Libertarian Lincoln Lies

Libertarian Lincoln Lies

Libertarian Lincoln Lies

By Alexis Deacon
There has always been warring factions within the Republican Party and within the liberty movement. Libertarian Objectivist and radical atheist Ayn Rand was harshly critical of men of faith, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, because to her the very idea of God was an insult to human kind. William F. Buckley Jr. of the National Review denounced the paleoconservative group, the John Birch Society due to their off the wall conspiracy theories. Now there is a group of what I call radical Libertarians, who are spreading vicious lies about one of America’s greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln. Oftentimes one of the main differences between Libertarians and Conservatives is faith. In these times when I feel we are witnessing a war on God, it is ironic that a man like Lincoln, who was so well steeped in the word of God, is under attack. Lincoln’s love of God is clearly reflected in his words and speeches but the lies about him go beyond his faith. Rewriting history is an action we must be guarded against if we want to save our Republic. We have to be steadfast about preserving the truth.

Who are these people and what are they saying about Lincoln?


Ron Paul and many of his groupies are behind this ridiculous movement. According to Jeffrey Lord
“On Dec. 23, 2007, appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press, Paul told then-host Tim Russert that the Civil War was ‘senseless’ and that ‘Abe Lincoln should never have gone to war.’ Paul accused Lincoln of provoking the war to ‘get rid of the original intent of the Republic.’ Paul sees Lincoln as a dictator and a villain.
ron paul


Ron Paul fan, Thomas E. Wood, and author of the book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, agrees with Paul’s views on Lincoln. He thinks even the name of the Civil War is wrong. According to him it should have been called the war between the states and he says Lincoln was no friend to the slaves. If the name Tom Wood sounds familiar to you, it is probably because you have seen radio talk show host, Mark Levin, annihilate this man over the past decade through various Internet debates. Wood has relentlessly pursued Levin over the years trying to make a name for himself.

Then there is Thomas James DiLorenzo, a friend of Wood and an economics professor at Loyola University, who wrote an entire book on what he calls the “Lincoln myth” entitled, The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and An Unnecessary War. DiLorenzo believes Lincoln was a white supremacist who wanted a large centralized government.

Llewellyn Harrison “Lew” Rockwell, Jr, the paleolibertarian who founded the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, publishes anti- Lincoln articles on his website, These men listed above and many of their followers have a sinister agenda of promoting secession and nullification. On many occasions I have posted legal experts opinions on why nullification is not the answer to our Republic’s woes.

As you know, I’m an advocate for an Article V Convention of the States. If we are truly conservatives, we have to have faith and hope that federalism is the last chance we have to save the Republic. Many political groups who speak out against the Convention of States are also proponents for nullification and although they aren’t as outspoken about it, they also stand for nullifications’ sneaky sidekick which is secession. In 1995 the Ludwig von Mises Institute hosted a conference on the legality and viability of secession. Many of the groups who ridicule a Convention of States by calling it a “con con” are the same people deliberately using revisionist history when it comes to Lincoln. They call President Lincoln a lawless dictator who wanted to grow government. They say the Civil War was not about slavery but instead about states rights. Why would these people lie like this and what is their motivation? I’ve done some digging to get to the bottom of this.

Some of the Lincoln hating nullification activists still have the isolationist, racist, anti-Semitic, conspiratorial mindset which Bill Buckley fought against decades ago. When Ron Paul ran for president in 2008, Tim Manning Jr. endorsed him. Manning is the editor of Southern Heritage and Southern Partisan, both Neo- Confederate publications and he endorsed Paul due to him being an honorary member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for over a decade. Manning states “Paul has given countless speeches in front of Confederate flags for Southern Heritage groups and has never faltered from his defense of Dixie. Or, for that matter, our critique of Secretariat-General Lincoln.”

Tom Wood who partnered with Ron Paul to produce a home schooling program in 2013 called the Ron Paul Curriculum is also a founding member of the League of the South. Has Ron Paul shown racist tendencies? Ron Paul opposed issuing a congressional medal to Rosa Parks. In an interview he said he would have been against the civil rights act in 1964 and he stood by and defended some racist statements he made in newsletters back in the 80’s and 90’s before changing his tune much later only because he was running for president. Paul’s actions make his views on race questionable.


Paul then used his “legalize marijuana” stance and hippie anti-war lingo to romance the youth and get them on board with his unique brand of Libertarianism, thus indoctrinating what are now known as Paul-bots, a bunch of young fakertarians ready to break up the union in any way they can. The Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) founded in 2007 has many of these Paul-bots as followers. Millennial aged “tenthers” go out on social media trying to turn people against the Convention of States, calling it a “con con” and bad mouthing Lincoln.

Wikipedia defines a “Neo-Confederate” as an individual who views the Southern secession in a heroic light. They list a summary of their beliefs. They even mention DiLorenzo and Wood by name. The old adage is true in this case; “Hey fellas, I looked up the definition of Neo-Confederate and there was a picture of your face.”


This Neo-Confederate movement calls the Civil War the “war of Northern aggression” and Lincoln is cast as an evil dictator.The Abbeville Institute and the Ludwig von Mises Institute are the two groups fueling this cause. Time magazine described Abbeville’s intellects as “Lincoln loathers” who consider “Abraham Lincoln not as the Great Emancipator; he is Dishonest Abe, a president hell bent on creating a big central government, even if that meant waging war.”


Setting the record straight

The Civil War was not about tariffs despite how the Neo-Confederates try to mislead people. They contend it was about states rights versus Lincoln’s quest for a big centralized government. Lincoln still abided by the election process which no “dictator” would have done. The Civil War was about continuing mankind’s quest for freedom. Abraham Lincoln believed what he read in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Even though the framers couldn’t free the slaves at the time because they needed all the states to ratify the Constitution, they left a system in place for it to be done at a later date.

Seven states left the union before Lincoln had even been inaugurated. The South attacked the North first putting Lincoln in a horrible and unprecedented position. At the time the North not only had more liberty because of its stance against slavery, it also had a robust free market thriving economy. The South knew the institute of slavery was on its way out and they acted out of fear. The South didn’t believe in the natural rights of the black people. All of the humans which were thought of as slaves were mere property. Lincoln considered attempting to buy the slaves to avoid violence but none of the slave states were willing to cooperate with that plan.

The Lincoln liars’ biggest claim is that President Lincoln was a despot for suspending Habeas Corpus. Washington was under attack at the beginning of the war. Transportation routes and communication lines were cut and citizens were in danger. Lincoln needed to get troops down from the North to save the capital. Article 1 of the Constitution allows congress to suspend Habeas Corpus, not the president. However, the Congress did retroactively bless Lincoln’s decision to take this upon himself during a time of complete chaos and crisis. Hindsight is 20/20 and it is easy for us to be Monday Morning quarterbacks. Did Lincoln make some mistakes? Of course. He is human. However, many of the people who were taken in to military court were deserters and treasonous traitors who would have been arrested anyway. Lincoln was an honorable man who did his best to lead the nation and follow the rule of law during one of the darkest times in our nation’s history. Although it was bloody and many lost their lives, the end result was a nation which was more free and which took the first step towards righting the horrible error and misfortune of slavery.

Jason Kuznicki, a libertarian from the Cato Institute explains that the Civil War was not about states rights like some Neo-Confederates try to argue. The Civil War was indeed about slavery. He points out all four states Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas, which seceded specifically listed slavery as the reason. He also pointed out that the South loved big government when it sided with them as it did with the Fugitive Slave Law. This pretty much dispels the myth of the South fighting over states rights and against centralized government.

In an article from the heritage foundation, another expert, the honorable Frank J. Williams explains Lincoln’s position and how wartime laws differ from peacetime laws. “Abraham Lincoln declared martial law and authorized such forums to try terrorists because military tribunals had the capacity to act quickly, to gather intelligence through interrogation, and to prevent confidential life-saving information from becoming public.” Williams mentions that every survey of historians rank Lincoln as number one among the great presidents. (See Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., “The Ultimate Approval Ratings,” New York Times Magazine, Dec. 15, 1996)

Lincoln Authors Thomas Krannawitter and Rich Lowry explain, “the Founders thought revolution was justified in the case of a violation of natural rights. The Confederates, in contrast, wanted to wage a revolution to ensure no interference with their violation of the natural rights of slaves.”

What’s the real motive and agenda behind the fringe groups’ revisionist history of Lincoln?


What’s the real motive and agenda behind the fringe groups’ revisionist history of Lincoln? They don’t believe in liberty or civil rights. They really believe the Constitution itself is flawed and that America should have kept The Articles of Confederation. They might not even support any executive branch. Lincoln loved to study the work of the framers and James Madison didn’t really believe in secession. He believed the states were united as a nation and should be an indestructible union. Our country never could have survived a few decades if states could secede every time they lost an election. Madison believed in the right of a revolution but not for “light or transient causes.”

The Neo-Confederates follow the philosophy of John C. Calhoun. Calhoun followers believe the nation went in the wrong direction by not keeping the Articles of Confederation. They believe the Constitution was corrupt and Lincoln represents the Constitution and has to be degraded along with our founding government document. This is why many Neo-Confederates oppose constitutional conservatives and ideas like the Article V Convention of the States. They believe the nation took a wrong turn when it ratified the Constitution. They may even have a strong desire to break apart the union which Lincoln worked so hard to keep united.

Keep the true story of Abe Lincoln Alive


Lincoln loved Shakespeare, the Bible and American individualism which is why his words still resonate with patriots today. Growing up, I remember Lincoln was used as a symbol for persistence, a reminder to every American that no matter how many times you fail, in this country you can continue to dust yourself off, pull yourself up and make your dreams come true. Lincoln was a symbol of hope in dark and stormy times. He embodies the rags to riches American dream.

Jack E. Levin, the patriot, artist and businessman is the best selling author of two fantastic Lincoln books. I did a review on his book on George Washington last year. His books are small beautiful works of art. Leaving them out as a coffee table book would be a great way to start a conversation about Lincoln and to keep the true history of the man alive. Mr. Levin’s latest book, Malice Toward None: Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, details one of the greatest speeches in American history.

Jack Levin working on his new book 10616264_10152665169683832_4473645486446333156_n

Jack Levin started a new genre of books which can be read by all ages. He is a trendsetter because many other well known conservatives have followed his lead producing books and trying to teach our children history while they are young and before the Left- run school system attempts to indoctrinate them with anti-American rhetoric. Levin’s new book includes stunning Civil War illustrations. When you look at these pages and into the eyes of the slaves, one can find a greater appreciation for what a genuine healer Lincoln was to a truly wounded nation at that time. Both of Jack Levin’s Lincoln books give the reader a feel for what a sincere man this President was.

I would also recommend Rich Lowry’s book, Lincoln Unbound: How an Ambitious Young Railsplitter Saved the American Dream–and How We Can Do It. It’s the inspirational Abe we all grew up with. It’s the true man and president our nation has loved all along. Lowry is an editor of National Review. He is a staunch defender of Lincoln when it comes to attacks on him from the Neo-Confederates. In an article Lowry wrote, he brought up Thomas Krannawitter’s book Vindicating Lincoln. Krannawritters work is another I highly recommend. It goes into lengthy detail explaining why Lincoln is misunderstood. He believes we need Lincoln’s moral compass now more than ever as our nation faces Obama’s fundamental transformation. And he is right.

I hope conservatives across this land digest as much information as they can about Lincoln. Then they will be armed when they run across people who want to attack this man. It is my wish for patriots around the country to keep the truth of our nation’s history alive to counter the deceivers.

Alexis Deacon was born a conservative. Her parents were in politics. So, she has been on the campaign trail since she first started walking and active in politics ever since then. She is a successful entrepreneur who lives in the Virginia, D.C. area. To read more about her click here.

Alexis sm

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  1. RICK DICKSON says:


  2. This is educational. I wish you would write more often Alexis.

  3. Jenson Montgomery says:

    Lincoln has deservedly been my favorite president since childhood. I agree with your assessment of him Ms. Deacon. I refuse to listen to the trumpery of fools such as DiLorenzo.

  4. Joel Walker says:


    • Hey Joel, while I disagree with you vehemently, I have a suggestion for you. Listen to a little of ‘The Great One’ before making unsubstantiated claims of his debating skills, especially when the facts are on his side. And this is from a long, very long, line of born and raised Mississippian. And two things Alexis definitely is not are incompetent and willfully ignorant.

  5. It amazes me how people can make these assumptions about President Lincoln and yet they never lived in this era. They have taken the words this man has written and totally twisted them into something that is so far from what meant.

    This is why I am thankful for sites such as to “Set the record straight” and explain the situation. People like me hear these things and are just blown away. Thank you Alexis for your great writings! I needed to read this!

  6. Char in ND says:

    This is absolutely outstanding work. Thank you for calling out those who perpetuate these lies time and time again, for providing concrete examples, explanations and including the history that backs up your assertions. The citations and links are powerful tools to educate and are so valuable to arm and inform those of us who need a source on which to draw to argue against these lies and distortions.

    I have grappled at times to call people out who promote these fabrications. It is frustrating and difficult (especially when you are ticked off!) to present the facts concisely when they come at you from all angles but here you have laid it out beautifully and with clarity – this is another testament to your passion and work. These lies need to be exposed and the liars called out because as you said, revisionist history is so dangerous. If repeated often enough, those who really may not know and care not to investigate may believe the lies that are spread about this great man and this time in history. The Paul-bots come to mind and I recall many heated conversations with quite a few of them when Ron Paul was running for President – discussing his view on race and on Lincoln. They would hear nothing I said, believed nothing I said, almost robotically they followed him and many still do. Then I wonder, had I presented the facts better would it have changed at least one mind?

    All of Jack Levin’s books should be in every school in this nation, in every public library, on every family bookshelf. Mark Levin’s too. 🙂 They tell it like it is, and inspire at the same time.

    Thank you for sharing your gift, which is truth. You’ve once again created a masterpiece. It is powerful and indisputable!

    • Thank you Char!!! That is one of the nicest compliments I ever had!!! You are too kind and a dear loyal friend. However, I’m sure it is undeserved. There is a well known conservative web site who advertised they were looking for writers. Some of my favorite columnists write there but they are severely lacking content for a big news site. I applied & they pretty much said “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” LOL. Then, I emailed this piece to a couple of good writers and they didn’t respond either. Plus, it hasn’t gotten as many views as other things I post. I think the writing probably sucks and only a big geek like me would be into a not so popular topic. I might end up deleting this one. I love Lincoln though. I hate when people say horrible things about Lincoln, Washington or Reagan. When I hear bad things about those great men, it breaks my heart. God bless you sweetie! ❤

      • Char in ND says:

        I don’t praise when it is not deserved and neither do any of these other fine people on your site, I assume. Did you ever think those contacts are jealous, envious of your honest assessments and passion. Some good people don’t like competition and others need time to digest and let us be honest here, not a lot of people write for substance, they write for quick bites, for sensationalism, for the news du jour. Perhaps some of the writers haven’t been exposed to what you wrote, did you consider they may have had been blown away by your prose, the depths and layers within it. What you wrote is not a snack, it’s a week or more of meals. I doubt any of these have been linked by Mark Levin from his site, have they.

        Yeah I know Lincoln and Reagan and Washington aren’t ‘sexy’ to a lot of people, but they are to me. Freedom and liberty are wonderful. Shackles and despotism and being a slave to government, not so much. I have a friend in Travnik, Bosnia who has had to travel to find work for decades outside of the country he loves because the economy is in shambles. That’s what leftist policies do – they decimate. Not only the economy, but the morale & eventually the morality of the people.

        Something to reflect upon is all of the comments throughout the years from so many who have come here to share – not simply the comments, but the people you have touched – like you said, ripples in a pond. Now before you delete this one, please read your Jack Levin book – The Crossing, the last page of the preface. Wherein Mr. Levin quotes then President-elect Abraham Lincoln, who spoke to the New Jersey State Senate in Trenton, New Jersey
        on February 21, 1861, Where his quote ends, this continues: …” that something even more than National Independence; that something that held out a great promise to all the people of the world to all time to come; I am exceedingly anxious that this Union, the Constitution, and the liberties of the people shall be perpetuated in accordance with the original idea for which that struggle was made, and I shall be most happy indeed if I shall be an humble instrument in the hands of the Almighty, and of this, his almost chosen people, for perpetuating the object of that great struggle.” …

        Well, you know the rest.

    • Char,
      Mark Levin was a good friend for linking to my site. However, most people in the conservative media are not like him. Most people in the conservative media who are website owners, journalists, columnists, congressional staffers and TV pundits are elitist snobs who look down on the American citizen with contempt. A bunch of my friends and I were discussing this the other day. The GOP media are stuck in the bubble the same way the politicians are. I think it has hurt the conservative movement because NOBODY helps other conservatives out. I mean the famous help other famous but it’s a tight knit circle. Everybody down bellow is thought of as insignificant by the famous and the lower level media is very competitive and backstabbing. They only use you if they need to promote a book or a site. It’s very “me, me, me.” It’s more about making money and self promotion than it is about helping the country or the American people. The American people do NOT get their voices heard. We are only talked down to or ignored. The conservative media has very few people of honor or integrity and most of them have zero manners.

      Mark Levin had mentors when he was my age and younger. He had Senator Laxalt, Ed Meese, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to help him along. So, that is my goal for 2015 to find someone who is successful in communicating the conservative message and get them to mentor me. That is the hard part because nobody wants to do that anymore. It might end up being Michael Savage. I don’t often agree with him about politics or other topics but he has been really nice to me. He is successful in his field. It’s hard to find successful conservatives with a kind heart. Sometimes being a nice person trumps agreeing about politics.

      • Char in ND says:

        So basically you are saying most of those in the conservative media are really not conservatives at all. I’m not surprised.

        I don’t think anybody can keep you down, Alexis. The cream rises to the top (and that isn’t just a cliche, I grew up on a dairy farm!) Look at all of the ripples in the pond in past few days. This is a wave and we all have to keep working together. Now I know I am not connected as are you but I do know that people out here in flyover land want and they ache for a voice of freedom and when they hear it they rejoice. You have that voice. We can all help you, grassroots – remember? Little by little, we can take this country back and restore its greatness. Okay maybe now we have to move quicker but we can do that too. I have faith. I pray to God every day for His guidance and grace. He can move mountains. I think you can rise above those hypocrites and have the strength to persevere.

        I don’t know that much about Michael Savage but I do think a kind heart goes a long way. I think you have something most of the others do not – passion, a love of country, an excellent brain and dedication to the preservation of liberty and restoring our nation to its greatness. You connect with people, one to one. You inspire. You’ll never give up your principles. I know that for certain, sister.

  7. Janet Deckard says:

    I don’t like Ron Paul and have never liked Ron Paul. He is so full of shit I can smell him all the way down here where I live. The man is 79 years old, I am thinking “old age” has set in and he is CRAZY at this point. He has no idea what is going on.

    Thomas E. Wood shows his ignorance every day. All Wood tries to do is make a name for himself and it is so obvious, this is why Levin can rip him to shreds. I love listening to him do it too LOL.

    Great article Alexis! Thank you!

    • LOL! This comment cracked me up! I don’t think it is old age. I know people in their 90’s who could wipe the floor with Ron Paul. Thanks for cheering me up after a long rough day Janet.

  8. Sara Peterson says:

    I agree with Char and also would like to give you a big Thank You for calling out these fools and always giving the examples, explanations and backup history. These lies are amazing and do need to be exposed. Why people continue to listen to them is beyond what my head can wrap around.

    I have read Rich Lowry’s book, Lincoln Unbound…..LOVED IT~ only one flaw…TOO SHORT! HAH!

  9. Susan Thomas says:

    I am a Conservative and I am so glad I found your site Alexis. Before I started reading your posts I had no idea most of this was going on and now that I have been keeping up I have become so much more active and aware of what I need to do and where I need to do it in my community.

    You have to stay active and get involved to keep our Nation together because if we don’t, well, as your article states, rewriting our history is something we have to be guarded against.

    Thank you for these truthful articles and sharing your knowledge. If I had not found your site and started reading and understanding my position, I would never feel as positive as I do now in the debates I participate in. Please keep up the work you do!

    • Susan, thanks for the sweet compliment. I’m glad you like the site. It’s sad that certain people are trying to rewrite America’s beautiful history. All of us have a duty to set the record straight.

  10. That is so how I remember growing up and learning about Lincoln. He was the symbol of persistence and no matter how many times you failed you picked yourself up, dusted yourself off and make your dreams come true. Gosh that just brought back so many memories.

    Lincoln was never a dictator or a tyrant and Rick Dickson/Joel Walker you are incompetent. Oh wait…..your comments pretty much point that out. Just typing in CAPS points that out. FYI, I bet that is the same person, wanna know how I know….comments in CAPS! LOL.

  11. What is with these ALL CAPS people. Must they shout to make their point? I agree with you about Lincoln’s character. He was a good man trying to do good things in a stressful situation. It’s easy for armchair quarterbacks to sit back and say how they could have done things differently. In Pride and Prejudice, Lady Catherine De Bourgh criticizes Elizabeth’s piano playing skills, then says, “If I had learned to play the piano, I would have been very good at it.” This is akin to the rewriters of history saying, “If I had been elected president in 1861, I would have done a much better job than Lincoln. PHOOEY!

    • I like the Pride and Prejudice comparison! Good point. I would not have wanted to be president during that period of history. Thank God for so many honorable men who have held this nation together.

  12. Lincoln did some things that today’s ACLU wouldn’t approve of, like suspending the writ of Habius Corpus, but this was during a war and things always work a little differently in that situation. He was certainly an abolitionist though. He may not have gone into the war specifically to free the slaves, but that was one of his main goals.

  13. Hildy Rossiter says:

    I can hardly believe people are picking Abraham Lincoln apart. Really? He was one of the most dedicated and consistently honest presidents we’ve had. Aren’t there other historical figures who actually deserve this treatment? What about Thomas Jefferson – he had children with one of his slaves, then treated them like slaves. If people want to rip on him O.K. but leave the good people alone. Also, Lincoln was a dedicated abolitionist , no question about it.

  14. Alexis Deacon, I saw you give a speech in Virginia Beach last month and was blown away. Thank you for all you do for this country. I love this site and I would never betray Lincoln.

  15. I’m on your email newsletter list. When I saw you at CPAC last year, I thought you were the most gorgeous woman in exsistance. After reading this- I see you are astonishingly smart as well. Wow! Ron

  16. Hey AD, another outstanding piece! When I read pieces like this my heart races and I get chills. Very passionate and very good compare and contrast. I needed to read this piece. I am very thankful you wrote it. It’s a wonderfully thought out and amazingly executed defense of one Great President! You have outdone yourself…

  17. agnes dickinson says:

    Lincoln a dictator and a villain? Those are some very strong words that Mr. Paul is spewing. Perhaps he should be taking a look at what his own party is doing and what accomplishments they have made versus what Lincoln has done for our country.

  18. kenny king says:

    I don’t have a problem with atheists, they have their opinion and I have mine. But it’s people like Ayn Rand and their radical atheist views that annoy me. If you have an opinion that is very different from everyone else’s in the room, keep it to yourself. The only purpose it serves it to draw attention to yourself and make yourself look like an ass. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I welcome the chance to debate with anyone I meet, but there is a time and a place and a little thing called facts that come into play and that must be adhered to. You can’t make up facts about someone to support your point of view just to say that it is right. Lincoln was a bad president? Reagan was a bad president? How so? I can point out mistakes made by every president this country has ever had and there are only a handful that will owe up to their mistakes and that is what makes them great. Say something bad about Lincoln and I might raise an eye, say something bad about Ronald Reagan and you will have a fight on your hands.

    • I agree with Ayn Rand’s views on capitalism and individuality. She was a great writer and her work puts so much of the tyranny of today in perspective. These are the days when we need to “Go Galt.” Her novella, Anthem, is a short read and a great way to recruit young people into politics and to help them understand the dangers of collectivism. Modern day Libertarians live for her ideas. Rand Paul is even named after her. And while conservatives agree with libertarians on many items, faith and the social issues are where we usually differ.

      Good to hear you are willing to fight for Reagan. I fight over him all the time on social media. He is worth it!

      Thanks Kenny.

  19. I do like the idea of the terminology “war between the states” but it’s incorrect and Civil War is more accurate. The war between the states hasn’t happened yet and it might not ever occur if the current brainwashing that is taking over our government and its people doesn’t slow down. To say that Lincoln was a bad president just gives me a headache to think about. We can cite historical evidence all day long, but it still won’t change the minds of the uninformed.

  20. Shaun From Maine says:

    I have read Wood’s book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, out of my interest for American history and how it can be skewed to serve the purposes of various political parties and I found the book very interesting. But, just like a fiction-based tale, it has to be taken with a grain of salt.

  21. G. Lindsey says:

    Yankee Lies. Oh well, it’s your domain.

  22. Chuck La says:

    Thank you Alexa for NOT deleting this educational piece. I learned a bunch about concepts that I only hear in passing on Mark Levin’s show. When someone spews hate about Lincoln, I’m often trying to figure out, “Who ARE those guys?” (Usually I’m still struggling to make sense out of a caller when Mark says, “Get off the phone ya big dope.”) You filled in some gaps for me. I never did understand the attacks on Lincoln. They always seem SO short-sighted, and leave out reams of Lincoln quotes that put the lie to their arguments.


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