Ben Carson Teaches Common Sense To CNN

Ben Carson Teaches Common Sense To CNN

Ben Carson Teaches Common Sense To CNN. Carson is such a nice, honorable man. I liked hearing him get a little hot here.

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  1. Char in ND says:

    It pains me, although I am not surprised, to see the vicious attacks on such an honorable man. I just knew after this assault by CNN that more was coming and sure enough, it came today from the hacks at POLITICO, the Wall Street Journal and many other outlets. I think it started early on, Dr. Carson was picking up steam when he correctly said that Sharia Law was not consistent with the Constitution, and that was months ago.

    Ben Carson has more integrity and decency – and is more intelligent than all of the candidates running for the Democrat nomination and the phony journalists could muster in their best moments – combined.

    Senator Ted Cruz has always been my top pick, I respect and agree with his stance on the restoration of and preservation of our Constitution. His brilliance aside, he resonates with me simply because he is true to his love of God and country. He has shown he is a leader time and time again, he showed in the last debate how true warriors conduct themselves when confronted by propagandists whose goals are to ridicule and decimate patriots that love this country, while they luxuriate in the very same country which allows them to do so. He was and is a gladiator. Remember that film? The Gladiator. Get together and fight!

    Today I watched the Twitter feeds. Donald Trump took shots at Ben Carson, re-tweeted the POLITICO lies. Shameful mess, Mr. Trump.

    • Well said Char. You should be a writer. You always say things so perfectly. Get together & fight. Good motto. I would love to see a Cruz Carson ticket. Can you imagine if they had said about Obama what they are saying about Carson? The shouts of racism would be heard around the globe. I’m so fed up with the media and the double standard.

  2. The CNBC debate was run by commentators not moderators. This CNN interviewer is child
    Ike in her “he said, she said” line of questioning. What happened to journalism, where are the Walter Cronkite’s of today, who just reported the news and not slant it to fit an agenda.
    The Republican candidates held up extremely well under such bated questioning, as Ben Carson did in this interview. It would be refreshing to listen to complete answers without a moderator interrupting with commentation. If a hole is to be dug just ask the question and hand the shovel over to the candidates, let them dig it themselves, let “We The People” dicide for ourselves, whether or not too bury them. I believe anyone listening to the interview knew exactly what Dr. Carson meant when he quipped, “without Fox New, we would be like Cuba”.
    Just the facts Mam!

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