Ted Cruz , One Of Our Favorites – Full Keynote Speech -CPAC2013

Ted Cruz , One Of Our Favorites – Full Keynote Speech -CPAC2013

Ted Cruz Full Keynote Speech

Ted Cruz has done more in the last 8 weeks than most politicians do in a lifetime. Thank you Ted Cruz for shaking things up in Washington!

This guy is going to go down in history as one of the coolest polticians ever! Mark my word. ;^D



Most of the other great CPAC speeches from 2013 can be found on this site. Enjoy!


  1. Char in ND says:

    Thank you for posting this! Ted Cruz is a bright light during these days in which our nation is so much in need of illumination. He is brilliant and an inspiration, quite a contrast to the many feckless ‘representatives’ we have in DC. I have to say, Cruz is one of the only politicians who truly gives me hope.

    • Hi Char! How are you? Ted Cruz is my favorite senator. He reminds me of the movie Mr. Smith goes to Washington. He came with a mission to restore the Constitution and give government back to the people and he doesn’t care about kissing up and making friends with the cocktail club inside the beltway. I love his fighting spirit.

  2. 🙂

  3. Really good speech, thank you for posting the video. It took me a couple of hours to get through it because of my schedule, but it was well worth it.

  4. Ted Cruze is one of the few politicians that I feel I can put my faith in and something positive will happen.

  5. He comes out like a rock star and engages the audience right away. Ted Cruz really knows how to give a speech!

  6. I really hope the day never comes when “big government” is able to sway Ted to the dark side. He brings us inspiration every day.

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