Sarah Palin – CPAC 2013 – Full Speech- Ted Cruz intro

Sarah Palin – CPAC 2013 – Full Speech- Ted Cruz intro

Our Girl, Sarah Palin – CPAC 2013 – Full Speech- Ted Cruz intro




Talk show host and best selling author, Mark Levin, said Sarah’s speech was “outstanding” – Most people agree.

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  1. Char in ND says:

    To listen to Sarah Palin, her passion and willingness to stand up and speak out for what truly needs to be said especially to the moderates, the RINOs, is uplifting and reignites my patriotic self! At times I feel despair at the lack of leadership, the doublespeak, the caving, the compromising, in DC that we get from so many in the republican party. Sarah, you knocked it out of the park!

    • Her speech in Iowa before the last presidential primaries was so magnificent. I really thought she was going to run for President. I was so disappointed and heart broken that she didn’t. I’d love to know what really happened behind the scenes. I wonder if somebody like Karl Rove got to her. I think there is a story there. I digress though, lol…… Her CPAC address was amazing. She really rallies conservatives and she is quite the King maker. Thank God for her!

  2. Why more people don’t listen to Sarah is beyond me. Instead, they all listen to that Clinton disaster in waiting drone on and on. I will undoubtedly be listening to both women for two very good reasons. Sarah, so I can be optimistic about our future and Hillary, so I can be aware of what’s lurking around the corners.

  3. I think Sarah would be more beneficial to the party outside of the presidential race. She can really rally supporters where others fall short.

  4. I think I read somewhere that Ann Coulter said Sarah was not a good speaker. Can we forward this post to Ann right now? 🙂

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