What Women Want -GOP Gals Talk about Cantor’s Big Loss

What Women Want -GOP Gals Talk about Cantor’s Big Loss

Doktor Zoom and Wonkette are clueless again. What Mark Levin and Sean Hannity were laughing at by using the word “genitalia” is called sarcasm. You see Levin and Hannity realize women are sick of the Left treating us like all women care about is free birth control and killing thier babies. So, big thanks to the conservative men who actually treat us like we have a brain. Unbeknownst to Doktor Zoom, women care about restoring our Constitution and women know amnesty is bad news for America. Sick of idiot women like Cox who put out trash like Wonkette? Ready to hear from three more intelligent women? Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham talk to Megyn Kelly about Cantor’s big loss. The policies of the Left and the GOP establishment are the real “war on women”. -Alexis
Press the arrow to play the video. Video from Fox News.



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  1. Why is “thier” coveted “choice” used only after carnal knowledge and not before?

  2. I hope women are finally waking up to the rhetoric of the Libturd Left. They treat women like dirt and then expect to get the vote of the female populace.

  3. Wow, A lot of generalizations and assumptions about large groups of women. Perhaps “What Women Want” should be “What I as a Woman want” You truly do not speak for the majority of women.

    • Wrong. Conservatives are still a majority in the United States despite how much the liberal media and academia try to brainwash the masses. Only the idiots fall for the hype.

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