Letter To The Editor From Colorado

Letter To The Editor From Colorado

Thanks for the nice letter Derek! Much love to you! If we are ever in Colorado, we will look you up. – Alexis & friends

Dear Editor,
Happy Anniversary Queen of Liberty!
I just found your website at Mark Levin’s links. You are Amazing! You are doing Everything Right IMO. Except, perhaps, the lack of visiting Colorado to see God’s wonders, and me!! Spend time here, become friends, and maybe even invest in a fellow conservative warrior. I am an Andrew Breitbart, Reagan, Tea Party, Music, Americana, Photography animal of the West. Contact me, teach me, pray with me, or just hang out. You are always welcome here. Cruz to Victory!
Thanks for all you do. Take care, Derek

Derek K.F.
Fort Collins, Colorado

Derek also sent us a nice video of Andrew Breitbart

If you would like to send us a letter, vent your political thoughts or just say hi, click on the link below:

Dear Editor


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