Review: Jack E. Levin released a new book recently, Proverbs For Young People

Review: Jack E. Levin released a new book recently, Proverbs For Young People

Review of Proverbs For Young People – By Alexis Deacon
Jack E. Levin released a new book recently, Proverbs For Young People. One of the opening quotes states, “The genius, wit, and spirit of a nation are discovered in its Proverbs” by Francis Bacon. A lady wrote in to Amazon saying that when her little daughter opened the book and saw the quote she exclaimed “I know this is going to be a good book. It has bacon!” I must say I got a kick out of reading that review.

This book is slightly larger than Jack Levin’s past books. It measures 9.5″ by 7.25″ The proverbs are timeless treasures we have all heard before but in the high tech world we live in now, we may forget to teach the next generation these simple classic truths if it weren’t for books such as this one. I can’t even put into words how adorable Jack’s hand illustrations are in this work. They are bright, colorful cartoons which radiate sunshine and happiness. The little characters smile at the reader from off the pages and fill your heart with warmth. It is a great tool to teach children about the values, ethics and morals this country was founded and built on. Principles build character.

I read Proverbs For Young People to some of my friend’s children and they loved it. Then, I had an idea. I took it to an assisted living nursing home where I volunteer. I read it to some people in their eighties and nineties and they loved it equally as well. Young and old this is a fantastic read.

Some of my favorites were:
1) “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”- “If you keep trying with fortitude and determination, success will ultimately be yours.”

2) “Little Strokes fell great oaks”- “Great things can be achieved in small stages, and with persistent effort you will eventually see results.”

3) “From Little Acorns, large trees grow” – “From small beginnings, things of large size or importance can develop.”

I like these three because it reminds me to go for my dreams and never give up. If someone really wants something and they persevere, even if it takes years, they will achieve it. If the desire is there, you will get it. Like Winston Churchill use to say “Never give in–never, never, never.” And we can see now that Mark Levin gets his inspirational philosophy from his Dad.

Another proverb I liked was “Every tooth in your mouth is more valuable than diamonds.” It reminds me to do my oil pulling a few times a week. That’s my secret for having extremely white teeth and never having dental problems. And yes, I am a big kid at heart!

The only proverb I didn’t like was “Kindness brings kindness.” Sometimes no matter how nice you are to a person, they might still ignore you or be mean to you. I guess it still pays to continue being kind but you can’t expect the same in return.

I can relate to Jack Levin because he is an artist and a business person like myself. Years ago when I was pregnant I wrote and illustrated a children’s book too. After my children died, I never had the fortitude to pursue getting it published. Maybe when I am Jack’s age I can look into starting a new career. He gives me hope that it’s never too late to become a best selling author or to start something new. No matter what life throws at you, there is always tomorrow.

Proverbs For Young People is an innocent and sweet book. It took me back to a wholesome time in my own childhood. Childhood should be relished. It goes by in a blink of an eye. People have such little time to dwell in purity and naivety before the stressful burden of adulthood shows up. There is so much ugliness in the adult world today. America is under a dark cloud of tyranny. More and more lawless humans find their way into our government’s leadership. ISIS and other terror groups are expanding. We have to make an effort to give hope and beauty to the next generation and Levin’s new book does just that.

The Levin family reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting, a traditional virtuous family. The quintessential perfect family. This is the kind of family everyone longs for but more and more it is becoming extinct in America. And it is no accident. The progressives have been working to tear apart American values and American families for over a hundred years. They now indoctrinate our youth in a thousand ways through the culture, academia, the media, Hollywood movies, TV Shows, magazines and the Internet.They want to subvert all American principles.

Conservatives need to fight back by teaching little ones the truth. Sharing books like the ones Jack Levin and Rush Limbaugh write with the younger generation will go a long way towards restoring America. It starts with us!

Jack Levin with his son Mark back in the day:


Cute Illustrations:

proverbs cheerful

proverbs acorn

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Alexis Deacon was born a conservative. Her parents were in politics. So, she has been on the campaign trail since she first started walking and active in politics ever since then. She is a successful entrepreneur who lives in the Virginia, D.C. area. To read more about her click here.

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