What Nobody Wants To Say About Ferguson

What Nobody Wants To Say About Ferguson

Deep thoughts on Ferguson from Prince Ea
“There will never be external peace until there is internal peace”


  1. A free society will not or cannot remain free without morals, values, standards and personal responsibility, without those things in time we all become government slaves.

  2. Paul Apicella says:

    I always think of what Doctor King said about “the content one’s character.

    • Dr. King was such a beautiful person, Paul. Now we have the Ferguson rioters on social media saying “Hey white people, stop quoting Dr. King to us.” Times have changed. I wish the first black president would have been a unifier and someone we could proud of, a man like Allen West. Obama should have healed race issues but he came here to break us all apart.

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    What Nobody Wants To Say About #Ferguson

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