Rehoboth Beach Defiance of Tyranny

Rehoboth Beach Defiance of Tyranny

Freedom Rally -July 4th- I’ll be there! Happy to see Rehoboth Beach make The Blaze! Separation of Church and State isn’t in the Constitution. The phrase was meant to protect the church from the state not to protect government from religion. If you live on the Eastern Shore come join us, stand in defiance of tyranny; what better way to celebrate Independence Day!- Alexis

By Dave Urbanski Via The Blaze – A church pastor was looking to have eight weeks of early morning Sunday morning services this summer on Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

But after Robert Dekker of New Covenant Presbyterian Church in nearby Lewes, Del., wrote the Rehoboth Beach city manager for a permit to perform the services, this is reportedly the written reply he received:

“I am so sorry to inform you that I cannot grant your request to have church services on the public beach in Rehoboth. I cannot mix Church and State. I trust you understand. Wishing you the very best.”

But that’s not the end of the story.

Dekker tells radio station WXDE-FM that he will be preaching a sermon on July 4 on that very beach that he’s titling “Line in the Sand.”

The photo (above) shows the flyer announcing the service “in defiance of tyranny”

Delaware Talk 105.9 -WXDE – For blog and audio interview – click here

The Blaze

Interview on National Radio


  1. There was a huge turnout. Thank you to everybody who showed up.

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