:

    I have given up on trying to figure out the Ferguson dilemma. Is just seems that none of it makes sense on either side and there is no right or wrong way to end the discord and get on with their lives. Char makes some excellent points in her comment and she says what we are all thinking, only much more eloquently.

  8. salvatore says:

    What a mess! And the bad thing is, this could happen in any town, at any time. It shows, very badly, how people react in a crisis and in this particular town, everyone reacted in the worst way from the very start to the way it is being handled.

  9. I watched tonight as the Grand Jury findings were announced by the prosecutor. I cried. I thought about the parents who lost a son, I thought about how much they have endured and how many people have used them for political reasons and that – all along – has made me very sad. I wonder if they have even had time to mourn.

    Mostly, I cried for Officer Wilson. I cried tears of joy, but then I thought about all of the time he has probably spent wondering. Second guessing himself and what happened that day. I can’t imagine being in a situation where you must decide should you take someone’s life or lose your own. It must be awful. I know people are trained in law enforcement positions, military roles, etc. – but we are all still people and this is real life, really truly life. His has been shelved, he has been forced into hiding. His family, his friends. This really is awful. Law enforcement personnel are targeted daily and the irony is, they serve to protect us.

    • Part of me feels sad for the parents of Michael Brown but I also have to wonder what went wrong with his upbringing if he thought it was okay to rob a store and attack a cop. I really feel for Officer Wilson. Wilson’s life has been forever changed because he did his job and because he crossed paths with a criminal. He will be in danger wherever he goes for the rest of his life. And you are right. He has already endured so much. I pray for Wilson and his family.

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