The Delusions of Ana Marie Cox

The Delusions of Ana Marie Cox

The Delusions of Ana Marie Cox
A history major who doesn’t grasp history

Ana Marie Cox is the founding editor of the leftist blog Wonkette and a former employee of the embarrassing Air American Media. According to Ben Shapiro, editor of Breitbart, she talks more like a sailor than a lady. She wrote a review of Mark Levin’s new book, The Liberty Amendments, for The Guardian which was filled with third grade playground level insults.

Cox is usually a half way decent writer, despite her ideology. Therefore, perhaps this incoherent ridiculous article stemmed from her jealousy that Mark Levin has had numerous best selling books. She stepped into the trap of admitting she wrote this review without even reading the book when she stated there were ten proposed amendments when there are actually eleven outlined in The Liberty Amendments. Read the rest of her article with this in mind knowing every word she spews comes from her imagination only. She criticizes Levin for the insanity of his project but the real insanity is that there are seemingly educated people like Ms. Cox who are delusional about the crisis our nation faces. This isn’t about the Republicans versus the Democrats. Both sides have grown our federal government and both sides have increased our debt and our deficit. If America doesn’t wake up soon, the whole country will look like Detroit. We can’t stay on this course. We must find solutions and Levin’s book is a best seller because he is a constitutional expert and the first person to really research what the founders would do and lay out an idea for the people of this nation to discuss and debate. Does Ms. Cox offer a solution? No. Levin never said using Article V would be quick or easy. He actually says the opposite that it will be long and arduous but we must never surrender if we want to save our nation. He compares what we must do to the hardship that George Washington went through and to what Levin’s own relatives who fought at Iwo Jima, Guam and Guadalcanal endured. Surely if past generations had shed blood for freedom, then we can withstand whatever it takes to fight in the battlefield of ideas, hearts and minds. This is our generations battle and liberty is never easy.

In Cox’s column she argues the case that if 11,000 proposed amendments in the past were not passed then there is very little chance that any new amendments could be ratified. She doesn’t take into account the reason why the country had to start looking for new amendments in the first place because she is completely oblivious to the fact that our system is broken in numerous ways.

Levin channels his silken outrage into a generous read of the constitution’s article V, which he describes as a mechanism for “restoring self-government and averting societal catastrophe (or, in the case of societal collapse, resurrecting the civil society)”. The parenthetical aside is telling: he means to impress upon readers – ahem, again – “the fierce urgency of now”. With the alarm bells ringing so loudly, we hardly notice the improbability of actually using article V, which theoretically allows state legislatures to directly propose constitutional amendments – amendments that would not be filtered through Congress. (Congress is part of the problem, of course: it “operates not as the framers intended, but in the shadows.”)

State legislatures, as Levin fully knows, have become increasingly conservative over recent years – due to the older, whiter, smaller electorate that turns out in off-year contests. If any layer of our government is likely to approve of the amendments Levin puts forward, it’s them. Indeed, as he points out, many states already have adopted, for instance, terms limits and balanced budget provisions in their constitutions.

I think this lady Cox needs to lay down on a psychiatrist’s couch because the only person channeling silken outrage is herself. Thank God some people like Levin break free from the Beltway Bubble and sound the alarm bells like modern day Paul Reveres because unbeknownst to urban elites, the rest of America is suffering and with ObamaCare and Amnesty on the horizon things are about to get much worse. And has she looked in the mirror lately? She is as pale and pasty as it gets. I would even go as far as to say she is translucent. What is with all these super progressive ultra white Caucasian people bashing their own skin color as if it is something to be ashamed of? Red headed freckled kids usually are the ones who get bullied the most in school. Maybe she was called a ginger one too many times near the lockers and it’s what’s causing her to fling all this hate onto conservatives. I’ll leave it to her shrink to diagnose her disorders.

Levin’s complaints and his ideas about how to solve them have the perfect structure of a luminous Mobius strip: if you believe his indictments, then you’ll believe his solutions. But once you leave his twilit logic, the structure crumbles. Phyllis Schlafly, who plays on the same ideological team as Levin, wrote a response to his article V plan that could be summed up as “LOL”: Levin and his supporters are “fooling themselves” if they believe an article V convention can achieve their goals. They can “hope and predict, but they cannot assure us that any of their plans will come true …The whole process is a prescription for political chaos, controversy and confrontation.”

Cox had to dig pretty hard beneath the dozens and dozens of positive reviews most top notch conservatives have given to The Liberty Amendments to find Phyllis Schlafly, the one respectable conservative who disagreed. Even though Schlafly is very admired for what she has accomplished, like Cox she did not read Levin’s book and she hasn’t studied the issue as well as some of her peers.

Even constitutional lawyer, Michael Farris, who is both a colleague and a friend of Phyllis Schlafly disagreed with her and sided with Mark Levin on this issue. Farris states ” I fear Washington, D.C., far more than I fear the Founders, the states and Article V.” I could not agree with him more. Michael Farris is leading the effort to make this idea a reality with The Convention of States Project.

Rob Natelson is a retired Professor of Law (The University of Montana) who taught constitutional law and constitutional history, and currently serves as Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence at the Independence Institute. Natelson gave The Liberty Amendments a glowing endorsement and rebutted the points Ms. Schlafly tried to make. According to his bio, Natelson is a widely-published scholar on the Constitution and on the amendment procedure, and several Supreme Court opinions have relied on his work.

Levin may be able to muster Federalist Paper-footnoted arguments for term limits for supreme court justices, a national voter ID law, and the strengthening of states’ ability to override federal law and supreme court decisions, but the real-world impact of such amendments would be to turn America back toward the Federalist era in terms of civil rights as well.

Turn America back in terms of civil rights? Hasn’t it almost become a cliche how every time a progressive is losing an argument they cry racism in one form or another? We conservatives are the civil rights movement, Ms. Cox. We want to restore religious liberties, the Second Amendment and the entire Bill Of Rights that your side seeks to destroy. It’s the progressives who use Saul Alinsky tactics and The Cloward–Piven method which reduce civil rights and liberty as they expand big government.

But it does not come fried, only half-baked. The passages from the founders are not invigorating (or tasty), but dry coughs of rationalization. Yet, it is their frequency that makes Levin’s book curiously impressive: it debuted at the top of the New York Times bestseller list. And it is as boring as a phone book – or a recitation of the Affordable Care Act.

Sorry Ms.Cox, but Mark Levin doesn’t have ten million listener on the radio, numerous best selling books and lines of thousands of people wrapping around city blocks waiting to see him at book signings because he is boring. Now it is you who is being delusional and perhaps you should look in that mirror again. As the President of Landmark Legal Foundation, Mark Levin has litigated against statist’s policies in the Supreme Court. As an author and as the host of one of the highest rated talk radio shows Mark Levin single handedly started a Constitutional resurgence through this nation. His books and his radio show are compelling. He has found a way to make American history fascinating and show how we can apply ideas from the past to solve problems we are facing today. Levin articulates both the worry and the hope that the people of this nation feel. He gives a loud voice and a microphone to the tens of millions of Americans who are voiceless thanks to the media and the politicians in Washington D.C who are ignoring their concerns.

I must say I do enjoy watching these leftists like Cox wring their hands and get their panties in a knot over the thought of a conservative comeback. Cox and her progressive buddies only have two choices, join us conservatives or get out of our way. Like it or not they will not be able to stop the uprising of conservatives that are coming to restore the republic.

It is a blessing to the Americans alive today that George Mason was persistent in his assertion that the states be given the power to propose amendments without Congress just in case the federal government began abusing power. Now we can begin putting power where it rightfully belongs in the hands of the American people.

Alexis Deacon

Below Ms. Cox pals around and hugs her buddy Karl Rove.

cox rove

Ana Marie Cox’s column on The Liberty Amendments


  1. Foxy Wizard says:

    I’m sure her solution is to elect more Republicans. Yet it is the Republicans who disgust me the most. With very few exceptions, they have turned their backs on the American people, who voted them in for saying “If elected, I will do everything in my power to stop Obamacare.”

    They are truly traitors.

    I am 58 years old, and I pledge, for my remaining years, to do everything possible to upend this tyranny called the two party system, and to put the RINOs and “Porkgressives” back where they belong- living in their parent’s basements. (sorry, parents, but you raised them)

  2. Queen Of Liberty, this is genius. You put wonkette in her place. Ana Marie Cox walked into the hornet’s nest. I can’t wait to hear Mark Levin rip her to shreds on his next show. She is about to go in the octagon.

  3. Oh my God! You found a photo of her with Rove? LOL! Cox is the dumbest clown around. Thanks for setting her straight. Good post. The Liberty Amendments is a good read. I am half way through it.

  4. Interesting read Queen Of Liberty. I was disappointed Mark Levin didn’t address this on his show last night as he said he was going to.

  5. No, Levin will not give her hell but will take her to the woodshed with his superior intelligence, wit, common sense and, most importantly, with right on his side. Levin chews up and spits out little twits such as she with the casual ease of a intellectual Goliath.

  6. Matt Davidson says:

    First time encountering this blog. Great post! Gonna add this to my frequently visited list 🙂

  7. Great summary / answers for the half wit attempts to discredit a great work of the “Great Mark Levin”.

  8. I am disturbed by how many lefties and their pals use ‘white’ as a pejorative descriptor when they too fit that description. I feel no original sin guilt from being born as a non black or latino American. Nor will I feel that I should, ever. I judge people’s politics based on their love of liberty, not their hue.

  9. If I may quote a very learned author……”GET OUT OF HERE YOU BIG DUMMY!”

  10. Mark Levin put together a plan that stems from the constitution itself. This plan required critical thinking on Mark Levin’s part and will require constructive action on the part of all citizens of the U.S.A,, regardless of color, creed or sexual orientation (If I left anyone out, sorry).
    I am offended by Ms.Ana Marie Cox racist remakes toward people of no color, enough with the race baiting. I would love to hear Ms.Ana Marie Cox plan.
    Mark Levin’s plan is not left, right or anything in between, it is just all American.

  11. Bill Emerson says:

    Hey Alexis. Wear even MORE makeup.

  12. I’m sure if she ever calls Levin you will here the tic-tock of the 20-second liberal clock, and finally, “GET OFF THE PHONE YOU BIG DOPE!”.

  13. Alexis, or whatever stage name you are today, I have known you for decades and all of your success is due to you winning the genetic lottery. You have 7 foot long legs, big boobs, a flat tummy, a tiny waist, long thick hair, snow white teeth and gorgeous eyes and I’m going to vomit if I hear one more of your adoring fans say you look like Elizabeth Taylor or Adriana Lima as they kiss your ass. The only reason you are a rich successful business woman is because God gave you the gift of good looks and because you are 40 but look 25. You can’t conceive what it is like for average people. As long as I have known you I watched you break a million men’s hearts and for once I get to enjoy you being crushed and brokenhearted and I’m enjoying it because it could not happen to a bigger bitch. I hope you are crushed. You lose.

  14. This woman really needs to see Vanna White to buy a CLUE. aTypical liberal she leads with her heart, but her head never follows…

  15. Excellent column Alexis. Keep up the good work.

  16. Ana Marie Cox is an idiot like all the lefties. I love you Alexis! You are the best.

  17. Randy Paulson says:

    Alexis Deacon and Mark Levin are always on point. Spot on.

  18. I really like the part that says either join us or get out of our way!!!

  19. Shaun O'Donell says:

    Informative article

  20. Marine Wife says:

    I am so glad I found this site…. I love it, I love it!

  21. LMFAO, of course Cox is friends with Karl Rove. Good find Alexis. Great column!

  22. kylegetson says:

    Its sad what people will do when they have access to a large audience.

    “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do.” – Benjamin Franklin

  23. edpierceep says:

    “If America doesn’t wake up soon, the whole country will look like Detroit.”
    Hey, I live near Detroit and I find that offensive! Just kidding, it really is that bad and so is neighboring Flint.
    Cox is just like the rest of her brethren, they have many complaints and can easily point out downsides, but they will never have a solution.

  24. Where did she come from? I realize that we have all fought for our freedom of speech, but I think it should be revoked from some people, Ann Marie Cox in particular.

  25. What I don’t get is who are the people reading this woman’s review of a book that she admittedly hasn’t even attempted to read? Just the idea behind that is ridiculous!

  26. When I first saw the picture of Ann Cox, I was taken aback. She looks positively mean and seems like a terrible person. My fears were correct as i decided to more research and look for more information online about her. She really is a terrible person!

  27. Apparently Miss Deacon you suffer from the same malady which you accuse Ms. Cox of, misinformation and fictional writing. “If America doesn’t wake up soon, the whole country will look like Detroit.” Have you been to Detroit Ms. Cox? Do you live there? Have you seen the entirety of the Detroit area? It seems not since you revert to a third grade level writer to take a shot at an entire metropolitan community, a community which Ms. Cox put this nation on wheels and which was the “Arsenal of Democracy” during WWII. It is generally agreed that no American city contributed more to the Allied powers during WWII than Detroit. In fact, prior to the United States’ entrance into World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt challenged the nation to become the world’s “arsenal of democracy,” to arm itself and so protect other democratic nations against the onslaught of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. One city in particular picked up that thrown gauntlet: Detroit. Detroiters worked round the clock in defense plants to produce 30 percent of U.S. war machinery, equipment, and munitions. Our area is still home to the greatest concentration of engineering knowledge on the planet, some of the best hospitals in the nation and the world, world class educational institutions and a multitude of musical, art, theatrical and movie talents. Keep your condescension for yourself and limit your rancor for your native Maryland. Try writing about something you might actually know about.


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