Ted Cruz -Raise Hell And Change The World

Ted Cruz -Raise Hell And Change The World

By Alexis Deacon – When I watched what Karl Rove,the blood sucking leech consultant, and Chris Wallace, from Fox News said about Ted Cruz over the last few days it sickened me. After the House voted to fund the government but to defund Obamacare, the battle moved to the Senate and all of a sudden Ted Cruz became a media target. The truth is continually obscured by the media which has become nothing more than an arm of the huge federal Leviathan. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul are true American patriots who are standing up to an elite group of men that compose our over blown federal government. They boldly took the reins away from cowards like Mitch McConnell in an attempt to defund Obamacare. When others said it can’t be done, they said “we are going to try anyway”. They are the David fighting Goliath. They are the Don Quixote dreaming what some establishment Republicans say is the impossible dream. That dream they fight for is liberty. The same flame for freedom every American generation has had to fight for and then pass the torch to their children. And that dream is far from over.

There is a larger than life battle going on for the heart and soul of the Republican party. It is the war over what role government will play in the lives of the American people. This is the same age old struggle Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan encountered when they faced off with establishment Republicans like Gerald Ford, Rockefeller and the never ending Bush dynasty. It is the debate between moderation and conservatism. It’s funny how history tends to repeat itself. Gerald Ford once said the following about Ronald Reagan “but several of his characteristics seemed to rule him out as a serious challenger. One was his penchant for offering simplistic solutions to hideously complex problems.” Wow, the language is eerily similar to what’s being said about Ted Cruz today. However, sometimes a little common sense is the best solution to what ails the nation and there is nothing heroic about those who hold fast to the stance of moderation.

There is something called the ripple effect. It means one person can throw a pebble in a body of water and it creates ever expanding ripples across the surface. It shows the impact one man can have. Would we have a revitalized Republican party in people like Cruz, Lee and Paul if they hadn’t grown up in the era of Reagan? Ronald Reagan threw the pebble but it didn’t die with him. The Reagan Revolution is gaining momentum with the grassroots across the nation. His message lives on more powerfully through the Tea Party movement today and eventually this movement will defeat the out of control uber spending monster our federal government has become. Through federalism from the bottom up, the Republic will eventually be restored.

Ted Cruz started a filibuster today with help from a few other patriots and he is being demonized and attacked from the media on both sides of the aisle. Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Rand Paul resist tyranny daily for the American people. This week we return the favor and stand with them. We need to unite to stop Obamacare! Sign the petition at http://www.dontfundobamacare.com Call your representative. Never Surrender! Some pundits on Fox news and some of our fellow Republican neighbors say this can’t be done. Even if that ends up being true, we have to try. We have to go down fighting. We have to join forces with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul as they try to savage our republic. We can’t destroy the country with Obamacare just so we can say “I told you so.” to the Democrats. If the Affordable Care Act is implemented, it will destroy the greatest health care system in the world and alter the lives of every American. Electing Republicans next time won’t change a thing. Look at McCain, Graham, Boehner, McConell, Cornyn and the others. They are worthless! You know Jeb Bush and Chris Christie would be the same as Obama. Other generations have paid for freedom with their blood. This is our battle. We can’t give up unless we say we did everything we could in our power to stop this. Liberty isn’t easy. Be prepared and inspired to go the distance. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Thomas Jefferson.



  1. This made me tear up. This site encourages me when I start to feel hopeless about America.

  2. George Meehan says:

    Excellent article. May God give Cruz strength through his mission.

  3. I get excited when Rand Paul or Ted Cruz filibuster. Alexis Deacon, I’m 22 years old and I wouldn’t even know about conservatism if it weren’t for you. I use to go to your liberty skate festivals when I was a kid 10-12 years ago. Thanks for all you do. Adian

  4. I say God bless Mike Lee and Ted Cruz for throwing the pebbles on this one. Mr. Lee, a citizen who had never held public office before, started this opposition to Obamacare. Mr. Lee and Mr. Cruz are statesmen, the likes of which this nation has not seen unfortunately, in so long. Men of decency and dignity and courage and purpose. A pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, they took and take seriously to heart.
    I watched last night Mr. Cruz and Mr. Lee on the floor of the Senate, until I fell asleep. I woke several times and watched again, proud and with tears in my eyes, wishing, wondering why there were not more – but must mention, Louie Gohmert, a representative of the great state of Texas. He was there the whole time, too.
    God bless all of them, and all of the patriots. Passing on (again) to all on my e-mail list http://www.dontfundobamacare.com
    Thanks again, Alexis. You Paulette Revere, you.
    God bless.

  5. Foxy Wizard says:

    Ted Cruz is my hero.

  6. Conservatives United says:

    We really need more voices and passion like yours! Hell I think it’s time you ran for office! #TeamAlexis

  7. I’m a true blue Reagan conservative and I enjoyed this article. I think people like Rush Limbaugh and other conservative leaders should promote small sites like this one and a few others. They keep talking about National Review and Fox News. Those news outlets use to be conservative but they aren’t now. I’m angry at how they cover Cruz and conservative issues. We need to promote the new media and take back the GOP.

    • Thanks for your comment Jay. In the same way newspapers became obsolete, you see cable news headed in the same directions. Breitbart’s vision of the Internet, new media and citizen reporters is the way of the future.

  8. Angelina L. says:

    Great write up!

  9. Annabelle says:

    Good job queen of liberty. We need politicians who will uphold the Constitution. I agree.

  10. kylegetson says:

    Raise Hell & Change the world!! Do they have bumper stickers for this yet?

    “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” -Thomas Jefferson

  11. The fact that the media has become a “big government” tool makes me angry. That means that no matter who is on office, they can always squash the little guy just by using a well worded press release.

  12. edpierceep says:

    It seems as if the media has become a pawn of government and the government is using that as a weapon of offense so that they can squash the little guy with only a press release.

  13. I have heard so many negative things about that filibuster, all thanks to the media of course. They said it was a waste of valuable time and resources, but I think if something is needed to turn our country around and make it great again, there is no amount of time that I wouldn’t take to make it happen.

  14. Ted Cruz certainly does have his work cut out for him. It seems like he is up against a very big wall and he needs the support of all of us.

    • The American people need to rally around Cruz. He is a threat to the progressives, therefore, the media will throw darts at him through his entire career. They will use Alinsky tactics to try to destroy him like they did with Bork, Palin and so many others.

  15. “One was his penchant for offering simplistic solutions to hideously complex problems.” Sometimes the best answer is going to be the easiest one. The government needs to understand that, it’s what the American people want, a simple and straightforward solution that works.

  16. Chip Odachaski says:

    Alexis, you are one of the bloggers the president is worried about.

  17. Char in ND says:

    I just watched Ted Cruz’s new video, “Yes We Can” on the Washington Examiner site. It is powerful and inspiring.
    I am fired up for the weekend! 🙂

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