This is what a real conservative looks like

This is what a real conservative looks like

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  1. Joe Goldner says:

    Ted Cruz for President! To support the only true conservative please go to , please volunteer, donate, spread the word of ted Cruz for President!

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  3. iamyournot says:

    Ted is not my first pick, I’m leaning for Carly and here is why

    • I have been very impressed with Carly Fiorina. Her interviews and debate performance were very impressive. The only worry I had was she stood with Boehner during the government shutdown. However, I am keeping an open mind about it. Thanks for the video. I might post it.

      • Joe Goldner says:

        Last week she attacked Cruz for standing up to fight to defund Obamacare. She is a rhino.

      • Joe, read my comment. That is what I just said. I didn’t like that she sided with Boehner over Cruz during the government shutdown. I don’t think I am ready to write her off as a rino just yet either. I would like to see how this plays out. I’m going to stay open minded because we are just learning about her and the race is just getting started. Right now, Cruz is my number one favorite. Bush, Christie, Trump and Kasich are long time obvious progressives. Other than those four, the field looks pretty good. Of course some are much stronger than others. The primary season should be exciting!

      • Joe Goldner says:

        Yes it will be , you should see the crowds that Cruz is getting , the most of any candidate in the republican field. He has raised the most monies and has the largest reach with the people. It is very exciting and he knows how to handle himself and not fall for the gotcha questions.

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