Cruz Wins Fair And Square – A Young Colorado Delegate Speaks Out

Cruz Wins Fair And Square – A Young Colorado Delegate Speaks Out

“The caucus process in Colorado – the process that elected me as a National Delegate – is one of the most grassroots in the nation. I was elected as the youngest woman national delegate from Colorado. Our system empowers the average citizen and political outsiders. I’m a conservative, pro-life Christian attorney and journalist who is also a Ted Cruz supporter. When I go to Cleveland, I’ll take you with me and give you an inside view of the process.”- A young delegate in Colorado

Press the arrow to play her video.

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  1. Char in ND says:

    Alexis, thank you for posting this. She is terrific! Those citizens who voted for Kristi Burton Brown to be their national delegate made an excellent choice. She is very positive, poised, informed and well spoken.

    Listening to the many callers from Colorado last night on the Mark Levin Show was a wonderful affirmation the process went as it should in that wonderful state.

    Thanks again for posting this, I will share it. Are you two friends on Twitter? Birds of a feather – you are both passionate patriots!

  2. She deliberately Went against majority to push her own wants! Cruz a man that has been caught in lie after lie, married to his own cousin, and hates gays is a GODLY MAN??

    • You sound dangerous. I hope you never escape from the mental ward.

    • Whoooah!! Wtf have you been smoking?? Whatever it is, even in Colorado it should be outlawed if it makes you that stupid!! Married to his cousin? Hates gays?? Get off the whacky weed and get some help!

    • Lie after lie?? You mean like Drumpf, Killary and the old Bern?? Get some mental help, you desperately need it!

    • Cal S. says:

      Oh, as opposed to Florida where Trump received less than 50% of the vote, but got 100% of the delegates? Or South Carolina where he received less than 40% and still got 100% of the delegates? Yeah, Trump sounds like the man of the majority.

  3. God bless you for your endorsing @SenTedCruz and encouraging words. Your video was shared with Twitter and I RETWEETed it to Fox and Ted Cruz. Loved listening you show you have heart. Good luck and we are praying for you.

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