How To Striptease For Your Husband

How To Striptease For Your Husband

How To Perform A Striptease For Your Husband

Okay ladies, don’t worry, this is fairly PG rated even though the tips come from the most famous, beautiful burlesque dancer. It’s a fun and sensual article. It’s all for love! 😉

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If you want to know how to strip tease for your man, then you’re in the right place.

We’ve spoken to burlesque icon and striptease expert, Dita Von Teese to get her insider tips on how to seduce your man until he’s all of a quiver.

There’s nothing sexier than being totally in control and showing your partner what you’ve got as you peel off your layers to reveal the goods. But stripping too soon can mean cutting to the chase too quickly – what you really want to do is work your man into a full on frenzy – but there’s an art to it.

Doing a private striptease for your man can be really exciting for both of you – but it’s a bit trickier than simply taking off your clothes. To really get it right you have to add an element of performance to the whole thing.

So, to help you nail your striptease routine and unleash your inner sex goddess we’ve asked Dita Von Teese to tell us how it’s done. And as one of the sexiest women in the world, we think her tips are great place to start.

So if you want to know how to striptease – read on. Things are about to get all kinds of sexy!

Choose your outfit: the basics


The first thing you’ll need is the perfect lingerie. According to Dita, the ideal striptease lingerie consists of a bra, a garterbelt, stockings and knickers.

You also need lots of layers on top of that which can be removed in a seemingly effortless manner, deliberately and slowly in order to work your victim into a sexual frenzy.

Choose lingerie that fits you well and makes you feel sexy. Don’t think too much about what your audience would prefer; a successful strip is about exuding confidence and sensuality, so focus on what makes YOU feel that way.

Dita says that beautiful black lace lingerie paired with black garters and stockings exudes elegance and sensuality, and it looks good on every woman. It’s a classic look that’s always chic and sophisticated, a look that has never failed her!

“Every woman should invest in the perfect set of black lace lingerie,” says Dita.

Choose your outfit: the bra

Dita goes for a balconet type bra with straps, one that pushes up, but is not too heavily padded.

Make sure it fits you perfectly and gives a nice shape from every angle.

“Your breasts shouldn’t spill over the top or sides, and you shouldn’t fall out of it if you bend forward,” says Dita.

The back of the bra shouldn’t ride up at the back either. Find a good bra fitter to learn your real size!

Choose your outfit: the garter belt

Dita says that in her day-to-day life, she prefers a wide, substantial garter belt to keep her seamed stockings in place

But, she says, when it comes to doing a private striptease for someone special, she goes for something more svelte and skimpy.

“Sometimes, you will find that the striptease ends abruptly or rather evolves into an erotic encounter about the time the panties come off…so the garter belt choice is vital!” she says.

Dita suggests going for a garter belt with metal clips, not plastic – they don’t grip the stockings properly.

“Don’t even think about buying one with those silly metal alligator teeth clips. Buy the real deal and practice hooking and unhooking those clips until it become second nature,” says Dita.

Choose your outfit: the stockings

“In this day and age, great stockings aren’t so easy to come by in boutiques,” says Dita

So she suggests two sexy stocking options.

Option one – the fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings. “These look the best, they feel the sexiest, plus you will look like a dame that really knows her stuff,” says Dita. Also, the details of vintage styled stockings are beautiful and sexy.

Or you could go for something a little more modern, perhaps something like Dita’s signature brand of stockings.

Option two is a simple pair of nylon stockings with a bit of stretch. “These are good because you won’t get any little wrinkles since they have a touch of lycra, plus as a beginner, you can easily learn some cute tricks with these stockings, like removing one and hooking it on your toe while stretching it long with your hand, then letting it go, slingshot-style,” says Dita.

We’d definitely need to practice that a few times!

“My best advice is to practice with both types of stockings to see which type you have the most fun with,” says Dita.

And don’t forget to tuck a condom into the top of your stocking. “It gets the point across in a sexy way,” says Dita. “Safe sex is sexy!”

Don’t forget, you can use your stockings in more than one way. “Sometimes I like to use mine as wrist retrains or a makeshift blindfold. It’s much sexier than buying a set of bondage equipment from a sex shop. It seems more natural and more spontaneous,” says Dita.

Choose your outfit: the knickers

Are you a thong girl or briefs girl?

Dita goes for the bikini brief. “I want each and every reveal I give to have a major impact. If your rear end is covered completely and you peel the panty off, you are going to get a great reaction at the sudden sight of your naked bum!” she says.

If you want to get really fancy, Dita suggests wearing a thong under your knickers, then you have yet another fabulous layer to reveal!

But Dita’s one top tip that she wants everyone to remember – wear your knickers OVER your garter belt. Always!

“It’s absolutely silly to wear them any other way, you never know when you will want quick access, and I have yet to meet a man yet who doesn’t enjoy the sight of a woman in nothing but garters and stockings,” says Dita.

Choosing your outfit: Suits and skirts

So you need good lingerie, but what about on top of that? This is a striptease after all, you need lots of clothes to strip off!

Dita recommends going for a sexy suit, or skirt and blouse combination. “Look for things that cover your lingerie and don’t reveal too much at first,” she says.

Things that unbutton down the front and wrap around skirts that tie at the front are a perfect.

But remember – whatever you choose, you need to get out of it effortlessly and elegantly. Dita also reminds us not to choose dresses with back zips that are too high for you to reach, and never choose things that must come off over your head – you don’t want to mess up your makeup and hair!

“One of my favorite striptease dresses is a Roland Mouret dress that has a zipper down the back that goes the full length of the dress, it allows me to unzip and drop the dress in one dramatic gesture. I call it my “cut to the chase” dress she says.

And what about shoes? Size matters! “Choose shoes that are as high as you can handle without falling over, and you might want a shoe that slips off easily. Ankle straps and buckles are for experienced stripteasers only,” Dita says.

If the shoes are really too high you can try crawling. Yes, really! Think about Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary. “It’s sexy and fun,” says Dita.

Striptease with your hair

Yes, you heard it right. Dita suggests doing a striptease with your hair.

“Every woman should master the art of creating a chic chignon or french twist,” she says. “Practice doing this until you can put it in a chignon or twist with one or two large hairpins you can easily find and remove to let down at just the right moment.”

Maybe avoid fiddly hair clips though, that wouldn’t be such a sexy look.

Dita also recommends perfuming your hair. The best way to do this, she says, is to spray a little bit of perfume onto your hairbrush, and brushing through your hair, starting at the nape of your neck.

Lush lighting

“I cannot express the importance of lighting enough,” says Dita.

She has dimmer switches in every room of her house! If you don’t have a dimmer switch, don’t worry. We’re not going to recommend that you install one just for the purpose of a striptease.

What Dita says you can do instead is use candles or drape the lights with a scarf (make sure it doesn’t get too hot!).

“I would choose a deep pink or lavender scarf for the most flattering tones. Naked ladies look prettiest bathed in rose pink light. Red can be a little too harsh,” says Dita.

“If you bathe the room in light, and use side lighting with lamps, you can minimize the appearance of cellulite and other flaws,” says Dita.

Now that sounds good to us!

Get the music right

Dita’s top tip for picking stripteasing music is to choose music that you love.

Now not even Dita can tell you what type of music gets you in the mood. But she’s told us some striptease classics.

‘Feelin’ Good’ by Nina Simone, ‘The Silencers’ by Vikki Carr, ‘Purple Wail’ by Red Prysock, ‘The Stormy Blues’ by Billie Holiday and ‘Deshabillez-Moi’ by Juliette Greco.

“Ultimately though, you should choose music from any era that suits your personality and makes you feel good,” says Dita.

The striptease preparation

So you’ve got your outfit sorted, you’ve done your hair, you’ve picked the music and had a bikini wax. You’re ready!

Now you need to make sure everything is ready for the perfect striptease.

First, Dita, says, you should sit your man in a comfortable chair or sofa. If he likes a drink, provide his favorite. “This is a special occasion, after all,” says Dita.

What about having a drink yourself? If a cocktail makes you feel more at ease, have one, or maybe two, but not three or four.

“A bit of “ivresse” – French for that very light feeling of happiness that sweeps over you when drinking champagne – is acceptable, but there are few things more embarrassing than a sloppy drunken striptease,” says Dita.

Is he a handsy fella? “Perhaps you should tie his hands with a silk tie or those stockings you ripped during your rehearsal. We don’t want him spoiling all the fun by throwing you over his shoulder and taking you to the bedroom just yet, do we? Or do we? The choice is yours, and it’s for you to decide,” says Dita.

Place a chair for yourself directly across from him about four or five feet away from your partner. Choose a chair that feels stable to you. “Extra credit if you find a pretty chair, like a parlor chair or upholstered chair that compliments your lingerie,” says Dita.

How to strip

And now, finally, after the preparation, it’s time to strip. Follow Dita’s step-by-step guide and you can’t go wrong:

– Begin by standing near your chair. Spend a moment getting into the music, letting your hips sway and touching your hair, neck and hips lightly with small, delicate gestures. Look at him, look at yourself.

– Now, start to tease. Show a bit of leg, is there a slit in your skirt? Can you tease a bit of cleavage? Reveal little bits of what’s to come.

– The key to a great striptease is to feel calm, move slowly and to feel sensual. Remember to breathe and relax. If something unexpected happens, laugh at yourself or smile. You are always at your sexiest when you are enjoying yourself.

– Now that you have your dress or suit off, show him your luscious body in your lingerie. You can saunter around the chair, snap a garter, bend forward and show him your cleavage.

– Follow the seam of your stocking with your finger while bending over. Run your finger underneath your garter strap.

– Sit in your chair and face him, open your legs and close them again for a little tease.

How to striptease step by step

– Now take off your bra. Slowly slide one strap down one shoulder. Touch your cleavage lightly. Slip your fingers into your bra and then take them out again. Now the other strap.

– Turn around and unhook your bra, while glancing back over your shoulder. Remove the bra slowly. You can drop it on the floor, fling it across the room in a triumphant gesture, (away from the candles, please!) or toss it lightly to him.

– Do you want to get closer? Let him have a little whiff of your perfume, or graze his cheek lightly with your décolletage, a little tease of what you have revealed.

– Next come your knickers. Before you take them off, tease a bit by caressing yourself. Turn your back towards him, bend over just a touch, and slowly peel your knickers down just below your bum. Stop there. Look back at him, with a tiny little smile.

– Now take them all the way down, touching the chair lightly with one hand for stability. You’ve been practicing this, so it seems easy! Just as your knickers reach your ankles, sit down gracefully in the chair and untangle your knickers from your high heels. This is a moment where I might saunter on over to him and give those sexy panties to him.

– Does your striptease end here? It can. This is where I would shift from striptease to hot erotic encounter, while still in my high heels and stockings! To incite “round three”, I would probably slowly strip off my stockings and garters…it works every time.

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