Talking To Mark Levin About Reagan And Faith

Talking To Mark Levin About Reagan And Faith

Little old Me talking to my friend, The Great One, Mark Levin, from The Mark Levin radio show about Ronald Reagan and faith. 🙂

Mark Levin is the oxygen and heartbeat of America’s wounded liberty.


  1. evanderer4 says:

    I’m in a Christian Punk band.We are all conservatives.How can I get a demo to Alexis Deacon?We’d like to be a part of one of the skate festivals or other events.

  2. Great job, Alexis! I hope that was today, as I haven’t listened yet. The Great One is my favorite radio show also. I listen nightly on his app!! Of course, I do fall asleep sometimes, just don’t tell him! Haha. Great point though!

    • Hi Lewis,
      No, it was actually a few weeks ago but I have been really busy. Tonight’s episode was a classic though. You will love it. Good to see you!

      • Thanks Alexis! It was a good one! Hate I missed you. I usually save Levin till I’m done with my day…ya know, full attention, and all… Lol. Guess I doze off a little! Hope you’re doing well!!

  3. John Estavas says:

    I love you both

  4. The King and Queen of Liberty together again.

  5. Jeremy Haming says:

    Alexis,I never really understood conservatism until I heard you speak and explain it. I credit you for being the reason why I am a conservative and a patriot.Thank you.I’m glad you got to speak to Mark Levin.I know you look up to him. Jeremy Haming

  6. Frank Brock says:

    The Mark Levin Show is great. Alexis, I went to one of your fundraiser’s for wounded military members several years ago. Thank you for the work you do on the East Coast. Good luck with your new venture. I heard about it on WGMD.

  7. His is one of the few shows that I look forward to. I have a very busy schedule but I will always make time to listen to him speak and to hear you both was a treat!

  8. To finally put a voice to the words which I am addicted to! Alexis, you are truly incredible.

  9. I really like how you quoted Reagan in your question. It shows how knowledgeable you are and I, we all, can appreciate that.

  10. Very cool! I love listening to Mark Levin, so this is just awesome.

  11. Lindsay says:

    I just wanted to say that I’m a part of the movement. Nothing is above the Constitution (except God), and the president needs to respect that!

  12. Alexis, why don’t you do a radio show?! Your voice is really great and I know people would love to listen.

  13. Brett Gunner says:

    Alexis Deacon is beautiful and brilliant. She looks twenty years younger of her actual age. Mark Levin is a great teacher. I listen to him on radio and watch him on television. He did a good job on Hannity last night. Grateful for these links.

  14. Where can I find Mark Levin’s radio show? Is it online anywhere? It sounds very interesting!

  15. You chose one of my favorite quotes by Reagan. You, Mark, and Reagan were all spot on. Thank you for what you do!


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    Talking To Mark Levin About Reagan And Faith – Queen Of Liberty™

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