Alexis Deacon talks about Sex, Love, Romance & More

Alexis Deacon talks about Sex, Love, Romance & More

“In this episode we talk about sex and sex scandals, romance in general,
I give a tribute to Nancy Reagan and I answer YOUR questions!” Alexis

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  1. The beginning made me sad. Our country is in trouble. Good podcast.

  2. Alexis, I love your voice!

  3. Max Shelton says:

    How about let’s stick to issues instead of instigating further discord between GOP candidates & voters. The voting public is ashamed of these wars. Good work Queen of Liberty.

  4. The last ten minutes was my favorite part!!!!! OMG! Thanks for fighting for our country and our Constitution.

  5. My friend posted this on twitter. National Enquirer only exists to destroy reputations.

  6. I really like your podcast. It’s a game. Hillary and Trump set it up to stop any Republican from winning. Trump has been totally punching first since this race began. As long as Trump is unchallenged he will continue to behave badly. The jury is still out on whether Trump was behind the National Enquirer smear on Cruz.

  7. Why do people always lump Cruz in with what Trump is doing? I have not seen Cruz put anything derogatory out there? This is a one sided fight. Cruz has a right to defend himself, his wife and family.

    • I agree with you Ben. The media is still pretending Cruz had something to do with the commercials about Trump’s wife and he did not. I’m sick of it. It is frustrating. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Beautiful tribute to Nancy Reagan

  9. Nancy B. says:

    I like what you said about high heels!!! LOL!!! Good idea!!!

  10. Tear jerking. You remind me why I am a flag waiving patriot. Thank you.

  11. Good job on the podcast. I hate Trump. I would never vote for him. I’m only voting for conservatives.

  12. Another great show. Keep ’em comin!

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