Ted Cruz won’t let America be destroyed Without A fight. Will You?

Ted Cruz won’t let America be destroyed Without A fight. Will You?

Ted Cruz won’t let America be destroyed Without A fight. Will You?
Sen. Ted Cruz today Requests Consent to Hold Vote on House-Passed CR

Sign The Petition www.Dontfundobamacare.com
Call your representatives. We need to unite to stop this!!! Never Surrender!

Video below. Please comment with your thoughts on the situation.

Tweet Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid. Let them know that we know what they are up to and we aren’t going to take it.





  1. Ron Scubadiver says:

    I voted for Ted Cruz and I will do it again.

  2. Catherine LaValley says:

    Thank you for sharing Senator Cruz’s sincere remarks and facts. The video also captures the foolishness of the Senate Majority Leader. Senator Cruz continues to do an outstanding job showing that defunding ACA is super important. I emailed at least 15 Senators today and tried to make those 15 phone calls but I reached only busy signals or message boxes full. The Senate Democrats need to realize they have no realistic, sensible leader.

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment Catherine. Things keep getting bleaker but keep fighting the good fight. God bless you. Please feel free to stop by more often and express your opinion.

  3. I have been e-mailing my senators and others as well. I did attempt to e-mail Senator Cruz to let him know I stand with him and appreciate his efforts, he is a true statesman! His Senate web page sent an error, so it must be overwhelmed. I was redirected to the Senate homepage, but will try again later to show him my appreciation!

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