Cruz Crew – Could this be our Hail Mary pass?

Cruz Crew – Could this be our Hail Mary pass?

If it is a long shot, I will take it. I can’t accept Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.
I would support Cruz for 2016 or 2020. Principles come before Party.-Alexis

Are Trump’s delegates truly bound? According to this author, every delegate is unbound by provision of the rules and the progressives have been trying to change that. The primaries are not the only thing needed to become the GOP nominee. No rules have to even be changed for someone other than Trump to win the GOP nomination. If a couple hundred delegates abstain from voting on the first ballot, this race is in play. This man is going to distribute his book to the delegates in an attempt to educate them on history and the rules. Interesting conversation.

The book will be available via electronic download by next week. The author, Curly Haugland, who is a N. Dakota GOP delegate, has received death threats over his book.

What do you think?

( See The Justice resolution in 1976 – The GOP establishment put this in place the year Ford beat Reagan because they knew Reagan was a threat. It was the only time in American history that the delegates were bound to the primary results.)

Video from the Daily Ledger.
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  1. As much as look forward to your posts, I do not understand how you can believe our agenda can be further advanced by voting Hillary or not voting or wasting you vote on a third party candidate. Do you think a Dem want to secure the border, or end Sactuary Cities or deport those who commit crimes on top of the crime of entering this country illegally? Do you think a Dem will try to stop those who cannot be vetted from entering this Country? Do you think a Dem want to bring / create jobs for our citizens? Dems are students of Uncle Saul, you know? I cannot predict the future but I will predict that if Hillary or any other Dem is our next President, it will be much worse than if Trump were the President. He may not be a “Conservative” or even a Republican, per season, but he is better than the alternative until 2020, IMHO.

    • Did you even read or listen to the last two posts??? Your comment had nothing to do with the content of the post. It’s about the GOP convention, not the general election.

    • skwilson says:

      if it is considered a vote for the HRC by writing in Ted Cruz, then simply change your party affiliation and it can be considered a vote for DT.

    • Linda Jordan says:

      Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio only suspended their campaign. They can keep their delegates and gain more. They can re-enter the race at any time they choose. I will only vote for Ted Cruz because I stand up for principles and morals.

    • Trump is a Dem! He has already began his move back to his roots..left! Everything is negotiable. The man has no core principles..

  2. Redmond says:

    Haugland is right. Cruz could win at the Republican convention in Cleveland.

  3. I can not stomach Trump. I am voting for Cruz despite his suspended campaign. His name is still on the ballot. The delegates will vote Cruz after reading Curly Haugland’s book.

  4. Thing Tang says:

    Trump sucks! Cruz 2016!

  5. Sue Handly says:

    Donald Trump is a vile, vicious snake. I could never vote for him. And I would never vote for a Clinton either! How could Ted Cruz, a decent man with conservative policies, lose this race? Is our country this far gone? Many websites, for example The Conservative Tree house and Drudge, spread positive lies about Donald Trump and negative lies about Ted Cruz. Why do people believe these lies?

    • The Conservative Treehouse is a Trump think tank. It will spew so much crap and none of it is actually true. There are too many sites like that that “seem” okay from the first look but upon further investigation, it’s become a blaring warning light that this is no Conservative site..they are Conspiracy theorists, aka..nutcases.

  6. saminia says:

    Haugland is right, but the delegates better be ready to fight the party bosses from the opening moment. Ryan is going to rule that abstentions will be counted according to the binding rules, & he has to be overruled by the delegates. Better yet, the delegates need to vote to nullify the “binding rules” [ 16(a)(1) & 16(a)(2) ] before the votes are cast.

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