Ferguson Opinions On Twitter

Ferguson Opinions On Twitter

Hat Tip to The Right Scoop for the following video:


  1. Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup) says:
  2. My favorite is of course the Police Officer hugging the little boy. It is so easy and I don’t understand why people make it so hard. Oh wait, the name SHARPTON comes to mind! I can’t stand that idiot. Sorry I don’t mean to be rude or “racist” ….oh wait…Sharpton is a racist! Nevermind  back to my post….

    My next favorite tweet is the t-shirt “Don’t Attack A Police Officer, Don’t Get Shot”. That pretty much sums it up. Where I was raised, if a police officer tells you to stop, you stop. When a police officer is talking to you, you answer with the truth and I normally say Yes Sir/ma’am. You show a police officer respect and you would be surprised how much they appreciate that and will show you the EXACT SAME respect.

    WAKE UP AMERICA!! All these “protestors” in the different cities…….really!

    • That hug was really beautiful. That is how we should be coming together, black and white, younger and older, police and citizen. If only these race hustlers would leave us alone. Thanks Dana!

  3. HAHAHA @ “Never Underestimate the Power….” that is a good one. Going to have to use that one. Arf Arf Arf makes a good point too about Democrats burning their own neighborhood. The thing is I don’t think these people are even voting? If they were maybe they would think twice about burning down their community or destroying the police cars that patrol their community and keep them safe.

  4. Darlene Unsett says:

    I’m totally amazed at the courage of the people holding the free hugs sign. You know there have got to be black citizens of Ferguson who are horrified and ashamed of what’s going on there, but it would take a brave person to stand up and be counted for that right now. I belong to a minority religion and every now and then some member of my church will do something appalling so of course everyone assumes we’re all like that. At that point I find myself saying – Thanks a lot, please don’t act or speak for me anymore. I’d be willing to bet that’s how a lot of Fergusonites feel right now.

  5. mitchell 47 says:

    I am really surprised that Ferguson has gotten to be as big of a problem as it has. People rioting and breaking the law because someone else broke the law. Why is that any kind of common sense in this or any society?

  6. angry citizen says:

    If these are the opinions of many Americans, then why are we not banding together and rioting against the riots? We should get together, and fight back against the injustice that we have been dealt. Why wait for the corrupt government to do anything except lie to us. Burn the White House to the ground, destroy post offices and loot the local Krispy Kreme! We need a change now and we need to take what we want. That all sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Just as ridiculous as these people rioting over their false martyr and destroying their own community. What happens when they don’t have a neighborhood left? Criminals are NOT welcome in my neighborhood and I won’t be as forgiving as the Ferguson locals who are losing their businesses and their ability to feed their families.

  7. luna wilson says:

    I’m not sure if Twitter is helping or hurting the cause, but it sure does get the point across as to how many of us feel right now.

  8. martha quinn says:

    I think Ferguson has all but taken over Twitter as their are so any new posts every day showing #Ferguson. What if we stopped giving it so much attention and see if these media whores will finally put an end to the situation they keep fueling.

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