Alexis Deacon’s January Audio Blog

Alexis Deacon’s January Audio Blog

From the super doper uber nerd! Alexis Deacon’s latest audio blog.





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  1. iamyournot says:

    Happy belated Anniversary!

  2. A.D.!! You are such an amazing woman! Glad to be able to hear you! If I could go point by point I’d love to converse these issues with you. But boring would I be? I agree with you so much! I’m still baffled by Palin’s, my words, mistake. Bleeding from her where did you say? Haha!

    Ted Cruz deserves much better than he gets from all angles, thanks to The Great One for setting the record straight! Bristol Palin hammered him, but walked it back very fast, as soon as she saw what he said about her mother…

    I still believe since I made my Twitter handle @Cruzin_to_16, I should get some credit for him running! Lol! We did not get to vote for Reagan, but we dang well better get to vote Cruz for President. Trump will be an absolute disaster. Let’s see..Cruz is great…Cruz is a maniac..Cruz is a great guy..Cruz is a nasty guy… Why doesn’t everyone see this personality flaw!! Can’t get away from them! Even Rush has been like Foxnews lately, all Trump all the time…Ugh!!

    I’m sorry.. You sound great!!

    • Wow, what a great comment Lew! I think you might have inspired Cruz to run when you made your twitter name Cruzin’ to 16! LOL! I like that slogan though. Maybe one day we can discuss politics and UFC face to face. Thanks so much for listening and for the feedback. I appreciate it buddy! Did you watch the debate last night? I love to “debate tweet.” It’s so much fun! Twitter is the best during debates.

  3. Well, yes ma’am, I certainly did watch last night! I didn’t miss the ‘funny’ faces at all either!! I kinda felt bad for Ted when Chris Wallace decided to punch him…not good for a mod. “Debate Twitter” is a load of fun, I agree! I just didn’t do much last night :(. I’ll be “tweetering” for Cruz, and praying for him to do well! I’m feeling like these are desperate times for the future of our country. And we need a principled, constitutional, honest conservative to save our great country from losing all constitutional, capitalistic and Christian foundation.

    I would like nothing better than to share one or two of my most passionate and fun times face to face with you one of these days, politics and/or UFC!! I would love to attend the Feb. 18, I think, Conservative Review meet-up as well! But for now I enjoy your commentary, our friendship and now listening to your thoughts right here!

    • I know it’s great to find other conservatives on the Internet. Do you ever go to CPAC? I run into many people I only know from the Internet when I go to CPAC every year. It’s fun. It’s become a reunion. You should go one year. 🙂

      • I would absolutely love to go to CPAC and the CR Convention.. Just hasn’t been feasable in the past to make the trip, but I’m kinda freed up nowadays… The boys don’t need my constant supervision anymore! Ha!

  4. And today’s nuttiness from Trump- Cruz is an anchor baby for Canada, not an American citizen… If he wins I don’t know if I can hold my nose again! I may not be able to vote for another Progressive again! The only consistent conservative in the race, Ted Cruz, needs my vote for POTUS! I need to vote for him for POTUS!

    • I just saw that Canadian anchor baby stuff! He’s off his rocker. He is seriously unglued. He needs to stick to substantive issues, but he can’t because it makes him look stupid next to Cruz.

  5. I love your voice Alexis and I love do great work here. keep it up. keep moving forward.

  6. Excellent podcast! Thumbs up

  7. Char in ND says:

    This is even better than your last podcast, Alexis! You are aging like a fine wine! I still say Mark Levin needs to have you sit in for him the next time he is unable to be on air. 🙂

    Well done, my sister!

    • Thank you. LOL, you’ll have to tell Mark Levin on his facebook page. I’m sure he’ll find it amusing. 😉 Third party referral.

      So, what did you think about last Thursday’s debate? I thought it was great. It was the most substantive debate so far. Cruz looked good and very presidential in the leader spot. How refreshing it was to not have Donald Trump and his crazy soap opera around for a few hours. It was a welcome relief. Everybody did well.

      • Char in ND says:

        I would be happy to put that bug in Levin’s ear, but I don’t have a spacebook account. Perhaps someone else can drop the hint? Or somebody hit him with a tweet and link to your podcast! Thank me! 🙂

        I did catch almost all of the debate. I thought most of the candidates did well, too. I still don’t like the debate formats and I don’t particularly care for Megyn Kelly or Chris Wallace. I thought Cruz was at his best when he sat down with Megyn Kelly after the debate and explained his position on immigration. He is outstanding one on one.

    • Char-
      It was interesting Megyn Kelly showed clips of Cruz during the debate and drilled him pretty hard on immigration. Then, afterwards during the one- on- one interview she admitted she believed Cruz and didn’t really mean what she said during the debate. I was like…what??? So, yeah, they do most of their antics for ratings which is a disservice to the American people. I wish we could have Frederick Douglas-style debates. I think Cruz is a greater speaker regardless of the format.

  8. Always a great audio blog. I too, prefer an actual book to an electronic one. I am known to spend hours in libraries and used book stores. Ever read Suicide of the West-James Burnham or Ideas Have Consequences-Richard Weaver? Both conservative must reads! Though I still watch some TV and go to the movies, I find so many to be vulgar and crass.

    • Hi Mike! Thanks for listening and giving feedback. I will definitely check out your book suggestions. God bless you my friend! 🙂

      • Forgot to add, both Burnham & Weaver ( along with Whittaker Chambers & Russell Kirk) were vital in the early days of National Review. Also, I’m proud to say that I still read a newspaper! Am old enough to remember the days before the internet 😉

      • Thank you. I remember Chambers was once a commie and I love Kirk. I’m not very tech savvy either. I prefer old school methods much of the time. Have a nice weekend Mike!

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