Baltimore Native, Bucky Lasek Stars in OC Dew Tour

Baltimore Native, Bucky Lasek Stars in OC Dew Tour

Bucky won 1st Place in the Vert Dew Cup & Second Place in the Bowl Competition

By Shawn Nisson Via Delmarva Now -OCEAN CITY — The final event of the Dew Tour Beach championships was building towards a dramatic climax, as Baltimore native Bucky Lasek had a shot to unseat two-time defending skateboard bowl champion Pedro Barros with a huge final run. But the home-town favorite Lasek ultimately had to settle for second as he over shot the landing on the first trick he attempted, sliding to a stop on his knees in the deep end of the bowl and giving the title to Barros once more.

“It was fun, didn’t quite get there but still was a good battle,” Lasek said. “I think I had something for Pedro if I would have stayed on my last run, would have made it a little bit more interesting. But it was Pedro’s day, he ripped, he went big, he skated good. It was fun to watch.”

Barros was the top qualifier coming into the super final and both of his first two runs were filled with highlights. Barros was able to generate more height and speed than all of the other competitors in the bowl finals pulling off eye popping 540’s. Barros two best runs gave him an average score of 89.62, topping Lasek’s tally of 87.62 and third place finisher Kalani David’s score of 84.12/

“I tried to skate my best, my fastest and try to mix it up with some big air and long lip tricks,” Barros said. “That’s the way I like to skate and I think that helped a lot.”

Barros is hoping this win will help bring some attention to his home country of Brazil. The 18 year-old was wearing a t-shirt with the tagline of “ChangeBrazil” running across his back in support of the protests that are currently going on in the country.

“There’s a lot of corruption in Brazil going on. Brazil is one of the richest countries in the world but the people there, there are a lot of them that are the poorest and it’s not fair,” Barros said. “There’s not really good health care, education, or transportation for everyone. Everyone kind of woke up now and went to the streets protesting about it and try to make it a better place. It’s not an easy thing or a thing that’s going to happen in one week or two weeks, but I think if everyone supports and gives there help, something over there will change.”

While the top of the leader board didn’t change with the final run of Lasek he was still happy with how his weekend played out, capturing first place in the vert competition and second in the skate bowl.

“I’m pretty stoked” about the weekend, Lasek said. “Didn’t really get to do what I wanted to do in the bowl, but then again it came down to not really having the kind of practice time I needed between the two disciplines. Very different style of skating between both of them and with the heat and everything it was tough to do but it was fun.”

Lasek enjoyed being back in Ocean City so much that he said that he’s looking forward to coming back to the beach again next summer.

“Oh yeah, I will definitely be back next year.”

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