An Open Letter and Urgent Plea To All Republican Delegates Headed to Cleveland

An Open Letter and Urgent Plea To All Republican Delegates Headed to Cleveland

A Time For Choosing


By Gary P Jackson

Congratulations! You have been selected by your community peers to represent them at the Republican National Convention this coming July in Cleveland, Ohio. You have been trusted by the members of your community to represent not only their best interests, and the best interests of the Republican Party, but most importantly, you have been trusted with looking out for the best interest of the nation. It is most important to remember that your duty to God and Country supersedes any other loyalties, real or perceived.

This is an awesome responsibility you have been trusted with. One than can shape history, and the future of the party, the nation, and the world. Many men and women have come before you, and on several notable occasions, they have made tough, but correct, decisions that have altered history, and made America, and the world, better for it. It is…

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  1. JD Kontor says:

    With you (US) all the way!

  2. Redmond says:

    Haugland is right. Cruz could win at the Republican convention in Cleveland.

  3. I can not stomach Trump. I am voting for Cruz despite his suspended campaign. His name is still on the ballot. The delegates will vote Cruz after reading Curly Haugland’s book.

  4. Bill Chouinard says:

    I’m sorry let’s give the election to the demagogues by being so stupid as to take a sure win and resecure our country and give it away because the candidate bothers us. Bullshit our candidate has or will win fair and square and then let’s get Cruz in the supreme Court, of course if that’s not beneath him.

  5. Thing Tang says:

    Trump sucks! Cruz 2016!

  6. Sue Handly says:

    Donald Trump is a vile, vicious snake. I could never vote for him. And I would never vote for a Clinton either! How could Ted Cruz, a decent man with conservative policies, lose this race? Is our country this far gone? Many websites, for example The Conservative Tree house and Drudge, spread positive lies about Donald Trump and negative lies about Ted Cruz. Why do people believe these lies?

  7. Char in ND says:

    I am praying for a convention miracle. Ted Cruz 2016!

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