Ted Cruz- Wisconsin Victory Speech

Ted Cruz- Wisconsin Victory Speech

We are making history!

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  1. Karen Bradley says:

    Making history. I don’t think so. So you support someone who has had extramarital affairs including some with prostitutes. Cruz is establishment. Look at who is donors are. He is know controlled by them. What a fraud. If he didn’t have all the big donor money and the help of the establishment Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and others he would not have won the Wisconsin primary. You Cruzers are so hipocritical. I used to be a supporter of his but no more. He has shown his true colors.

    • Please consider wearing a helmet before you leave the house every day.

    • Karen: what is your source of information about extramarital affairs? Do you object also to Donald Trumps much more well known marital history? He has actually bragged about it. Personally I don’t believe the recent “news” about Senator Cruz and I really don’t care about either of their marital history as much as their actions and proposals and what those are based on. Senator Cruz has a consistent history based on his beliefs which are Conservative. Mr. Trump can be shown through old interviews to change his views with the prevailing polls. This suggests to me that he has no true belief system: it’s called blowing in the wind. I’m also questioning where the hypocrisy comes in and when Senator Cruz changed and showed his “true colors”. He has appeared to me to be pretty much the same since the first time I saw him in the Senate making a speech. Can you give any facts to back up your statements? Thanks.

  2. Char in ND says:

    Hey Alexis are you as tired as I am today? I did the happy dance for hours last night, and even this morning! 🙂 What a great win for the classy conservative, Ted Cruz! Well done, Badger State patriots!

    I feel good about the upcoming primaries. I think he can win PA and CA, too. The momentum is on the side of the constitutionalist and the rest of CruzCrew!

    This is also the first time Donald Trump hasn’t led the tracking poll in 2016. Cruz has the support of 39% of likely Republican voters nationwide beating Donald Trump at 37% support. John (I won’t drop out because my ego is HUGE) Kasich is in the dust with 23% support.

    • Tired? Yes! Excited? Yes! Happy dance? Yes that too!!! I’m thrilled. This weekend we will get the rest of the delegates from Colorado and the second half of Wyoming! Due to early voting, many AZ votes still went to Rubio & other drop outs, WI shows what is possible for Cruz moving forward. I agree with you. I think Cruz will do better than expected in most of the remaining states. Trump won’t get to 1237. I think Cruz may even get a plurality before the convention. Rubio & Kasich’s delegates will elect Cruz on the second ballot. It’s going to be exciting. I really think we can win. I’m starting to feel it in my bones.

      • Char in ND says:

        I agree. Absolutely it is trending positive for Ted Cruz, now with fewer in the race more people have had the opportunity to be introduced to him and they share our principles. If you consider the lack of exposure on cable news and many websites, it’s not surprising that those who are not political junkies have not – up until the past month or so – been aware that there is a solid conservative in the race and have not heard his message until now. Awesome ground game by Team Cruz. (Not to mention the vile tactics employed, words used – and misused! and threats by the vulgarians have not boded well for their campaign)

        By the way, it has been cold here and I was wearing a scarf when I was doing my happy dance. A handmade scarf, from the USA. I heard there are some that are being recalled, due to a violation that they are flammable. Can you even imagine? Made in China. http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/2016/Ivanka-Trump-Scarves-Recalled-by-GBG-Accessories-Group/

      • LOL, I saw that. Weren’t the Trump campaign hats made in China? One time I bought a $50 fashion watch from Melania’s company and all the color completely flaked and peeled off in about a month. Total garbage.

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