Beck’s Take On Rubio’s Betrayal (funny)

Beck’s Take On Rubio’s Betrayal (funny)

We need more politicians who won’t abandon their principles the second they get to Washington. I had such high hope for Marco Rubio. I feel let down and disappointed with him over this amnesty bill. Many other conservatives I know are furious with him for siding with our progressive enemies. Glenn Beck compared Rubio’s betrayal on amnesty to a man saying “I agree with my wife on every other issue except that I should be faithful to her.” Another analogy Beck used recently was: If you go to the dance with someone, i.e. the Tea Party Conservatives, you should stay with that person and not go off and dance with some other guy like Chuck Schumer. Govenor Sarah Palin said voters won’t forget Sens. Rubio’s, Ayotte’s immigration betrayal. This clip from Glenn Beck’s radio show says what many of us feel. We might as well laugh a little about it or we would be crying every day. Take a listen. – Alexis

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