Trump is still talking like a progressive this week

Trump is still talking like a progressive this week

Trump is still talking like a progressive this week



  • He talks about a government managed economy which is NOT free market
  • During the first debate on Fox News, Trump praised the Canadian healthcare system which is socialized medicine.
  • A week ago during the same interview Trump stated he wanted a flat tax then said the rich should pay more in taxes. Flat tax is conservative. A progressive tax is progressive.
  • Trump wants to boycott Oreos because Nabisco is moving to Mexico. However, they are making the move due to high sugar tariffs in the U.S. which makes sugar cheaper in Mexico and because the U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate in the world.
  • Trump criticized Ford, the only U.S. car company that didn’t take a bailout, for building a plant in Mexico. (again corporate tax rates are too high)
  • Trump said the stock market has been weak lately because of “poor planning” of the “government managed economy”
  • He used eminent domain to build his business

These are NOT conservative policies and principles. We need to be competitive again by lowering the corporate tax rate. Reagan would never have demonized the business like Trump did. He would have criticized the government for the outrages corporate tax rates and promised to lower them. Trump is a progressive with an attitude. He is not the answer to our problems. Yes, we need to beat the establishment but he is not what we are looking for at all.

The following audio is from the Blaze.
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  1. iamyournot says:

    Queen of Liberty, your list is Case, point and match, what else has Trump have to do before people wake up.

    • The sad thing is there is much more. I’ve already posted dozens of articles and videos. Trump has so much of the media in his pocket and many people blindly follow the media. It’s frustrating. I feel like I’m in one of those zombie movies where most people have lost their minds & I’m one of the last ones left with a real brain. LOL!

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