Our Anti-American President

Our Anti-American President

Our Anti-American President-
Obama meets with and cherishes America’s enemies while he constantly condemns the GOP, the American people and the American way of life.

Video below from Fox News. Please comment.


  1. Mr. Obama is a disgrace. His ugly nature surfaces when he is challenged and his policies publically opposed. It is his arrogance, sarcasm and insults that come through in these moments that allow us to see his true character. He does view us as his subjects, and his disdain for us is evident. For me, it gives me a boost to keep up the fight against his policies.

  2. Rick Dickson says:

    We knew he was a snake when they picked him up . That the Republicans are no longer invited to his table is the most encouraging thing I’ve heard about the G O P in four years .

  3. Foxy Wizard says:

    The establishment GOP are like a pack of curs sitting outside the screen door, waiting for Master Obama to throw a few crumbs out the door. When the screen door opens, they fawn and grovel, hoping he will pet them, like Boehner did when Obama agreed to meet with Congress about bombing Syria. They are disgraceful, and I despise them. Senators Cruz, Paul and Lee, and Louie Gohmert and others in the House side deserve our support. We need to clean house.

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