13 Ways You Know You’re Dating A High-Quality Woman

13 Ways You Know You’re Dating A High-Quality Woman

Not political but I thought it was cute

Thought Catalog

Forgetting Sarah MarshallForgetting Sarah Marshall

1. She encourages you to pursue your goals, but she doesn’t micromanage. She trusts you to make the right decisions in your own life. She’s the cheerleader, not the coach.

2. She doesn’t try to make you jealous. She’s secure in her worth, and your ability to recognize how valuable she is. She doesn’t need to play games to “trick” you into seeing her her for what she is.

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3. She doesn’t have a princess complex. She demands that you treat her with respect — but because she is a person you love, not because she is a woman and therefore magically entitled to something. Just as she would expect you to treat your friends and family with respect, she knows you wouldn’t treat her any other way. A high-quality woman wouldn’t be with a man who was disrespectful to the people he is…

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  1. Excellent article, in simple words a conservative woman, I’ve been trying to teach my adult unattached son this for years but while a conservative he always dates liberals and guess what
    it turns bad. Take it from someone married to same woman 45+ years, conservative women only.

  2. edpierceep says:

    Where is this woman? I would like to marry her! Wait, that would make me a polygamist wouldn’t it? 😦


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