Praying for Paris

Praying for Paris

Keeping the people of France in our thoughts. May God bless them and look after them on this dark day.


  1. As before, will France do anything about this slaughter of the innocents? I understand that the Muslim killers want a reaction to gain more converts. A hashtag will show the world that Europe (and us) are weak which will create more converts as well. I would rather die fighting than on my knees begging for my life. Some will say it is easy to say this because I wasn’t in that theater. Ask yourself the vital question: For what will you fight? I would fight for God and Country.

    • Paul, we are weak under Obama. Hopefully many of our citizens are still willing to fight. If not on the battlefield, then at least they will fight to win over hearts and minds to freedom and the values that made America great.

  2. Yes,unfortunately there’ll be no help from US this time for at least a year or two.

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