Who is With Us And Who Screwed Us?

Who is With Us And Who Screwed Us?


  1. Some of these YEAs are fakes. I know Thune sits on the NRSC – as I mentioned before, I received a letter from him in September soliciting donations.

    Hoeven, my Senator, has a 22% rating on Conservative Review (surprised he even rated that high!) A lot of these people attended that fundraiser for Thad Cochran, including Senators Portman, Grassley, Thune, and Shelby.

    I have respect for Senators Cruz, Scott, Sessions and Lee.

  2. You know, you can look at that list of those who screwed us and mark Rove and McConnells name’s next to theirs. I see my Senator Cochran’s name, if you can call him that, there. If it wasn’t for McConnell, Rove and the Barbour’s putting the screws to a great conservative in MS, Chris McDaniel, in the MSSen run-off by cheating Cochran would’ve been retired. Just watch it won’t be long before he does retire, and is replaced by another Progressive RINO with plenty time to build a war chest to run in six years to keep the seat. Absolutely sickens me to know how hard a lot of us worked to have it taken from us. He wasn’t the only conservative to suffer that fate.


  1. […] of the greatest country in the history of the world. Two men decided to do what was right. By the end of the weekend twenty other people stood with them but it wasn’t enough to stop the…. (And sadly eighteen of these twenty two senators don’t consistently vote conservatively.) […]

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