Three Years Ago- Alexis Deacon Talks To Mark Levin

Three Years Ago- Alexis Deacon Talks To Mark Levin

“Mark Levin is my hero. When my pet died, he was one of the few people who went out of his way to be kind to me and to console me. And he helped me when I started this site also. He is the sweetest guy. Love him!” Alexis

Flashback to March 2013.
“The Mark Levin Show use to be my favorite talk radio show back in the day.”


  1. davekarlin says:

    Thanks Queen, so true. I love your comments, news and tweets. Keep fighting the good fight!! BTW, his show is still my favorite radio show – I consider it a can’t miss.

  2. I liked this clip Alexis

  3. The first time I found the Queen of Liberty website it was through Mark Levin mentioning it on his facebook page all the time. Now, it has become one of my favorite conservative websites. I wish you continued success Alexis. All the best. Peggy

  4. Looking like Colorado will go all the way with Ted Cruz.

  5. Reagan was my favorite president. It was cool hearing you and Levin talk about him. Thanks for posting this darling.

  6. I think Mark Levin had a facelift or a lifestyle lift. He looks different. He had work done.

  7. I’ve gotten nervous calling talk radio. I know how you feel. You did well Lexi. You didn’t sound like a dork.

  8. The Mark Levin Show is the best talk program in my humble opinion

    • Mark has an excellent radio show. I’ve always enjoyed listening to it. Unfortunately I don’t have time for his TV show. Not sure if I received your message on twitter Alexis. Starting to receive too much repetitive junk (especially from twitchy team) so I do not read twitter as much as I should. Also, Michael (the tea party gentleman) is annoying me with his over blown Trump support. All the more reason to not pay as much attention to twitter as I use to.

      • I know what you mean about not having time for TV. I barely have time for talk radio. Life has been crazy lately. We need more hours in the day. I’m sure Mark’s TV show will be great. Twitter has been a warzone. Trump supporters are crazy. The Donald has unearthed the mindless masses of zombies to go out and attack Cruz supporters. I think they are worse than the nutty Ron Paul fans, many similarities though, very stuck in the realm of conspiracy. On twitter I asked you if you unfollowed me because twitter was acting weird and I didn’t think you would. So, I thought there was a glitch in the system.

      • Have not unfollowed you on twitter. However, have not heard from you lately either.

      • I think twitter unfollowed us. Send me a follow or whatever it’s called, lol.

      • Certainly

  9. Redmond says:

    How do I subscribe to Levin TV?

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