It’s Never Over!

It’s Never Over!

It’s never over. Trump & Hillary are not good enough. America can do better. The fight for liberty will continue.

This video, “no regrets” is from the Ted Cruz campaign.
Press the arrow to play.

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  1. Thing Tang says:

    Trump sucks! Cruz 2016!

  2. Sue Handly says:

    Donald Trump is a vile, vicious snake. I could never vote for him. And I would never vote for a Clinton either! How could Ted Cruz, a decent man with conservative policies, lose this race? Is our country this far gone? Many websites, for example The Conservative Tree house and Drudge, spread positive lies about Donald Trump and negative lies about Ted Cruz. Why do people believe these lies?

  3. After all we’ve been through w/ obama, you think we would have learned. We have a true tea party consevative who knows the constitution like the back of his hand, who would abolish the IRS, & who would limit govt regulations. Yet, he is slandered, ridiculed & by his own party no less. I can’t make sense of it except they are so scared of this man. What I know for sure is I still will be voting for Cruz. Can’t even imagine voting for the dark candidates who will continue to undermine this country and destroy it’s people.

  4. Char in ND says:

    Thanks for posting this, Alexis -I love this video. It is very powerful and inspiring.

    Even if Ted Cruz does not get the nomination in Cleveland, I shall remain #NeverHillary & #NeverTrump.

    I shall #WriteInTedCruz
    President Ted Cruz 2016

    • I feel you my friend! I can not get enthused about anybody other than Cruz. I hate this feeling of disappointment. I guess we have to dig down and work even harder on the Convention of States movement also.
      #WriteInTedCruz #NeverTrump

  5. RMorgan in NCarolina says:

    I feel most sad for our country, especially my two girls. We came oh so close to getting someone in the White House who would do the right thing by the Constitution and to us, the American people. Good luck everyone.

    • I can relate to your comment. It’s very discouraging to get close to having another conservative president and then to have our hopes ripped away. We waited 30 years for this, since Reagan. We had such a spectacular candidate in Ted Cruz, an honorable brilliant man. Then along comes this reality show idiot, Donald Trump, who spreads lies about Cruz and enough people believe it to mess us up. Completely heartbreaking! And Trump’s policies are very much the opposite of what conservatives want.

      We have to keep fighting to have conservatives elected in all levels of government. And now more than ever we need to continue to push for a Convention of States. God bless you.

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