Article V expert, Natelson, Introduces a draft of Convention of States rules

Article V expert, Natelson, Introduces a draft of Convention of States rules

I’ve learned a great deal from reading Professor Rob Natelson’s work and from listening to his videos. Earlier this August, leading Article V expert, Professor Rob Natelson, introduced a draft of “Convention of States rules” that will be further debated and discussed by members of the Convention of States Caucus.

This video is from Citizens For Self Governance – aka Convention of States Project.

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Click here for a huge selection of articles and videos about an Article V convention of the states. Learn all about it!


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  1. Reblogged this on Brittius.

  2. Gary Rosenbaum says:

    Americans realize that the federal government will never control itself. The solution lies in using Article V of the US Constitution to call a Convention of States to peacefully and constitutionally bring the federal government back under control of the states. I’m tired of Congress not listening to WE THE PEOPLE…. 27 more states and they will have to hear us!!!!

  3. Rob Natelson is a true patriot who is concerned for our country and the direction we are headed. He is fighting the tyranny that is our Federal Govt. As of 2014 there were 21 times more regulations that the Obama Administration has forced upon us than pages in the Bible. It’s time for We the People to Stand United with Rob Natelson and Mark Levin and take our country back and balance the power back to the States.

  4. Rob Natelson is is true patriot who is fighting the tyranny that is the Federal Govt. As of 2014, the Obama Administration has forced regulations on us that has 21 times more pages than the Bible. It’s time to Stand United with Rob Natelson and Mark Levin and take our country back and balance the power back to the States as originally intended.

  5. cliff wilkin says:

    The Founders unanimously provided Article V option for the states to balance the federal government’s overreach. More than 400 such state applications have been filed over the years including the first couple that led to the bill of rights. As with all amendments to the constitution 38 states (both houses) are required for ratification. This is an enormously protective requirement that has only been reached 27 or so times. The COS Project application has already been passed by 7 states and 20 or more state houses. This application is limited to 3 areas: (a) Impose fiscal restraints on the Federal Government. (b) Limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal Government. (c) Limit the terms of office for federal officials and members of Congress.

  6. rick amundson says:

    Excellent presentation. Addresses one of the main opposition to Article V convention. Should be required viewing for Article V convention advocates

  7. donaldjsutton says:

    In his new book, “Old Age: a beginner’s guide”, Michael Kinsley has a proposal for what he calls “a generational gesture, something that will be the equivalent of – if not actually equal to – our parents’ sacrifice in fighting and winning World War II – some act of generosity and sacrifice that will inspire or embarrass the next generation”. His proposal is paying off the national debt. We have our own idea at use Article V of the Constitution to restore the rule of law and reign in the tyrannical Federal Government.

  8. Learn about the value of an Article V Convention of States. Also recommend that you read mark Levin’s book, “The Liberty Amendments”. His ideas show just the kind of amendments that should be considered and how powerful they could be to restore our Liberty.

  9. Shannon Barker says:

    Thank you for your well documented support!

  10. Roger Kramer says:

    USA Gross Domestic Product for 2015 = $17.95 Trillion. Today’s Gross Outstanding Federal Debt = $19.5 Trillion. Spendthrift Democrats and Republicans refuse to stop wasting taxpayer $. Need to impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress. Join in supporting Convention of the States!

  11. Carol Menges says:

    We need this 2nd means of amending the Constitution to save the country from four major crises:

    1. a spending and debt crisis which, even if the federal government confiscated everything owned by all private citizens, it wouldn’t cover the debt;
    2. a regulatory crisis in which executive branch agencies regulate with no accountability;
    3. a state sovereignty crisis caused by congressional grants to states that attach mandates, turning state legislatures into mere regional agencies of congress;
    4. federal takeover of decision making on every level, including state and local.

    If not now, when? If not this remedy, then what?

  12. Absolutely agree with the author.

    Just as the author alludes, the Constitution’s Framers foresaw a day when the federal government would exceed and abuse its enumerated powers, thus placing our liberty at risk. George Mason was instrumental in fashioning a mechanism by which “we the people” could defend our freedom—the ultimate check on federal power contained in Article V of the Constitution. Article V provides the states with the opportunity to propose constitutional amendments through a process called a Convention of States. This process is controlled by the states from beginning to end on all substantive matters. A Convention of States is convened when 34 state legislatures pass resolutions (applications) on an agreed topic or set of topics. Obviously, this is definitely a topic that would and should be considered at the Convention of States.

    In addition to the concerns the author has:
    Do you believe in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights?
    Do you believe in the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms?
    Do you believe in State’s rights and a limited federal government?

    If you do agree with these beliefs and would like to make a difference, please consider joining the Convention of States.

  13. George Gregorich says:

    Over due , must call a convention of the states . Our country is in danger and We The People must save it . I have learned a lot about it from . Every American should be involved , lets take our country back .

  14. Our federal government has overstepped its authority. The overreach by both the executive branch and the legislative branch had been supported by decisions made by the courts. Convention Of States has an article V application that will allow delegates to propose amendments to rein in all three branches of the federal government.
    To sign the petition, volunteer, or just to get more information visit

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