WHOA! Hot Debate Between Sean Hannity And Ted Cruz!!!

WHOA! Hot Debate Between Sean Hannity And Ted Cruz!!!

Spoiler Alert: Cruz Wins! 😉

Press the arrow to play. Great interview! Take a listen! #WAR

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  1. Thank you Queen for posting this. I had heard about this exchange and wanted to hear it but have been busy and didn’t see a link to it. It was great to hear Ted Cruz talk about real issues and resist getting dragged into the mud by Sean. The ridiculous and constant whining by the “guy who never loses” is incredible.

    You have great and insightful thoughts and I appreciate what you do.

    • Thanks David. I was a little shocked by this. Sean is usually pretty easy going. I never heard him get mad like that before, not even with rinos or liberals. There have been so many disappointments in this crazy election. Cruz continues to inspire and the fight must go on. God bless you!

      P.S. Check out Cruz’s speech from last night. I posted it. Very Reaganesque.

  2. Sean’s bias towards Trump is so obvious. I can’t stand to watch him anymore. His true character is revealing.

  3. Char in ND says:

    Sean Hannity would never talk to Donald Trump the way he spoke to Ted Cruz in this segment. Hannity later in the interview says, “I don’t understand why you are getting so angry.” What? Who lost their cool? Talk about projection! To me it is obvious Hannity is not objective and that’s his prerogative but please do stop insulting our intelligence by pretending you are not in the Trump Camp.

    Hannity has definitely ‘evolved’ over the course of this campaign season. He has evolved before, remember back in 2012 when he voiced support for a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens? He’s not a conservative in my opinion. Which again, is his business. What bothers me is the degree to which he has gone to try to convince everyone that he is.

    Go TED 2016! 🙂

    • I haven’t watched Fox must lately. I’m so busy and I really prefer radio & the Internet to TV. I don’t know who to trust anymore. This has been one crazy election.

  4. Richard Cheese says:

    Sean Hannity is a pussy! Good for Ted Cruz for standing up to his “whining.”
    Hannity pretends to be fair and balanced. Calling bullshit on him. He is totally in the Trump camp.
    Would love to kick SH’s ass.

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