Our Good Friend Lew On The Mark Levin Show

Our Good Friend Lew On The Mark Levin Show

My friend Lew was on the Mark Levin Show last week talking about Frédéric Bastiat,Chris McDaniel, the primary process and more. Mark and Lew are awesome and they both love UFC as much as I do!!! – Alexis 🙂 (also known as A.D.)

Take a listen
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  1. AD, You are my hero! Thank you so much for taking the time to post my call on The Great One’s radio program! Mark Levin is The Great One, and you are Great! This is the first time I have listened to my conversation with Mark, I was concerned with how bad I would sound…you know, my southern drawl, and all…haha.

    I really enjoyed talking to him. I meant to mention your blog, I am sorry I didn’t get it in…next time, I promise! I don’t know if you could tell, but I was so excited to be talking to him my brain was running a 100 mph! I should have let him know the copy of ‘Plunder And Deceit’ I gave MS State Sen. Chris McDaniel was the one Mark signed and sent to me…Oh well, it’s in good hands, and there is so much good data, and so many footnotes I think the Senator could use it to benefit my state.

    AD, you really blow me away with your kindness, and your mind! I truly appreciate you taking the time and putting the effort in to post this recording. I need to send you a more recent and better pic though 😉. I was pretty ill at the time that one was taken, but I’m much better now and have my weight back up…. God Bless you AD!! My hero!! #OnlyCruz

    • Lew, you did great! You sounded great! You might need to start your own radio show soon. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better too. God bless you sweetie! Go Cruz!

  2. Char in ND says:

    Alexis, thanks for posting this. What a wonderful conversation between two men who love liberty! I was listening on April 14th and I remember this from the Mark Levin Show.

    Below, a partial transcript of the audio that resonated in particular with me ~

    ML: What is Trump’s philosophy?

    LT: I don’t think Trump’s a principled man therefore I don’t think he has a philosophy. I think his only philosophy would be Trump.

    ML: Why do you think so many conservatives or quasi-conservatives in media are supportive of him?

    LT : They are leaving their principles behind.

    Hey Lewis. You are terrific and thank you so much for speaking out and fighting to save our country with your participation in the COS, too.

    Thanks to both of you for being strong voices for conservatives who hold true to the principles of the Founders of this great nation and the Framers of our Constitution.

    • Thanks for the mini transcript Char. It’s very true what Lew said. Too many have left their principles behind. Others never had principles in the first place. Great conversation. We have to keep working both avenues, elections and the Convention of States.

      God bless you my friend! Thanks for the great comment.


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