Christian Bakery That Refused Wedding Cake for Lesbian Couple Closes After Death Threats

Christian Bakery That Refused Wedding Cake for Lesbian Couple Closes After Death Threats

via Daily Mail

Christian bakers who refused to make wedding cake for lesbian couple forced to close after death threats

  • ‘Sweet Cakes by Melissa’ refused to a make wedding cake for lesbian couple
  • Owners Melissa and Aaron Klein said serving same-sex couple Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer would have violated their religious beliefs
  • Authorities investigating if the bakery discriminated against the women
  • Bakery owners received death threats and hate mail since January incident 
  • Last weekend was their last operating from their Oregon shop

A Christian bakery that refused to make a lesbian couple a tiered wedding cake because it would violate their ‘religious beliefs’ has shut down after months of hate-mail and plummeting revenues.

Melissa and Aaron Klein have been driven out of their shop in Gresham, Oregon – and are taking operations back into their home – after they say they received death- and also rape-threats and saw client numbers fall following their decision not to serve a lesbian couple.

Media reports say they have been hounded by hate mail since January when Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman were refused service and subsequently made a discrimination complaint to authorities about the bakery.

On Friday the bakers posted on their Facebook page: ‘This will be our last weekend at the shop we are moving our business to an in home bakery.’According to The Blaze, which saw some of the hate mail received by the bakers, one read: ‘You stupid bible-thumping, hypocritical b**ch.  I hope your kids get really, really, sick and you go out of business,’ and another said: ‘Here’s hoping you go out of business, you bigot. Enjoy hell. Continued at Daily Mail

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  1. Once again, a perfect illustration of how intolerant the left is.

  2. Good riddance. Those people are just as bad and those before them who wouldn’t serve blacks at whites-only areas. Its disgusting that business owners would inject their person opinions into a service like this. “Oh we won’t make you a wedding cake because we believe your husband is ugly and you can do better, it’s just one of those fun beliefs we have that we like to impose on our clients, have a great day!”

    • Thanks for being the TRUE Intolerant jerk. You, Rachel, and Laurel can go screw each other.

      • Ed Kettwig says:

        Rachel and Laurel didn’t get a cake, Now no one gets any cake. A very young couple who worked hard to bring sweet and beautiful cakes to a community have lost a livelihood and basic constitutional rights.

        Instead, a stressed out wedding couple now covers their beautiful day with a forever dark Vail that will always hang over them.

        Lucky they didn’t go to Safeway, I need that store more.

        I need to find away to send money to help support those hard working young folks that lost a great business.

        The silent majority won’t stay that way much longer. Enough is a enough. This experiment is about done.

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