Allen West: Ferguson is All About Politics

Allen West: Ferguson is All About Politics

Allen West says the Obama administration is keeping the black people in “economic servitude.”

Video from Fox News.

Press the arrow to play.


  1. The socialist/Democrat agenda depends on poor public schools and welfare to maintain a voting base that applies to all races and while they may sugar coat it with lovely terms it
    really is about servitude and control.

  2. Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup) says:
  3. Char in ND says:

    In this video we see a contrast between a liberty-loving man who has defended said liberties with his life, a man who believes solidly in personal responsibility and individuality and proudly and unabashedly states his case which is supported by the many patriots on whose shoulders he stands, past and present – and a man, at about 3:10 in this video, who abhors all that goodness that those who came before him in this great land stand or stood for, the rule of law, the doctrines of decency, justice and equality under the law.

    That of which Colonel West speaks is what patriots believe. He would never have had the race baiters like Sharpton in our White House to discuss civil rights issues, for he knows Sharpton and his ilk are not activists for civil rights, they are agitators. They are so far removed from Martin Luther King, Jr., but they will use his legacy with no shame while they taint it with accusations, innuendo, until it is all but destroyed. It’s the leftist way. They will twist and turn reality and undermine the civil society and they won’t be happy until it is destroyed.

    Mr. Obama is a narcissist. One only has to compare his mannerisms, his actions to know this is true. At 3:10 in the video, he reminds me of Calypso Louie – same demeanor and they hold the same ideology.

    Not once did our president mention the death of those young people who have died over the years in Chicago because of gang violence during his tenure.

    Obama did not mention the death of DeAndre Joshua, who was shot and burned to death in Ferguson. Now was this young man a witness? Did he give testimony to the grand jury in the case.

    Not once did our president mention the young man, Zemir Begic, who was killed by thugs with a hammer – they beat him to death on Sunday in the St. Louis metro area. He was white, three of the attackers were black and one was hispanic, according to WGN.

    Why is there a media blackout about the murder of these two men. Where is the outrage from our President, our Attorney General, the ‘civil rights’ coalition, the leftists? There is no outrage. There will be no outrage, just like there hasn’t & there will be no marches or outrage for the hundreds of people killed in Chicago – Obama’s home town – since he has been President of the United States of America.

    • I love your comments Char. You blow me away. You should be a professional writer. Maybe you are. You could be J.K. Rowling in disguise. 😉

      I love Allen West too. He’s such a great man.

      God bless you!

      • Char in ND says:

        Thank you Alexis,

        The subject matter brings out the best in me. I adore and respect Allen West. He’d be a great President!

        I am but a novice compared to you. Your work is exceptional and it inspires and encourages me to study more, to reach higher, to try harder. Mostly, to never give up.

        God bless you too, my sister!

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