You’re A Fool If You’re Supporting Donald Trump (And You’re Being Exploited.)

You’re A Fool If You’re Supporting Donald Trump (And You’re Being Exploited.)

You’re A Fool If You’re Supporting Donald Trump (And You’re Being Exploited.)

By Kurt Schlichter Via IJ Review –

Imagine my surprise when I realized that you Trump fans are not supporting him ironically. You’ve taken to him like a hipster takes to vinyl – with a stubborn and mindless affinity that inexplicably disregards all facts and evidence in favor of a predetermined, and wrong, conclusion.

Digital is better than that hundred year-old technology, and there were plenty of other folks up on those stages who were better than Trump. There were plenty of people in the audience better than Trump. They were wearing shoes that would make better presidents than Trump.

But you Trumpsters don’t care. He’s not a serious candidate, even to you; he’s a mere receptacle carrying your anger and frustration. He deserves credit for forcing the issue of illegal immigration to the forefront – for a time. But because Trump cares nothing about illegal immigration – if you actually listened to what he says instead of luxuriating in how he makes you feel, you’d see he’s still foursquare in favor of amnesty – the debate didn’t focus on immigration. It focused on Trump – how Trump feels about himself, how he feels about people who ask him questions, and more about how he feels about himself.

If you are still for Trump, you’re a sucker. A fool. A mark taken by a political grifter who has cunningly exploited both your legitimate rage and your inability to respond to the myriad outrages the establishment has heaped upon you with anything but inarticulate anger.

Let’s actually imagine a President Trump. Who is his vice president? Tom Cruise? Ivanka? Lou down at the golf course (“Lou’s a great guy and a brilliant caddy!”). Where’s his network of professionals who would staff the executive branch? Do you think anyone with any gravitas is going to climb aboard the Titanic that would be a Trump administration? And how would he work with Congress? Wanna hazard a guess? Iceberg, right ahead!

I know – I’m part of the conspiracy too. Maybe I should have weaseled out of serving like true conservative Hairpiece von Draft Dodgenheimer. Maybe reality TV is great preparation for holding the lives of two million American warriors in the palm of your hands. But you know, The Donald is all fun and games in theory, but in reality those young people who I led and who defend us all need a real commander-in-chief. Could you live with yourself giving them a belligerent clown instead?

Hugh Hewitt asked Trump about the nuclear triad, and it was agonizingly clear this charlatan had no idea what Hewitt was talking about. Is it too much to ask that the guy with the finger on The Button know what the hell happens if he pushes it?

Exactly how do you think The Donald would perform as the president? Sort of like the chairman of the board guy you saw on “The Apprentice,” going around yelling “You’re fired” at people? A president needs to be sober, savvy, calculating strategist. Do any of those words in that last sentence even remotely apply to Donald Trump? Well, certainly “needs” does – the guy is all about his needs. For validation. For attention. For adulation.

Haven’t we just lived through nearly seven years of another self-absorbed jerk playing out his personal emotional soap opera in the Oval Office? Barack Obama has spent his term personalizing politics and demonizing his opponents with obnoxious lies and vile insults. Trump will do the same – hell, he’s been doing the same. Trump’s just more short-fingered and vulgar about it.

It would take a real achiever to diminish the office of the presidency even more than Obama has, but Trump is up to the job. ISIS is spreading like a cancer across the map, but Trump’s focusing on Megyn Kelly for daring to ask him hard questions and not treating him with the fawning deference of the entourage of slobbering sycophants that normally surrounds him. I’m not one of these “Oh my gosh, did you hear what so-and-so said? Let’s get out the torches and a rope” guys, but I first voted for Ronald Reagan and I’d like a president with a little dignity again, one who talks about shining cities on the hill, not one who makes skeevy menstruation cracks. You know, it’s not some RINO cuckservative conspiracy to ask a Republican candidate if he will agree not to destroy the chances of the eventual Republican nominee by going third party if his bottom is insufficiently kissed.

I guess I’m not a true conservative because I refuse to support a guy who voted for Obama and who not only supported Hillary Clinton but thought it was a cool move to bribe her to come to his wedding. I may be a tool of the establishment, but I don’t want a nominee who wants Hillary Clinton hanging around his parties.

Or a nominee who gave Hillary a medal. No, the alternative to Trump is not Jeb. Take off your socks, Trump fans, because you’ll need to count to 16. There were 16 other candidates up on those stages, and if you can’t find one more conservative than Trump you’re not trying. And you aren’t trying, because this is not about Trump. This is about you.

Trump is in this for Trump, and you are in this for you. This is why Trump doesn’t appeal to you on the basis of what he actually says. You hate what he actually says. Amnesty? Aren’t you against that? Socialized medicine? You’re against that, too. It’s about how he makes you feel. And congratulations – that makes you as big a narcissist as Donald Trump.

IJ Review

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  1. I liked what Trump was saying and how he said it, but for some reason I was not comfortable with him. You just articulated some excellent points.

  2. Reblogged this on Brittius.

  3. marblenecltr says:

    Trump is talking loudly about most important subjects not even whispered about by many others. Whether he is serious about his campaign or not, at least he is bringing to public attention matters crucial to our regaining our position as a free market capitalistic democratic republic. It may not be New World Order Tyranny correct, but he is doing it, let others prove worthy of consideration by doing so as well.
    Kurt, you are correct in that there is other good material in the running. Speak up about Glass Steagall, NAFTA, and much more.

  4. iamyournot says:

    A very good rant by Kurt,. Kurt said everything I am feeling about Trump running for president.
    If only “We the people” would give the time to listen to some of the other candidates. Candidates such as Carly, who spoke honestly, clearly and concisely on all issues that concerned us, without the hoopla.

    • I liked the rant too. You can not reason with Trump supporters. They are crazy people. He’s definitely not conservative. Did you see Hannity’s interview with him? Trump said he doesn’t like a flat tax or a fair tax. He wants a more simplified progressive tax. Trump also said he wasn’t a fan of Reagan & Laffer’s supply side economics. He’s a disaster. Ted Cruz is still my #1 pick as of this week. I want to hear more from Carly. I’m hoping she isn’t a rino. She did say she would shut down the government to defund planned parenthood if necessary. I liked that. Trump on the other hand said he would fund the health aspects of PP which is ridiculous because their purpose is to be an abortion mill. Who are we kidding? Trumps policies are awful. I’m going to post the video of Carly at the Reagan library. That was a great speech and the Q&A afterwards was very impressive. I liked her smart phone idea.

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