Good Friday Presidential Comparison

Good Friday Presidential Comparison

Good Friday Presidential Comparison

Read Trump’s statement today….

(That’s what it said, he later deleted it)

Then read Ted Cruz’s statement
HOUSTON, Texas – Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz today released the following statement on Good Friday and in advance of Easter Sunday.

“This weekend, Christians of every denomination remember the most transformative event in history – Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection – the ultimate sacrifice that redeemed the whole world.

“The light of Christ brings hope to every corner of the world. This year Heidi and I pray that in the wake of the Brussels attack, as we mourn for the victims who lost their lives in the subway tunnels and airport corridors at the hands of baseless terrorists, we will remember that the light of truth is stronger than the darkness of terror.

“I am reminded of Saint John Paul II’s first return to Poland as Pope. In 1979, upon his arrival, he kissed the tarmac. And the dust that had all but covered the churches ruptured as the bells rang out – one after another. Soon millions of people lined the streets. And when Saint John Paul II addressed the crowds before the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, he spoke these immortal words: ‘On how many battlefields has that solider given witness to the rights of man, indelibly inscribed in the inviolable rights of the people, by falling for ‘our free¬dom and yours’!’

“And he asked for the Lord’s blessing upon the land:

‘Let your Spirit descend.
And renew the face of the earth,
the face of this land.’

“That is the redemption message. By His sacrifice we are made new. And as we remember the gift of salvation on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, let us be so bold to ask the same. We face a different enemy than in 1979 – but one with the same goal – to snuff out the light of freedom. But we also know that just like Communism in 1980 it can be defeated because good overcomes evil, truth illuminates the world, and freedom breaks the bondage of tyranny.”

Afterwards, the answer should be very clear who the next President should be.

Today was definitely the weirdest good Friday in my lifetime.
Happy Easter weekend everybody!


  1. Tomorrow we have the primaries here in Colorado. I am a delegate for the county and state. After reading Ted Cruz’s statement, I remain even more strongly committed to his quest for the Presidency. The additional five delegates in my precinct also have the same commitments. Also, Heidi will make an excellent FLOTUS for we the people.

  2. Char in ND says:

    On this eve of the Resurrection, I pray we all remember what Jesus died for. More importantly, what He lived for. What He taught us through His ministry to all of us sinners was based upon love.

    I have been guilty so many times especially in the past few months of striking back against those with whom I disagree, and not in a positive or productive way. I am ashamed of that.

    Ted Cruz has led a wonderful campaign, based upon truth, love of God and love of country. He has been much maligned for it but has held steady to his belief. It is with sorrow that I see so many attack him or his wife with such vitriol, yet he stands steady and sure and holds to his principles. The vulgarians are relentless.

    I am deeply saddened to see so many also attack (supposedly on our side) like vulgarians, too. The gutter is not the place to fight, the name calling and leftist antics should be left to them and not us, should we really take a high road. What would Ronald Reagan say? I have seen and heard people insult Donald Trump’s wife, or daughter. That is shameful and is as vile to me as someone attacking Ted Cruz’s wife or children. I don’t get it. Do we have principles or not, or are the gloves off now and anything goes.

    Jesus Christ lived a life on earth and gave us so many lessons. Nobody will ever live up to that but I think we would be foolish if we didn’t at least try. To be better people.

    • Today was the GOP County Caucus Primary in Colorado Springs. I was absolutely astonished at the amount of back door dirty politics which had taken place in preparation for this primary. Candidates who referred to themselves as Constitutional Conservatives were nothing more than Moderate Republicans who went behind the backs of true Constitutional Conservatives and created doubts in the minds of Caucus Delegates as to who they should vote for. Where I thought we had a contest pretty much going our way changed overnight. Fortunately the candidates I support were strong enough to win enough Delegate Votes to force the election into a general primary. This will take place in June, which will allow our fight to go to the voting public and now that we know we have a dirty race on our hands our approach to the final GOP primary will be different. God willing — we will kick butt and take names while we’re preparing for the next race.

      • I’m sorry to hear there were so many problems. Wow! Things are getting uglier and uglier in this climate. It’s good there are honest people like you working to make a change. I hope you and your family have a happy Easter!

      • Char in ND says:

        Thanks for the report from Colorado. There seems to be more dirty politicking going on this year than most, I think I know why. It seems the populist/nationalists posing as conservatives are infiltrating everywhere and they are sneaky and deceptive. I am glad there are constitutional conservatives that are paying attention and standing strong on principle.

        It looks good for Team Cruz in your state. The Washington Examiner ran a story today with the headline, “Cruz Winning the Race for Delegates in Colorado”. Keep up the good fight!

        I will be attending our state convention this weekend, I am so pleased I will be able to hear Ted Cruz speak. There is a lot of work to do here, too – some delegates to educate about the importance of having a constitutional conservative as the GOP candidate and next POTUS. Our nation needs a breath of liberty and Ted is the man to kick start the process of restoring our Constitution.

      • Char, keep us posted on your state convention. Let us know how everything went.

      • Char in ND says:

        I will do that, Alexis. I am so excited! My mom’s friend is a delegate, I spoke to her this morning. Definitely not a Trump supporter! 🙂

        Did you watch the CNN Town Hall? Ted Cruz will be a wonderful president! I loved this line in response to a question, “I’m asking you to vote for me because I’ve spent a lifetime fighting to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights”.

      • Yes, I watched it. Great line by Cruz. You are right. Did you see when Trump said it is the federal governments job to provide healthcare & education? SMH! Wrong answer! His supporters still don’t get it! Drives me crazy. I’m glad your Mom’s friend is on our side. 🙂

      • Char in ND says:

        The convention was fantastic! Carly Fiorina was a hit with the audience, very well received. She is a gifted speaker who can speak of conservative principles – because she is a conservative.

        Ted Cruz rocked that arena, many standing ovations. He hit it out of the park with comments including a promise to build the Keystone Pipeline, and applauding North Dakota as an “energy state,” he also promised to “keep the federal government the heck out of the way.”

        One of the biggest rounds of applause came as Ted appealed to farmers in North Dakota, affirming his commitment, “As president, I will rescind the Waters of the United States rule.” This is a huge overstep by the EPA and a major concern of farmers and ranchers in my state. It needs to be addressed and Ted Cruz did address it.

        There was a motion on the floor to make unbound delegates show their cards and say who they are supporting. By voice vote, the motion lost, and was met with boos from crowd. Shouts of “call the roll” as the chairman took the standing vote; still it failed.

        17 or 18 of 25 delegates (though not bound) are in the Cruz camp. I will stay on top of them (figuratively) to make sure they know that North Dakotans overwhelmingly support Ted Cruz, the constitutional conservative, instead of Trump, the progressive populist!

        On Sunday Ben Carson spoke and was met with boos at the convention when he attacked Ted Cruz.

        On to Wisconsin for another victory! 🙂 I love Badgers!

      • That’s so exciting Char! Thank you for giving us the play by play. I love hearing all the behind the scenes action from some of you. I’m feeling really happy and positive about this race tonight!!! Yea! 🙂

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