CNN Stages Fake News To Promote Islam

CNN Stages Fake News To Promote Islam

CNN Caught Staging Fake News to Show Muslim Support After London Attacks.
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  1. Char in ND says:

    That network has been nothing but leftist propaganda for decades. When I lived in the Twin Cities and worked as a bartender, the owner of the restaurant refused to let what he called back then the “Clinton News Network” to ever be on the television in his place. He was right then and CNN has progressively become even more disgusting, biased and misleading.

    Sadly, I don’t watch FOX at all anymore, either. I listen to Mark Levin, Buck Sexton sometimes and your buddy, Michael Savage. 🙂

    • “Clinton News Network” LOL! I love it. Good one! You worked as a bartender in Minneapolis? You sound like you have had such an interesting life! TV in general, but especially news has gone downhill. I like your talk radio picks. I like to listen to many of the smaller unknown people too. There are so many good conservative podcasts on the Internet. Thanks for stopping by Char! 🙂

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